Young Girl Steals from Jewelry Store in Saudi Arabia

December 30, 2013
A jewelry shop assistant never knew his store had been stolen from if not for the CCTV footage that recorded the proceedings.

The CCTV shows a group composed of two women and a child enter the jewelry store. The two veiled women chat up the store assistant while the child who was wearing a colorful dress and backpack can be seen positioning herself near the opening that leads to the storage room.
As the child slips unseen into the storage room, the other woman, who was probably the mother, can be seen looking surreptitiously in the background. In a matter of seconds, the little girl comes back carrying what seems like a bundle of cash amounting to 500,000 Saudi Arabian Riyal or roughly $150,000.

The little girl then slips the loot into the second woman’s handbag.

The store assistant was kept busy by the first woman that he never had any idea of what was going on in the other side of the room.

The group left the store after a few minutes.

It seems the theft happened earlier this month but the video was uploaded recently.

Selena Gomez Possibly Suffering from Lupus

December 30, 2013
Selena Gomez is taking things slow this holiday season. She jus posted an Instagram photo chilling at home sipping tea with a friend and video conferencing with Demi Lovato.

However, the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star raised concerns after suddenly cancelling the Asian and Australian leg of her tour. Right after the cancellation was announced about two weeks ago rumors that the star is having a breakdown started circulating on the Internet.

But now, instead of a breakdown, some are saying that Selena is battling the debilitating disease Lupus.

Apparently, website Popdust have sources who said that Selena was diagnosed with Lupus two years ago and symptoms of the disease started showing recently prompting her to cancel her concerts and concentrate on herself first.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease with symptoms like rash on the face, shortness of breath, chest pain, dry eyes, headaches, skin lesions, fever and memory loss.

As of this time Selena’s camp hasn’t released any statement regarding the rumor that she’s suffering from Lupus.

In the statement Selena released when she cancelled her tour she said that after putting her work first for so many years she now needed to spend some time on herself in order to be the best person she can be.

Manny Pacquiao Flattered by Floyd Mayweather’s Posts

December 29, 2013
Pinoy boxer Manny Pacquiao is not confrontational but he does have an answer to the series of posts that Floyd Mayweather Jr. made on his social media accounts over the Christmas Holidays.

Pacquiao’s response was, “I think Floyd really loves me contrary to what many believe.”

Instead of feeling insulted by the photos and memes that Mayweather posted, Pacquiao said that he feels flattered because Mayweather really took the time and effort to make those things. In his statement to Philboxing’s Eddie Alinea, Pacquiao said he’d like to thank Mayweather for always remembering him and “every time he talks, he talks about me.”

Pacquiao said it was ok if Mayweather makes fun of him and that the other boxer is not saying anything bad about him.

And if Mayweather is hoping to raise the Pinoy boxer’s ire he’ll be disappointed and maybe a little bit ashamed of himself, because Pacquioa simply said he will just pray that God spares him of any serious injury that might end his career. Pacquiao also acknowledged that Mayweather is “pound-for-pound’s best in the world today” and that anything bad happens to him will surely make the world of sports sad.

Pacquiao is also grateful for the fans that stood up for him by creating their own memes against Mayweather.

Banana Nite Girls Dare to Bare in FHM January 2014 Issue

December 28, 2013
The New Year will definitely be hot if the FHM January 2014 issue is anything to go by. Three “Banana Nite” girls will get the temperature up several notches because of their topless cover.

“Banana Nite” girls Sunshine Garcia, Aiko Climaco and Jef Gaitan show off their awesome figures on the cover of the magazine. All of them are wearing white bikini bottoms and knee-high socks.

But the two girls, Sunshine and Jef, are naked from the waist up. Sunshine has a hand over her boobs to serve as cover while Jef covers hers with her arm. She still shows some sideboob though. Aiko, on the other hand, is wearing a cut-off tank top while holding up a camera.

According to Gaitan, not all three of them were that eager to do the cover. Apparently, Sunshine was hesitant because she has her own rules about wearing thongs and showing underboobs but in the end she consented.

FHM unveiled the magazine cover on Thursday on its Facebook page and immediately gathered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comments.


Vic Sotto and Kris Aquino Top Celebrity Endorsers of 2013

December 28, 2013
Among the male endorsers you see on TV, who do you find the most believable? Well, according to a survey done by, majority of the audience find Vic Sotto the most credible. His makes him the No. 1 male celebrity endorser for 2013.

Among the 16 male celebrity endorsers that came out of the survey, Coco Martin comes second to Sotto, followed by John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Yap a.k.a. Sir Chief and Daniel Padilla.

A survey on the female celebrity endorsers was also conducted and the name that came out on top is Kris Aquino. Following close behind is Anne Curtis, Sarah Geronimo, Judy Anne Santos and Kim Chiu.

According to Starpolls’ market analyst Prof. Marion Valencia product endorsers serve as direct representatives of commercial products and these endorsers should be accepted by the public and the public should be able to identify with them.

Here is the complete list of the Top 16 Male Celebrity Endorsers of 2013:

Top 16 Female Celebrity Endorser of 2013:

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Marian Rivera FHM Thailand Cover Girl

December 27, 2013
Marian Rivera’s beauty really has international appeal as she graces the cover of FHM Thailand. Her cover is for the January 2014 issue of the popular men’s magazine.

Being on FHM Thailand cover seems like a great Christmas gift and the Kapuso actress shared the happy news on her Instagram account on Wednesday, December 26.

