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Rainy Season in the Philippines and how to be safe

August 23, 2016
A few weeks ago, the pour of rain has become the norm for the people both who go out to study or to work and the people who just stay at home. A lot of people are concerned with this issue because a lot are affected by it; may it be flooding, or health related, the rainy season is an issue that needs to be solved for everyone’s safety. Here are tips and advices that can keep you safe and dry this rainy season.
Rainy Season Tips
Photo From Pixabay

Always wash your hands

Certain viruses and bacteria jump in joy when the rainy season comes to open and we can come in contact with those in the simplest things like crossing the road, placing your hand on rails, etc. Most commuters do not know this but the handles on buses, jeepneys, and trains contain a lot of those viruses.

Make it a habit to wash your hands regularly in order to keep yourself from those bacteria and viruses that can cause you harm or make you ill.

Drink plenty of water

Water has been undermined by a lot of people especially those who take vitamins every day. Clean water does not only keep you refreshed or revitalized, it can also help your body to counter diseases such as flu and colds.

Drinking water has always been a cure to everything because water can make wonders that everyone would be amazed of. Be sure to incur water drinking in your schedule and make it a habit to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Always bring extra clothes

Those who go to school or attend work should be aware that the rain cannot be predicted. The sun can come and shine but it can also be a sign that the rain is soon to come. To be safe, always bring an umbrella and be sure to pack clean clothes from your top, bottoms, underwear, and even socks to keep you safe from diseases and uncomfortability.

Let your suits air dry

If you wear suits to work or to school or any wool-like or wool material for your clothes, do not throw them on the dryer because it can ruin or destroy the shirt. Be sure to air dry sensitive material or another way is to lay your clothing in a dry towel and leave them on the floor and leave it there. Change towels if you need to and you can be assured that this process can effectively dry out your clothes 101%.

Save your newspapers

Your old and unused newspapers can be your saviors during this season. Most of your shoes get unexpectedly soaked in rain water and you think about washing them and letting them dry under the sun; but what if the sun does not shine on the morrow? Newspapers can be effective drying agents for your shoes and it can take away the unwanted odor from your shoes.

Ball your newspapers and insert them in your shoes and of course, wait for them to dry. Newspapers can draw the moisture from the shoes plus, it can erase the odor that the wetness caused. So make sure to save newspapers from now on.

These are just the simplest tips to help you with the rainy season. Be sure to follow all of this to ensure that you and your friends and family’s health is untouched.

Tsip Bato: Ang Bumangga Giba - Game App Featuring General “Bato” Dela Rosa

August 11, 2016
With the recent replacing of the heads of different government agencies, a lot have been thrilled with the recent happenings that revolve around the newly elected Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. One of the most talked about this week is the new game app that features the newly elected PNP chief in a game called Tsip Bato: Ang Bumangga Giba.

The game was developed by the Filipino software company Ranida Games with of course the coordination of the Philippine National Police. The objective of the game is actually a no-brainer because it does what our newly elected PNP chief does – catch criminals and to cleanse our streets from the harsh and harmful environment that it gives.

The game app is somewhere around 30mb and it can be downloaded for free in any Android devices. The game is actually near the games Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and a lot more that involves endless running.

It actually goes like how they catch bad guys in our country and as for the game, PNP chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa is on a vehicle that goes forward and the goal is to eliminate as much criminals as you can. You can toggle the vehicle by swiping left or right to clear the way and to get out of obstacles such as road cones. There are also coins in the game that you can collect. The game is pretty frantic because instead of just running over criminals, you can click them to shoot the criminals and to capture them. You will also see the tally of the criminals you have captured on the upper-right part of your screen.

Aside from General Bato, you can also change your character to our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte. His name in the game is DU30 and I am pretty certain that all of you folks are aware of that one.

The app was released 2 days ago and the PNP chief himself already enjoyed the game. The game has been downloaded by 1, 000 users already and it is just the start. The app received positive and great feedback from the chief himself and it’s on its way to stardom.

If people from Ranida Games came up with a brilliant idea to recognize and praise PNP chief Ronald Bato, I am sure that you have something in your guts as well. Tickle your creative mind to what you can do and who knows, maybe this is just the action your life is waiting for in order for you to reach the brink of success.

Who are exempted in taking the Civil Service Exam?