Her thrill was so obvious in her post “Whooaaw! I’m at the cover of Thailand’s FHM January 2014 issue. I am so honored.”

Though it’s Marian’s first cover for FHM Thailand, the photo isn’t really new. It’s the same one used on the January 2013 issue of FHM Philippines. The photo is of her wearing a red and black bikini top with her long hair swept on one side. It was taken by photographer Mark Nicdao.

Marian was also hailed the “Sexiest Woman in the World” this year by FHM Philippines.

Floyd Mayweather Pokes Fun at Manny Pacquiao

December 27, 2013
Floyd Mayweather continues to refuse to fight with Manny Pacquiao but nothing’s stopping him from poking fun at the Filipino boxing champ!

Right after Christmas, Mayweather once again posted an edited photo of him and Pacquiao in a boxing ring. The photo shows him landing a hard punch on Pacquiao’s face.

The caption “Now you’re telling me I got to eat Juan Marquez’s leftovers? Let m talk to the IRS about this” is obviously a mockery for the Filipino champ. It alludes to the time when Pacquiao was knocked out by Marquez and his recent tax trouble in the Philippines and the U.S.

And this isn’t the first meme that Mayweather made about Pacquiao. On Christmas eve he posted a photo captioned “This is my Christmas card to the world. Happy Sleepy Holidays zzzzzzz.” It contained photos of him and Pacquiao talking over cellphones. Mayweather’s photo says “Manny, I’ll give you 40 million to fight” and “No way, you’re crazy. 50/50 or nothing” was the reply.


Kasambahays Urged to Report Employers who Do not Give 13th Month Pay

December 26, 2013
Househelp or kasambahays are encouraged by the Department of Labor and Employment-Regional Office 2 (DOLE 2) to report employers who do not give them their 13th month pay.

Paying of 13th month pay is a part of the Republic Act (RA) 10361 or the Domestic Workers Act or Batas Kasambahay.

According to Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr. DOLE 2 Regional Director, even a househelp who has been employed for at least 1 month should be given 13th month pay which should not be less than 1/12 of his or her basic salary earned for one year.

By this time it is expected that all 13th month pay of kasambahays should have been given already since RA 10361 states that the 13th month pay should be given not later than December 24 each year or upon separation from employment. 

Instagram Photo Says Chito Miranda and Neri Naig are Married

December 26, 2013
It looks like Chito Miranda and Neri Naig finally tied the knot! On Christmas Day, Chito posted a photo of him and Neri with the caption “Merry Christmas from Mr. & Mrs. Miranda” on Instagram.

The Parokya Ni Edgar frontman also posted the same on his Twitter account.

All of Chito’s followers immediately got wind of the news and they are absolutely delighted for the rocker.
Chito made it clear earlier this month that he is planning to marry Neri.

The two was the talk of the town when their video scandal was leaked to the Internet. Apparently, a thief that got into their home got his hands on a hard drive that contained the private video.

If this indeed true,then congratulations to the newlyweds.

Jolo Revilla Denies Jodi Sta. Maria is Pregnant

December 26, 2013
Is Jodi Sta. Maria pregnant? The internet seems to be abuzz with rumors that she is expecting a baby with her current boyfriend actor/politician Jolo Revilla.

Jodi hasn’t spoken about the issue and it looks like she doesn’t need to because Jolo has done it for her. In a series of posts he made on his Twitter account, the Cavite Vice Governor slammed rumors that the actress is pregnant.
He tweeted, “This is my first and final statement regarding Jodi’s pregnancy issue. She is not pregnant and we are not yet married.”

“What we have right now is something special and we want to keep it private because I love her so much. Kung sakaling tutuo man yan, kayo po unang unang makakaalam. (In case it’s true, you’ll be the first to know.) God bless.”

Richard Yap, Jodi’s co-star in the hit TV series “Be Careful with my Heart,” also made it clear that the actress is not pregnant. He supposed that many fans mix up Jodi with her character Maya.

Remember when Jodi got dengue the show included it in the story line so fans think it’s the same way this time that Jodi’s character seems to be on the way to motherhood.

Pinay OFW Makes it to X Factor Israel Top 10

December 25, 2013
Another Filipina is making a name for herself and her country by showcasing her talent on the famous reality talent search X Factor in Israel.

Rose Fostanes, who is working as a caregiver in Israel, is included in the show’s Top 10 during the second round of voting. Fostanes whose nickname is Osang impressed the audience with her rendition of “Valerie.”

After results of the second round of voting were announced, Fostanes took to her Facebook account to express her wholehearted gratitude to all her supporters around the world.

She also said that the inspiring messages posted by her supporters on her Facebook page is what keeps her motivated to perform at her best in the competition.

Fostanes also appealed to her fellow Filipinos in Israel to continue supporting her during her live performance.

December 25 is another exciting but anxiety-filled day for Fostanes because it is the third round of voting for X factor Israel.

Watch Fostanes perform “Valerie” in the video below.


Mikhail Kalashnikov, Man Behind AK-47, Dead at 94

December 25, 2013
Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who invented the trusty AK-47, is now dead. He is 94 years old.

Kalashnikov who is a Russian rose to popularity after designing and introducing the AK-47 to the Soviet military service in 1947. But he started designing machine guns in 1942 after he was injured while serving as a tank commander for the Soviet Union’s Red Army during World War II.

After hearing the sad news about Kalashnikov’s demise on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

The AK-47 was recognized by the Guinness World Records book as the world’s most common machine gun. According to them, AK stands for Kalashnikov’s machine gun and 47 stands for the year it was released. The AK-47 is easy to distinguish because of its banana-shaped ammunition magazine. The fact that it is very easy to use and maintain and reliable in extreme conditions made it the standard weapon for Soviet and Warsaw Pact countries from the early 1950s.

The AK-47 was instrumental in the success of rebel movement in Mozambique during the 1960s and 1970s that the image of this gun is included in the national flag.

Production of the AK-47 in Russia stopped in the late 1960s but they still made variants of the gun.

Wearing Caps and Sunglasses Banned in Malls!

December 24, 2013
Next time you got to the mall make sure caps and sunglasses are not part of your fashion statement because your effort will be wasted. These items have been banned in shopping malls following the gang of robbers that looted a jewelry store at a popular mall in Manila on December 15.

The police hope that banning the wearing of caps and sunglasses inside the malls will ensure that identities of thieves won’t be concealed from the security cameras. Apparently, the robbers used baseball caps to conceal their identities during the December 15 robbery.
Chief Superintendent Carmelo Vamoria of NCRPO said that the criminals know about the CCTV cameras installed at the malls and so they try their best to hide their identities by wearing caps and dark sunglasses.

So, from this point forward, those who are wearing caps and sunglasses won’t be allowed inside the malls and security guards will be watching out for those who disobey.

The same precaution has been presented to pawnshops and banks for their enhanced security.

Four Guards Praised by Dasmarinas Village Association

December 24, 2013
The four guards who performed their duty, despite bearing the brunt of Mayor Junjun Binay’s anger for not letting his convoy pass a secured gate, will have a happy Christmas because they’ve been rewarded for their efforts.

A letter signed by Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA) president Jay Pantangco was sent to residents on Monday. It is said in that letter that the guards were given commendations and gifts from residents who have shown support for the guards’ performance in upholding and implementing Dasmariñas Village policies. Also, the guards are carrying on their duty in making the community is safe and secure.

In the incident that transpired last November 30, the village guards were taken to the Makati City Police headquarters. But the police later denied they arrested the security guards. They said the guards were merely “invited” to the headquarters and that they needed to verify the firearms belonging to the security guards. 

Despite the denials in Mayor Binay’s camp, DVA president Jay Pantangco stood by the security guards. He said that Dasmariñas Village is a private subdivision and the association stands by the guards who upheld DVA’s policy and procedure during the incident.

Tessie Tomas’ Son Robin Marries Boyfriend in NYC

December 23, 2013
Robin Tomas, son of comedian and actress Tessie Tomas, tied the knot with partner John Charles Cochiarella on Friday, December 20, in New York City where same-sex marriage is legal under the Marriage Equality Act. The wedding, which took place at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, was officiated by James Mitchell a staff member in the City Clerk’s office.

Aside from being the son of a famous comedian, Robin is a successful man in his own right. He is a fashion designer who has his own clothing line “Tomas.” It is one of the labels being sold at the popular contemporary clothing store Anik Boutique.

Robin was catapulted into the fashion limelight after winning the best reinvention of the men’s t-shirt design of the promotional organization of the American Pima Cotton growers.

His partner John, 42, is a lawyer in the investment banking division of Citigroup in New York. John studied in Middlebury College and the University of Texas School of Law.
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Karen Davila Voices Opinion on Binay-Dasma Issue

December 23, 2013
After the issue about the supposed arrest of three Dasmariñas Village guards by Makati Mayor Junjun Binay broke, many people including seasoned journalist Karen Davila expressed their opinions about the matter.

Davila weighed in on the issue during her dzMM radio program “Pasada Sais Trenta” wherein she said that she had nothing personal against the Binay family but the public should be made to understand “the bigger point in the story.”

Davila believes that public officials should not receive any special treatment or favors because this is the only way to achieve “tuwid na daan” that the President is pushing.

Here are the statements she made during her radio program.

Bakit? Who cares kung VIP yun? Iyan na naman tayo, nandiyan ulit sa pag VIP bigyan mong konsiderasyon. Pag ordinaryong residente, ewan ko ba.” (Why? Who cares if they’re VIP? There we go again at giving considerations to VIP. But if it’s just an ordinary citizen, I really don’t understand.)

"Eh ang daming VIP sa Pilipinas ha... Ang senador 24, ang congressmen 200 plus. Eh pano yan, lahat yun VIP, eh kung dadaan yun lahat ng alas-dose, lahat papapasukin sa Dasma o palalabasin?" (The Philippines has many VIPs…We have 24 senators and more than 200 congressmen. They’re all VIP, what if they all used that gate at 12 midnight at the same time, should they be allowed?)

"Pag nagsimula ka kasi ng ganyan, hindi tayo nasa tuwid na daan. Ang gusto nga nating magbago yung kultura natin eh diba?" (If we start like this, we’re no longer in the ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path). Didn’t we want to change the culture?)

Three Gay Students Save Hundreds in Zamboanga Crisis

December 23, 2013
In times of crisis some people will either show their best or their worst. For the three gays Peter Jupiter Galvez, Ram Mahusay and Momar Javier it’s the former. Although they’ve accepted that they were going to die while being held hostage by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in Zamboanga City last September, they were not deterred in showing their cheerfulness and doing what they can to help their fellow hostages. 

Even though it seemed like a hopeless situation at that time, 20-year-old Javier knew they had to do something. And so, for three weeks, with Galvez and Mahusay, he supplied food, water and laughter to the other hostages. 