August 07, 2016
As mentioned in our previous articles, people who are yearning for a position in the government bodies are required to pass the Civil Service Exam before applying for a position. However, a lot of people are unaware that there are exemptions as regards to be certified in the government service. We will expound on that later on. 

Photo Credit: WiseGeek

For people who are looking to work in government agencies and government bodies who know they are exempted, you can go directly to the nearest CSC office and inquire about the requirements you have to submit in order to obtain certification.

In regard to exemptions, the following are exempted in taking the Civil Service Exam:

  • Bar and Board Exam Passers 
  • Barangay Health Workers 
  • Barangay Officials 
  • Barangay Nutrition Scholars 
  • Foreign School Honor Graduates 
  • Electronic Data Processing Specialists 
  • Sanggunian Members 
  • Honor Graduates 
  • Scientific and Technological Specialists 
  • Skills Eligibility 
  • Veterans Preferance Eligibility 

Having known all of these exemptions, let us look at them deeply and speculate how they are exempted.

Bar and Board Exam Passers

Quoting from the R.A 1080, passers of bar and board exams which are conducted by the Supreme Court and Licensure Board Exams conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) are already exempted from taking the CSE.

Barangay Health Workers

Pursuant to the R.A 7883, a Barangay Health Worker with at least two (2) years in college education leading to a college degree and five (5) years of active and satisfactory service in his field are granted eligibility and exemption in taking the CSE.

Barangay Officials

These consist of:

  • Barangay Captain 
  • Sangguniang Barangay Members 
  • Sangguniang Kabataan Chairmen 
  • Barangay Treasurers 
  • Barangay Secretaries 

This is to suffice R.A 7160 which is also called the Local Government Code of 1991.

Barangay Nutrition Scholars

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree No. 1569, Barangay Nutrition Scholars shall be granted to Barangay-based volunteers who have at least 2 years of active and good nutrition services and other health-related activities.

Electronic Data Processing Specialists

Passers of the proficiency tests and training courses administered by the formerly NCC which is now ICTO, shall be granted eligibility as regards to CSC Resolution No. 90-083 dated January 22, 1990. Passers of System Analysis and Design, Java, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Foreign School Honor Graduates

Pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 1302714 dated December 17, 2013, graduates who are Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude or its equivalent in the baccalaureate degree beginning school year 1972-1973.

Honor Graduates

Dating back from March 11, 1976 which marks the pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907, those who graduated Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude in their baccalaureate degree, regardless of the number of years of completion both for Private HEIs with bachelor’s degree recognized by CHED, are eligible.

Sanggunian Members

In accordance with CSC Resolution No. 1300486 pursuant to R.A No. 10156, members of Sangguniang Bayan, Sangguniang Panlungsod, and Sangguniang Panlalawigan obtains eligibility. These also includes the Vice Mayor, Vice Governor, and regular members of Sanggunian.

Scientific and Technological Specialists

Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 997 entitled “Conferring Civil Service Eligibilities on Scientific and Technological Specialists on the Bases of Their Qualifications and the Requirements of Public Service” are granted with STSE provided that additional requirements are met.

Natural Sciences

  • Astronomy – Astrophysics 
  • Biological Sciences - Biology (S & T), Microbiology, Botany, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology , Ecology, Physical Anthropology, Marine Biology and Zoology 
  • Geological Sciences - Archeology, Geophysics, Paleontology, Seismology 
  • Meteorology 
  • Oceanography 
  • Physics/Applied Physics 

Engineering Sciences

  • Biological Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Materials Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geothermal Engineering, Railway Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Textile Engineering, Nuclear Engineering 
  • Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology 
  • Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Pure Mathematics, Statistics 
  • Environmental Science, Food Science 

Skills Eligibility

Pursuant to CSC MC No. 11, s. 1996, positions which are not measurable by written test will be granted CSC eligibility. These include: plant electricians, automotive mechanics, heavy equipment operator, laboratory technician, carpenter, draftsman, shrine curator, plumber, and others.

Veterans Preference Rating

Pursuant to Executive Order (EO) No. 132, s. 1948 and EO No. 790 dated April 3, 1982, the veteran himself/herself or spouse and children shall be given Civil Service Eligibility.

Have you seen your qualifications in this list? If yes, then go to the nearest CSC office and inquire about the requirements you need to submit to have certification; If not, then go ahead and take the CSC and hope for the best.