After the standoff, the freed hostages gave some account of the heroism of the three gays. According to Father Michael Ufana, parish priest of Saint Joseph Church, the three gays took care of his 70-year-old grandfather. They gave their bed to his father and sister and chose to sleep on the cold floor instead.

Javier carried the priest on his back when they had to transfer to another location since he could not walk anymore.

Galvez, on the other hand, was responsible for providing water to the hostages and the MNLF. His task was an arduous one because they were being fired at while carrying the numerous water containers. He said that during those instances, he had accepted his death.

Mahusay was responsible for cooking the all the food for the hostages and their captors. Luckily he is a hotel and restaurant management student that is why he has the skills. And because he has a background in first aid, having undergone training with the Philippine Red Cross, Mahusay also helped treat injured hostages.

Cherry Belarmino and her mother Virginia, also attested to the three gays’ courage. They liked the fact that they have a happy disposition and were not afraid of bullets. They gave an account of how the three were even asked to dig graves for the hostages who died.

September 13 was the worst day for all the hostages when soldiers initiated an concentrated offensive against the MNLF in KGK Building in Barangay Santa Clara. All hostages were told not to get out because they would be fired at and so to save themselves Galvez hid inside a small refrigerator while Javier and Mahusay hunkered down under a sink.

After the hostage crisis, the three students went back to their boarding house in Santa Barbara and even managed to get back some of their personal things.

And since it’s Christmas, these three gay students shared what they want for Christmas. Mahusay just wants to be with his family and also to meet Kevin Balot, the transgender beauty queen. Javier, who is a dean’s lister and a treasurer of ZSCMST Supeme Student Council, simply wants a makeup kit. Galvez, already received his Christmas gift, which is a closer relationship with his father. But as a plus he also wants to meet Vice Ganda.

Not everyone can do what these three did that is why their College president Dr. Milavel Nazario is proud of them and she has this to say about them, “At the height of such tremendous ordeal, they managed to stand out among the others and bounce back. Gays are really gay and strong people.”

Signs of Unsuccessful Job Interview

December 22, 2013
Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time applicants. And more often than not, applicants get mental block during the interview proper resulting to muddled answers that will definitely not land them the job they’re applying for. Now, for some job interviews are a piece of cake. But even though they breezed through the interview, giving the right answers every time, some of them still don’t get the job.  

Michael D. Cadiz of JobsDB has come up with seven signs for you to know if you’re failing in your job interview. He also offers some tips that will help you get the interview back on track.

Here are the signs according to Michael D. Cadiz:

1. The Interview was Short, Too Short!

A typical interview should last around 30 minutes and a really good interview even last longer. The length of the interview shows that the interviewer is seriously interested in getting to know you and is genuinely considering your job application. Time flies by so fast when both you and the interviewer are having a grand time so when you're shown the door less than 15 minutes before being invited in, then you have a problem.

Executive Search Consultant for Pursell Group, Stacy Pursell says that "If the interviewer keeps looking at their watch throughout the interview it is a good indication they are bored or not too interested in what the candidate is saying."

You don't have to wait till the end of the interview to help save it, the moment you see or feel that the interview is unimpressed, attempt to get the interview back on track by asking questions to show your interest and dedication to the job. Alternatively, you can also try to save the interview by owning up to the fact that the interview did not go as planned and that you'd want to try and explain your answer again.

2. Your Skills Don't Get Mentioned or Talked About

Rochelle Kaplan, Executive Recruiter at CyberCoders says that "If an employer neglects to talk about the skills necessary for the position and only talks about the company casually, it means he or she's not that interested." If the Hiring Manager or the HR Rep spends most of his/her time talking about the company in general and does not make an effort to ask about the skills you will be bringing with you to the position, it could be because they are not interested in inviting you to be part of the company.

While this is not a clear-cut sign that you are out of the running, you can attempt to get their attention by asking questions about the job opening. It is important that you research about the position and the company extensively so you're able to ask intelligent and relevant questions. If you play your cards right, you may be able to get the interviewer to warm up to you increasing your chances of being considered for the job posting.

3. The Interviewer is Easily Distracted

A recruiter or an employer that's genuinely interested in hiring you would be eager to get to know you more. This requires that they focus their attention on you, turning off mobile phones or closing the door to the interview room. If they're easily distracted or goes in and out of the interview room quite often, you might want to continue your job application somewhere else.

4. The Interviewer is Less Enthusiastic with your Accomplishments

Darrel W. Gurney, career coach and author of "Never Apply for a Job Again!: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest" states that if you hear cricket sounds after sharing stories of your amazing accomplishments is a strong indication that the interviewer is just not into you.

All is not lost though. If you've just started with the interview, resist the urge to feel bad about the lack of interest. Focus on improving the delivery of your answers moving forward. The interviewer is more likely to notice that the quality of your answers and the tone and delivery of what you want to say is getting better and this can result to a more positive interaction as the interview progresses.

5. The Interviewer Does Not Smile at You

If you get even just a single hint of smile from the interviewer, your chances of getting considered for the job is slim. A hint of smile means that the interviewer is genuinely happy to be talking to you and its absence could indicate that you are just not making enough positive impression on them. While it can be disheartening to go through an interview with nary a smile of acknowledgement from an interviewer, you shouldn't let it stop you from smiling at them. This will help you look more pleasant, more interested, and more open-minded about the interview. A smile is rather difficult to ignore so end each of your answers with a big smile.

6. Interview versus Interrogation

Build a relationship with the interviewer by finding a common topic to talk about. Listen to what the interviewer is telling you and try to formulate a topic that you can casually converse about. If you feel like you're being interrogated, keep your cool and avoid rising to the bait. Remain calm and pleasant and resolve to do your best when answering even the most biting questions.

7. "We're Still Interviewing People this Week"

When you're told they're still interviewing people this week and that "we'll let you know next week (next month, etc.)" or "we'll call you" it could mean that they are not seriously considering your application. Most employers use the statement to soften the blow as they most jobseekers would already know what this means.

Don't feel bad if you get the same response from an interviewer or an employer. Think of the session as an opportunity for you to improve your interview skills. Sure, you didn't get the job but at least you're leaving the interview room with brand new lessons that will surely be helpful in your future interviews.

Job interviews can end up entirely different from how you pictured it to be. You may think you did great and still not receive a job offer or you may think you screwed up so bad, yet still be invited to the next phase of the hiring process. The important thing is that you keep the faith and never give up. Whether the result of all your efforts are positive or negative, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the lessons you gain from the experience will only make your future interviews easier.

Canada Speeds Up Visa Applications of Filipinos Affected by Yolanda

December 22, 2013
The Canadian embassy in Manila is speeding up the processing of hundreds of pending immigration visa application of super typhoon Yolanda survivors. This move is a part of their humanitarian aid to the Philippines. According to Ambassador Neil Reeder at a luncheon for the Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, the embassy is working overtime to facilitate the visa immigration applications.
Applications of those who are affected by typhoon Yolanda are being moved up. Apparently, most of these applications have already met the requirements and are just in process.

The Canadian embassy is specifically prioritizing applications from Samar, Leyte, Panay and northern Cebu. The embassy has called up some of the applicants to ask them if they want to press on with their applications. Responses differed because some said they are not yet ready to go and leave their families while others responded with an affirmative.

Special email addresses and dedicated phone lines have been set up by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to answer any request from applicants and their families. Trunk lines have also been made available for Yolanda survivor applicants who want to declare their cases a priority.

As of now, the Philippines is the second country to have the most number of visa applications to Canada. China is the first. Because of this, Tagalog is now the fastest growing language group in Canada.

Zamboanga Town Mayor, 3 Others Killed at NAIA 3 Shooting

December 20, 2013
Four are dead and five others are wounded in the shooting at the Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Friday.

Fatalities were identified as Zamboanga’s Labangan Town Mayor Ukol Talumpa and his wife Leah Sarifudin Talumpa and Phil Thomas Lirasan who was just 18 months old. Those who were injured are family members of the deceased mayor. They are being treated at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

The mayor and his party landed at 11:15 a.m. at NAIA 3 from Zamboanga via a Cebu Pacific flight. After touching down they immediately went to their waiting vehicle near the Arrival Bay. It was then that the two gunmen wearing police jackets rained bullets on them. 

The airport police chased after the gunmen but they were caught in a traffic jam.

Investigation is now ongoing. The Philippine National Police- Aviation Security Group (PNP-ASG) said there are three witnesses to the incident. These witnesses have now been turned over to the Pasay City Police Station’s Criminal Investigation Division for their statements.

PNP-ASG director Chief Supt. Christopher Laxa said the Southern Police District is now leading the investigation of the killing.

Two attempts had been made on Mayor Talumpa’s life but he managed to survive them. This third time, whoever is behind it, made sure the mayor will be dead.

Willie Revillame Hopes to Reconcile with ABS-CBN

December 20, 2013
Willie Revillame and ABS-CBN could patch things up soon. The former Kapamilya TV host said that he is willing to ask forgiveness from those who were hurt by his actions in the past.

During the launch of his Christmas album with songwriter Lito Camo at his mall in Quezon City, Revillame was quite vocal about seeking forgiveness from those he had offended. He said that forgiveness should always be in our hearts and he doesn't bear ill-feelings toward anyone.

The TV host also revealed that for one month ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya rented his private plane in order to transport relief goods to the Typhoon Haiyan-hit areas in the Visayas. Revillame considers this the first step in the reconciliation between him and the Kapamilya network.

Revillame even said given the chance he is open about returning to the Kapamilya network as long as it’s still in his former noontime program “Wowowee.” It’s what he’d like to do no matter what the time slot. He said he’s willing to wait.

After “Wowowee’s ” controversial end in 2010 Revillame transferred to TV5 where he did “Willing Willie.” However, that show did not last long due to accusations of child abuse because a 6-year-old was allegedly made to carry out a “macho dancer” routine. The show went on a break and after a month it resumed wioth a new name “Willtime Bigtime.”

In January of this year the show became “Wowowillie” as it transferred to a noontime slot. But it didn’t last that long. The last episode aired last October 12.

Attorney Raymond Fortun’s Wife Shot

December 19, 2013
Attorney Raymond Fortun’s wife Carol suffered a gunshot wound in the face in Thursday night. The shooting happened around 8 P.M. after she got out of her vehicle in front of their house in BF Homes Almanza. The unidentified suspects were riding a motorcycle.

Mrs. Fortun, who is also a lawyer, was immediately brought to Perpetual Help Hospital. The bullet hit her on the right cheek and exited at her nape. Luckily no major arteries and bones were damaged. Mrs. Fortun is now in a stable condition and Mr. Fortun and his family are very hopeful that his wife will survive from the wound.