Things you can do with old unused shoes

July 26, 2016
Over our lifetime, we may want to check how much shoes we’ve collected because as we grow, our shoe sizes get bigger and it becomes more proportional to your growth as well. As we go on, we aren’t very sure to notice that we have accumulated a lot of pairs that we just sit there and stare at the shoe collection we have made. If you want to make something out of those shoes, then here are the top things you can do with your old unused shoes. 

Things you can do with old unused shoes
Photo Credit to Andre Torrez, Flickr

Sell those good ‘ole shoes of yours

If you are sure that you can still get a few sums out of those pair then you should probably start now because the value of shoes depreciate in a short span of time. Go hit up Facebook groups that do buying and selling of shoes; go to the OLX website and post your merchandise there; talk to people who you know can help you with your goal.

If you own a good and infamous pair of sneakers, chances are a lot of people would want to have what you offer because some sneakers have this aura of vintage that when it gets older, it gets better. Collectors and sneakerheads would feats on them.

Trade them with another pair

Instead of buying them in replacement of few extra cash, why not trade them for you to try on something new? There are Facebook groups who do buying and selling and there are some people there open for trading shoes. This is perfect if you know that your pair can fit anyone’s taste because you will have a large pool of audience that would be looking forward to have your offer.

Make a plant box out of it

Want to keep the pair/s inside your vision? Then do not give them or sell them to someone else and make a plant box with it instead. You should first clean the shoe/s to get rid of unwanted bacteria that can cease the growth of your plant. Then what you should do is you should gather soil, clean soil and make sure that it fits well in the shoe to ensure that life can grow inside of it.

Recycle and redesign it

There are a lot of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guides out there dedicated to restyling your worn-out shoes. You can have it look like a pair that is dipped in a pool of Denim, you can make it look like cloth, etc. Be creative, ask people how you can creatively and effectively redesign your worn-out pair.

Donate them

You can of course donate your unused pair and I am pretty sure that a lot of people would benefit from it. There are tons of donation sites here in our country and a lot of homeless people who needs care and attention. Donate your shoes so you can be aware of the goodness that your humble piece of apparel have done.

Still don’t know what to do with your old shoes? Just have a read above and you will know what you can get. A few people decide to just trash out their old pair and it would be an extreme waste if you do so. Remember, you can go and tickle your creativity a little bit to make something new out of something extremely old.

How to avoid Text Scams

July 23, 2016
Text scams are growing and it has becoming a norm nowadays. These scams’ goal is to get something out of you without you being even aware of it. It may include them asking you for money, load credits, and even confidential information and it is your duty not to fall for it and to trash it immediately. So how can I distinguish a scam so that I can avoid being a victim of fraud? 

How to avoid Text Scams

With our new elected President working to rid our country of drug-related people, those people might move on and take a different path in life – scamming; which is safe to say. Kidding aside, scams have become abundant and more and more people are falling for it so we listed tips here that can rid you off of those.

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The “Attorney” Trick

Scammers think that using an attorney can fake their way out of your pockets. To tell you, lawyers or attorneys cannot have power in telecommunication companies unless they are owners. So if you ever come across a message saying that they are an attorney or they talked to an attorney and that they are demanding for something in return, just trash this message and move on.

Telecommunications Provider “Freebies” or “Discounts”

Do not get this wrong, there are instances that telecommunication companies offer freebies, promos, or discounts to its loyal and avid users but if it was sent from a regular prepaid or postpaid number, make sure you think twice. Oftentimes, providers will use their own names such as Smart, Globe, etc. to communicate with their users. Another thing to keep notice of is if you are prepaid and you are sent a message saying that your postpaid number won something, don’t waste your time on it.

They ask you for money REAL QUICK

One of the main victims of these people are people who have relatives of loved ones overseas. One of the scams that became huge in the previous years are the ones who ask you for money or padala by means of load or cash. They will never second-thought their aim and they will continually ask you to send them cash or load because they need it.

Some scammers really do not think because not everyone has people overseas so if you are part of those who doesn’t have relatives outside the country, just laugh at those and block the number immediately to avoid disturbance or annoyance.

It came from a suspicious number

If a family member or a relative will message you, they surely would have their names registered on your phone, right? For God’s sake, we have Facebook now and it is one of the most used means of communication for people in two different regions of the globe. If a telecom provider wants to send out a huge user-message, you would know because the sender would have the name of the telecom provider.