In an interview with dzMM, Mr. Fortun said that he couldn’t think of anyone who would want to hurt his wife who is a very kind person. He feels he is the target of the suspects. Although he doesn’t quarrel with anyone, he thinks that some people are not happy with the cases he’s handling and some of the things he writes on Facebook.

Investigations regarding the shooting continue.

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Hilarious Video: Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport

December 19, 2013
People talking loudly on their cellphones while in public can be a pain, especially if you need to concentrate on something or even when you’re simply having a bad day. Well, some people who do this were given their own medicine courtesy of Greg Benson of Mediocre Films!

Benson, together with his wife, picked the airport to do the cell phone crashing. The 3-minute video shows they picked a great venue because it’s like there are people conversing loudly on their phones at every turn.

With his wife discreetly taking the video, Benson would sit beside the person having a loud conversation and then pretends to be talking to his buddy on the other line! But in reality he was answering the statements made by the person beside him! The people he trolled didn’t know what hit them but all of them were good sport when Benson revealed what he was up to.

In the hilarious video, it’s obvious how Benson is trying so hard not to laugh as the people he trolled looked and asked him if he were talking to them.

If you're feeling stressed, better watch the video!

Mayor Junjun Binay in Hot Water Due to Dasma Village Arrest

December 19, 2013
A CCTV video showing the standoff between Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his guards and the Dasmariñas Village security guards is now making waves in the social media. 
A source who chose to remain anonymous told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the 24-minute video was taken last November 30 at the gate of Banyan and McKinley Roads.

The video shows the security guards refusing to allow Mayor Binay’s four-car convoy to pass through the gate. Apparently, the security guards did not raise the steel barrier because vehicles are not allowed to go by the said gate after 10 p.m. It was almost midnight when the Mayor Binay’s convoy tried to pass through that night.

At the account of Inquirer’s source, when the security guards did not lift the barrier, Mayor Binay stepped out of the vehicle and approached the guards asking “Don’t you know me?” And then the mayor took out his cellphone and after a few minutes some armed policemen arrived on the scene. These policemen lifted the barrier to allow the mayor’s convoy to pass through. After that they arrested the arrested the two security guards. Virgilio Robang, the Dasmariñas Village security officer in charge was arrested as well when he arrived on the scene.

According to Inquirer’s source, the two security guards and Robang were brought to the police station where they were detained for four hours. When Inquirer phoned in the Makati City Police headquarters about it, Supt. Manuel Lucban told the newspaper that the guards were only brought in for verification purposes.

Witness to the incident was Mayor Binay’s sister Senator Nancy Binay who was riding in one of the four cars.

After the Philippine Daily Inquirer published its story about the incident, Mayor Binay’s camp reacted immediately saying the guards were not arrested and that they went with the police voluntarily. Also, they said that the guards only stayed there for an hour.

On Thursday, Senator Nancy Binay reacted to the issue in a series of tweets, "What was reported ... had glaring biases and bends. The video does not capture what really happened."

She added, “There are people bent on putting my family's name in bad light. The so-called Dasmarinas incdnt happnd 3 weeks ago & we've forgotten abt it. No amount of explanation would satisfy those who have never-ending dislike for our family.”

The Basics About Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago

December 18, 2013
The name Bea Rose Santiago will be etched forever in the history of beauty pageants for taking home the title Miss International 2013. But aside from her name and her pretty face, what do you really know about her? Not a lot right? We will rectify that.

Bea was born in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines but she grew up in Masbate in the Bicol Region when her family moved there. The ldest of three children, Bea was raised by her grandparents in Masbate. When she was 14 years old, her family moved again, this time to Toronto, Canada.

She became a model under the Elite Model Management and at the same time studied Communications major in Public Relations at York University in Toronto.

In order to pursue her dream of becoming a beauty queen, Bea came back to the Philippines in 2011 and joined Mutya ng Pilipinas where she won Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities. She also participated in the Philippines in Tourism Queen of the Year International in 2012 where she was one of the Top 10 semi-finalists.

Finally, earlier this year, Bea won the Binibining Pilipinas International title during the Binibining Pilipinas Gold pageant.

Harvard Student Charged for Bomb Hoax in School

December 18, 2013
A Harvard University student is charged with masterminding a bomb hoax. The student identified as 21-year-old Eldo Kim faced a court in Boston today, December 18 and if he’s found guilty under the bomb hoax statute, he could be jailed for up to 5 years, three years supervised release and pay a $250,000 fine.

On Monday December 16, Kim allegedly sent identical emails entitled “bombs placed around campus” to Harvard University police, college officials and the student newspaper. The email which was received around 8:30 in the morning also said that shrapnel bombs have been placed in four buildings.

Dozens of FBI agents were called in and the four buildings were evacuated. However, after hours of searching no explosive devices were found.

The emails were sent anonymously but FBI has an affidavit of Kim’s confession about sending the emails.

There was supposed to be a series of tests at Harvard that day but most of them were postponed due to the bomb threat hoax. Kim was supposed to have a test that morning too but he wanted to evade taking that test hence he orchestrated the bomb hoax.

Harvard school officials are saddened by the fact that the perpetrator is one of their students but they would no longer comment due to the ongoing investigation.

Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago Crowned Miss International 2013!

December 17, 2013
It’s another win for the Philippines as Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago is crowned Miss International 2013!

Santiago beat over 60 equally-beautiful candidates all over the world at the pageant held on December 17, 2013 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo.

Santiago, who is a communications student at York University in Toronto, won the judges over with her excellent answer during the final round wherein the final five contestants were to give a 30-second speech on the topic “What I will do if I am crowned Miss International.”