If however it appears that the number came from a suspicious one, just block it or it is your choice to make fun of it while it is there.

There are a lot of people currently trying to scam people for load, for cash, and information. There is no way to safeguard yourself from these because in most cases they jot down random numbers or they use software that can message multiple numbers. The only protection you can have is your knowledge about it – the knowledge on how you can distinguish a real, relevant message from a shabby, scam.

Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Water

July 23, 2016
Every known living life-form in this planet needs water; humans, animals, even plants need water to grow and to survive. As most of us are unaware of, water is the most abundant source here on our planet billions of years ago and now, some parts of the world are having shortages in water supply. Aside from our need of the said matter, there are some things – amazing things that water can do and I bet you didn’t know these 8 things about water. 

Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Water 

1. Our bodies – our bodies are what we use for our everyday lives and it is consistently made up of water. It is said that all of what we are is actually made up of water; 70% of our bodies is made up of actual WATER. So if you’re not feeling well, maybe you just need a refresher and take tons of water to supply your body for you to become functional again.

2. The water in our planet was delivered by comets and asteroids. Yes, all of the water that we can witness now is just a product from those outside things. This happened in a period between 4.5 Billion and 3.8 Billion years ago and is called The Late Heave Bombardment.

3. Ever encounter the feeling of losing weight after an intense sweating session? That weight loss is a result of losing water out of your body, not fat.

4. When you are having a terrible headache, taking in water can simply do the trick. All of our bodies’ activities consume the water inside our systems; eating, walking, exercising dehydrates us. Having vices like drinking or smoking doubles that dehydration and having less water in our bodies cause us to feel headaches and the solution? – Drink water and cut off from those medicines. Although its effect is not as fast as taking medicine, you will have a healthier and more natural approach.

5. The majority of water here in our planet is salty water making up almost 97% of all the water on earth. 2.1% of the water is locked up in polar ice caps which make less than 1% of the earth’s water available as fresh water.

6. In the middle ages, beer replaced the use of water because there were cases that water during that time is not safe for drinking.

7. Ever notice that expiration date on water bottles you have bought and compiled? That expiration date is not actually for the water, it is for the bottle where the water is contained.

8. There are more water in our planet’s atmosphere than all of the rivers here in our planet combined.

Water is not actually just the simple thing you drink everyday – it is obviously more than that. Here are the eight (8) most interesting things about water and of course, we have more so stay tuned and go sweat it all out.

2016 Holidays in the Philippines

July 21, 2016
If you are an employee of the Philippines, you are probably familiar with the different holidays and time-offs that it can give you. If not, then you should now start to familiarize yourself because these days can offer you rest or bigger pays. Out of all the 365 days of the whole year, some of these days can offer treats that would greatly benefit you. So to cut things short, what are the different holidays that are considered here in the Philippines?

2016 Holidays in the Philippines

Before we get to that, let us first run through the different types of holidays here in our country and how it differs in terms of pay for you.

Regular Holidays are holidays that have fixed dates such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, etc. while the Special non-working Holidays are the ones that are more flexible. They can be adjusted by the congress and there can be declarations regarding these holidays.


Regular Holidays
Special non-working Holidays
(Daily Rate + COLA) x 2
Daily Rate x 1.3
 Daily Rate + COLA
(Daily Rate  + COLA) x2 + (Hourly Rate x No. of Excess Hrs. x 2.6)
 (Daily Rate x 1.3) + (Hourly Rate x No. of Excess Hrs. x 1.69)
(Daily Rate + COLA) x2 + (Daily Rate x 2 x.30) 
(Daily Rate x 1.5)
(Daily Rate + COLA) x2 + (Daily Rate x .30 x2) + (Hourly Rate x No. of Excess Hrs. x 2.6)
(Daily Rate x 1.5) + (Hourly Rate x No. of Excess Hrs. x 1.95)

COLA – Cost of Living Allowance. 

August 21st
Ninoy Aquino Day
**Special non-working
August 29th
National Heroes Day
**Regular Holiday
September 11th
Eidul Adha

October 31st
Public Holiday
**Special non-working
November 1st
All Saints Day
**Special non-working
November 30th
Bonfiacio Day

December 24th
Christmas Eve
**Special non-working
December 25th
Christmas Day
**Regular Holiday
December 30th
Rizal Day

December 31st
New Year’s Eve
**Special non-working

As you can see, I did not include the holidays that are already over, be reminded that days would be different for a different year and in the special non-working holidays, the congress has yet to confirm. This is only to guide you to what days you can have extra pays and for you to set different plans for you.