Santiago’s short speech was, “The whole world saw how my country suffered. One by one, other countries helped. I would like to thank who helped my country in our darkest hours. You have opened my heart and eyes on what we can do to help each other.

“If I become Miss International, I will uphold international camaraderie. I will work to sustain the spirit of sympathy and spirit of hope. As long as we work together there is hope.”

First runner up is Miss Netherlands Nathalie den Dekker and second runner up is Miss New Zealand Casey Radley. Miss Colombia Cindy Aguilar and Miss Hungary Brigitta Otvos complete the Top 5.

Special awards were given as well. Miss National Costume is Miss Aruba Erialda Croes, Miss Friendship is Miss New Zealand Casey Radley, Miss Internet is Miss Macau Adela Ka-Wai Sou and Miss Photogenic is Miss Lithuania Elma Segzdaviciute.

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Nikki Gil Regrets Not Ending Billy Crawford Romance Sooner

December 17, 2013
Once again Nikki Gil opens up about her breakup to Billy Crawford to Cosmopolitan Magazine December 2013 issue. In her interview with Cosmo’s Krizette Chu, Nikki shared how she regrets that her relationship with Billy lasted for five years. People around her warned her but she chose to ignore them. 

She told Cosmo that everything that Billy did was now questionable to her after everything that happened. Though they had some good times, she can hardly remember any of them now. When she thinks back, she can now see the inconsistencies of her ex’s behavior.

“I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that it could be done to me. I'd ask him, 'Why were you [at this place]?' Then, I'd back off and say, 'Nevermind, I was just asking.' You just brush it under the rug, until one day, it all blows up in your face," she said.”

During Billy’s interviews right after the breakup, he denied that there was a third party involved but, based on Nikki’s latest interview with Cosmo that doesn’t seem to be the case. Although she didn’t say it outright her statement “I’m a woman and I protect what’s mine. I don’t touch what’s not mine. If I were the kind of girl [who’d steal a boyfriend], I’d understand completely, but – I cherish those things” point in that direction.

There was also this issue about Nikki’s preference of not having sex until marriage. She said this didn’t seem like a big thing with Billy because he was very understanding and even encouraged her to go for it.

Although it was heartbreaking at first, Nikki feels relieved now that their relationship ended. She’s even thankful to the people who made it possible because if not for them “she would have said yes to his insincere offers of marriage.”

She does regret waiting five years before ending their relationship and the opportunities and fun she could have had during her early twenties. Despite those drawbacks, Nikki is letting it go and moving on with her life. She’s now dating again and has lots of endorsement deals and she plays one of the main characters in the hit soap opera “Maria Mercedes.”


Brandon Rios Denies Cheating at Pacquiao Fight

December 15, 2013
I did nothing wrong and I did not cheat. This about sums up Mexican-American boxer Brandon Rios’ stand in the issue going around that he did something wrong during his fight with world-famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao last November.

In the drug test conducted by the Voluntary Anti-doping Association (VADA) right after the fight between the two boxers on November 24, Rios’ urine was found to contain methylexanamine, a prohibited dietary supplement used to reduce weight. Both fighters were tested five times. Rios passed on the other four except for that last test right after the fight while Pacquiao passed all of them.

Rios denied that he took any illegal while reducing weight for the 147-pound fight. Everything he took before the fight was checked and he was able to reach the 147-pound requirement with the help of his strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. Rios said that he can’t explain what went wrong until he speaks to his group.

Ariza was previously in Pacquiao’s camp as his strength and conditioning coach but they had a falling out.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum said that he doesn’t blame Rios for what happened because he simply follows what his conditioning coach tells him to eat and drink. He clearly said it’s Ariza’s fault.

Arum also revealed that Rios has been suspended by the Macau athletic commission. Even though the substance found in his system is not steroid it is still something that should not be in his system during that time. Rios is allowed to make an appeal against the suspension.

Man Showers Mall of America Shoppers with Cash, Arrested

December 14, 2013

Serge Vorobyov simply wanted to spread the love and give some extra money to holiday shoppers but what did he get in return? Charges of disorderly conduct by the police! 

Vorobyov threw bills amounting to $1,000 over the fourth floor railing at the Mall of America with the Christmas song “Let It Snow” blaring in the background. His sole intent was to share some holiday cheer but the police did not see it that way. They got him and cited him for disorderly conduct.

A spokeman from the Mall of America supports the police’s action because what Vorobyov did could have caused a major disturbance where someone could have been seriously hurt.

After his story went viral, Vorobyov released a video explaining his deed. He said, “I had a really tough year. My story is that I just threw out my last thousand dollars. I don’t have enough money for a lot of things, and I’m going through a horrible divorce — she even took the cat and won’t tell me where it is. I thought I’d just spread some holiday cheer, be positive and kind of like pay it forward and make it snow money. I thought it’d be fun.”

Papua New Guinea Hiring Filipino Lecturers and Teachers

December 14, 2013
Teachers and lecturers are needed in Papua New Guinea. According to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz the said country considering is considering Filipinos to fill in the teaching vacancies. 

In the newly-signed bilateral agreement between the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, around 81 teachers would be hired as part of the initial phase of manpower recruitment.

Lecturers to be hired are those who specialize in physics, biology and biological technician, civil engineering, building architecture, surveying, drafting, economic, management and electrical engineering ( power and electronics).