We certainly hope that we have educated you and that we have fed you information for your own benefit. Have anything to add in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

President Duterte to increase SSS monthly pension by Php 2000?

July 10, 2016
Newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte, voices his thoughts and opinion on the monthly pension of retired workers of our country. It was on the 31st of May in a press conference at the Presidential guest house in Davao City where he stated that he wants to pursue the rejected appeal during the Administration of former President Aquino, of increasing the monthly Social Security System (SSS) pension by Php2, 000. 

SSS Pension
Photo Credit: Raffy Lerma,

During the previous administration, Aquino vetoed the congress-approved bill that would grant SSS retired pensioners addition Php2, 000 in their monthly pension and that is what President Rodrigo Duterte wants to change. “I will increase it, alam niyo dapat binigay na iyan.”

“While we have able bodies, we give our money for pension so that we can have something to receive in order to buy something; now with the prices of even medicines going up, the Php2, 000 increase is not even enough,” said Duterte. Our president truly understands the situation of the market and the economy right now that he wants to help his fellowmen by giving an increase to the monthly pension they are currently receiving. His stand is right at all angles because, when we were working, we squeeze ourselves to the fact that we need to make contributions to the SSS no matter how bad or good our current situation is. According to him, it is just right to increase the monthly pension and that Php2, 000 is not even worth of what we have done for the country.

Aquino declined this congress-approved bill and according to him, there are more or less 2 million pensioners that will be granted the Php2, 000 monthly increase and that means Php56 billion in a year. This will incur Php16 billion to Php26 billion yearly deficit to the SSS who has only a yearly income of Php30 billion to Php40 billion from investments.

According to the outgoing President’s words, “Given this situation, the Social Security System will be constrained to draw from and use its Investment Reserve Fund (IRF) to support the pension increase. Consequently, the IRF will deteriorate over the years and will eventually reach zero (0) by the year 2029.”

The bill that he vetoed is the House Bill 5842 or “Act mandating a P2, 000 across-the-board increase in the monthly pension with the corresponding adjustment of the minimum monthly pension under the Social Security System, amending for the purpose Section 12 of Republic Act No. 1661, as amended, otherwise known as the Social Security Act of 1997.”

President Duterte voiced out his concerns and his feelings toward both the SSS and the GSIS, he said, “Listen, ang sama ng loob ko sa inyo, ganito, I am a mayor of a city where people would go to my office to complain, sometimes, the SSS and GSIS nagfa-follow up yan sila, at minsan, binibigay nila yung pension sa ibang tao and when you are confronted na may namatay na, doon pa ninyo malaman then you try to correct it, and it takes about two years to process it, My God.” “Yan ang problema sa inyo, yan ang i-correct ninyo and sinasabi ko, one month with only five (5) signatures, not more than that, correction na agad, ora mismo, para di mahirapan,” he added. 

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Our president is wholeheartedly concerned about his fellow Filipinos who have fought and worked hard for our country. Given all these situations, Duterte still remained determined in pushing to have this Php2, 000 monthly increase approved.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.


Premium Point-to-Point Bus Service in the Metro

July 10, 2016
All people living in the busiest cities of our country is aware of the never-ending traffic in the most important places. It is one hell of a problem but finally, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) came up with a solution in the first few pages of this year. It is called the Premium Point-to-Point Bus Service and we could not emphasize this enough.

p2p bus
Photo Credit: P2P Premium Bus Service FB Page
The main goal of the P2P Bus Service is to persuade people to leave their cars at home and to just ride the bus in shorter time and in a safer way. It truly lives up to its word because having fewer cars on the road will somehow ease the congestion which is the reason why traffic is everywhere. The P2P bus service is a new public utility vehicle that offers safer and more reliable mode of transportation which allows shorter time-travels because it leaves on a fixed schedule with no stopping and will proceed directly to the destination.

As of the moment, there are four (4) routes that passengers can take to and from Robinson’s Galleria and SM Megamall in Ortigas; Trinoma in North EDSA; Glorietta 5, Greenbelt, and Park Square in Makati; and Alabang Town Center. Of course, these are the main routes of employees, workers, and some students which paint the reason why they started it in these routes.

We will be giving you the schedule and take note of this because the buses wait for no one.

Robinson’s Galleria (Ortigas) to Park Square (Makati) and vice versa

  • Travel Time: 20-30 minutes
  • One-way Fare: Php30.00; Php24.00 (Discounted)
  • The buses that take this route are available from Mondays to Fridays (except holidays)

Greenbelt 1 (Makati) to Alabang Town Center (Alabang) and vice versa 

  • Travel Time: 40 minutes 
  • One-way Fare: Php70.00; Php56.00 (Discounted) 
  • The buses that take this route are available from Mondays to Saturdays) 

SM North Edsa (North EDSA) to SM Megamall (Ortigas) and vice versa 

  • Travel Time: 20-30 minutes 
  • One-way Fare: Php40.00; Php30.00 (Discounted) 
  • The buses that take this route are available DAILY 

Trinoma (North EDSA) to Glorietta 5 (Makati) and vice versa 

  • Travel Time: 40-50 minutes 
  • One-way Fare: Php55.00; Php40.00 (Discounted) 
  • The buses that take this route are available DAILY 

We hope and pray that these P2P buses would really answer the busy and congested traffic of everyday. If this becomes a thing, then we can conclude that our country is slowly improving and becoming the country we ever wanted it to be. Discounts are usually available for students, Persons with Disability (PWDs), and senior citizens. Want to know more about everything around you? Stay tuned.

Great business ideas under Duterte’s Presidency

July 10, 2016
The slogan “change is coming,” is slowly becoming reality with recent occurrences involving the newly cleansed Baclaran and Divisoria, drug lords, pushers, finally arrested, and a lot more. For many Filipinos, a new administration; a new leader means a new and fresh opportunity to open and start businesses. With our new President’s promises and rules, we have compiled a list of the best small businesses under President Duterte’s administration.

Great business ideas under Duterte’s Presidency

Online Businesses

During a recent interview, Duterte stated that he and his team would order telecommunication companies to up their services for the overall betterment of our internet connection. He also said that he is open to foreign investors to enter the Philippine internet market. He is doing this because our President is aware that technology can make lives better and it can be a living for most people if it is done right.

Given these facts, it is just right to start an online business and it will be running great and smoothly under his administration. Imagine, no more internet-related problems, imagine a faster and more efficient internet connection; that would change how you think of our country’s Internet Service Providers, right?

Security Systems

Duterte is keen on criminals so he wants to keep an eye out on the whole country as much as possible. Security personnel alone could not hold that which means, he would need the help of technology. Just like in his city, Davao is already a hub of several modern security systems and CCTV’s and it can be safely concluded that he might do the same thing for the rest of the country as well.

Life Coaching

With our country being one of the places where drug abusers, pushers, dealers, etc., think they are safe – they are not now under Duterte’s administration. A lot of people are surrendering with the willingness to change; in order for them to change, they would need a help of a life coach to assist them in their journey to the good side.

Yes, life coaching is not a very popular and in-demand profession here in our country but with the help of the technology like the internet, you can coach people through video calling and it will be needed by a lot of people now, believe me.

Tea shops and Coffee Shops

Curfews, curfews, curfews – that alone answers why tea shops and coffee shops are going to be a hit under his presidency. Since alcohol or liquor now has a maximum time, people would reach for the alternative on being contented with non-alcoholic drinks. You can’t avoid the urge to chit-chat with your friends on a late Saturday evening, right?

In Davao City, there are more than a hundred coffee shops and almost all of them are on the brink of success; why not make that in the place where you reside?

Rehabilitation Centers

Drug-related people are Duterte’s number one enemy (aside from criminals and deceivers, of course) and he promised to suppress illegal drugs in our country. Having a rehabilitation center would be one of the best because our country is known to be the home of a lot of hiding people because they have dealt drugs or used drugs before.

Quality rehabilitation centers are scarce in the country since the major drug-dealers are not being thought of; the best centers are located only in Manila and in Cebu. But now, under his administration, there might be a demand on rehabilitation centers; why not open one in your own area?

See, these businesses are going to be a major hit and it is guaranteed because of the laws and the aspirations of our now president. Although the success of a business depends on the business plan and the people behind it, the chances of success of the businesses listed here are quite higher because of the implementations.