As for teachers or instructors the vacancies available are for motor vehicle, diesel heavy equipment fitter, heavy equipment fitter, metal fabrication and welding, automotive electrical, tourism, housekeeping, mathematics, physics, chemistry, graphic and drawing, ICT, academic subjects specifically math and science, biology, information technology , physical education and library electronic.

Teaching in Papua New Guinea seems lucrative because according to Secretary Baldoz the annual salaries of qualified applicants ranges from PNG Kina 52,759 to PNG Kina 47,489, or the equivalent of P844,144 to P758,224 per year.

Applicants who meet the requirements would be shortlisted and interviewed by envoys of Papua New Guinea’s Department of Education. Those who pass will be given Papua New Guinea government’s working visa status.

Instagram Launches New Private Messaging Service

December 13, 2013
Instagram has reached another milestone with the introduction of a new service called “Instagram Direct.” Founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom discussed how this new service works during the special event in New York on Thursday.

Instagram users will be able to send photos and videos directly to their contacts. They can share to as many as 15 persons at a time. Sharing photos and videos can be done directly with followers or with specific contacts. If there are posts that are private they are saved in a user’s inbox.

Take note, however, that direct messages can only be sent to people who follow each other. If a message is sent to a non-follower, he or she would receive a friend request instead.

Users would surely love the fact that they can now be able to track in real time any photo or video sent through Instagram Direct! If anyone has seen the photo or video there would be a green check mark and if someone clicked like there would be a red heart.

Users can easily swipe between Feed and Inbox.

UAE Short on Health Workers, Looks to Hire Hundreds of Filipinos

December 13, 2013
There’s new hope for Filipinos who want to get employed as healthcare workers in the United Arab Emirates. Medical health workers are short in supply in the region as determined during the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress last month and the Healthcare Investment Conference in Dubai that was held recently. Additional 3,100 doctors by 2020 or around 500 doctors every year will be needed in Abu Dhabi according to the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi.

Professor Nabil Sulaiman, head of Family and Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences, told Khaleej Times that 70 percent of the ageing population will be living in developing countries in 20 years time. This situation will have a big negative impact to the whole health system thus, it’s important to prepare well for it.

Because of the huge demand for health workers, it is expected that salaries of doctors and nurses will rise. Also, there would be an increase in the current trend of poaching staff among rival hospitals. In the last couple of years, doctors’ salaries in the UAE have increased around 5 to 10 percent while that of the nurses have risen by 3 to 5 percent.

One of the biggest private healthcare providers in UAE NMC Healthcare plans to increase its workforce in the next few years since it is intending to open more facilities. It’s planning on a 60-bed general hospital in Dubai Investments Park, a medical center in Al Ain and a 100-bed Brightpoint Maternity Hospital in Abu Dhabi by the end of 2014. A 250-bed Khalifa City Hospital is also planned for 2015. Because of these, NMC has ascertained that it will hire hundreds of Filipino nurses in the last quarter of the year.

Government Employees to be Given Laptops Starting 2014

December 12, 2013
Government employees will be given their very own laptops starting 2014. According to Budget Undersecretary Richard Moya government employees don’t have to buy their own laptops because “they will just fall on your (their) laps.” 

A total of 250,000 laptops will be purchased in all on a budget of P1.8billion. These laptops will be bought in a duration of three years. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) will purchase 95,000 laptops in 2014, 80,000 in 2015 and the rest in 2016 or until all national government employees having Salary Grade 4 and above are furnished with a laptop.

The laptops given to employees will be replaced every three years according to reports. Recipients can buy the laptop at 10 percent of the original price after three years.

In the project Integrated Government Philippines or iGovPhil, the government aims to make every government employee an e-civil servant. This is in line with the plan to design an efficient electronic or e-government infrastructure in the country.

However, all government employees will be required to use the official email address when conducting electronic communications or when dealing with the public. This is to ensure the security and efficiency of national government agencies websites.

As early as now, Moya is urging government agencies to start using the e-government infrastructure being advocated by the national government through the iGovPhil project. He added that opting for the e-government infrastructure will save billions in terms of time and money.

SSS Alerts Public About Fake SSS Checks

December 12, 2013
The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) is warning everyone to be very careful in accepting SSS checks being encashed to them. This warning comes after SSS La Union Branch learned that a fake SSS check got enchased at a grocery store in the said province. The unlucky store was conned out of Php 9,000.00.

The incident has prompted SSS La Union Branch to inform various establishments about the modus. Store owners were told how they can tell a fake SSS check from a real one.

Those who are not familiar with a real SSS check can be deceived when presented with a fake SSS check. But, if a fake check is placed beside a real one, it would be easy to tell them apart according to SSS.

Real SSS checks only have one account number located above the check date and at the bottom portion of the check. The SSS number of the member-payee is printed on the real check whereas a fake SSS check doesn’t have this feature. Finally, the only signatory in real SSS checks is the agency’s president.

"We assure our members that SSS checks are secured and cannot be easily copied. However, we still urge the public to be more vigilant especially with the holiday season fast approaching for possible fraudulent transactions and to report such incidents to the SSS Branch so that we can take the necessary actions," said SSS.

To be doubly sure of the authenticity of the SSS checks being encashed from them, store owners are advised to call the SSS branch near them.

Globe Subscriber Gets P3 Million Bill Shock!

December 11, 2013
Receiving a phone bill amounting to Php 3,272,623.80 was a huge shock to Globe Telecom subscriber Elmer de Guzman. He was appalled that he could rack up this kind of phone within one month. In his annoyance de Guzman uploaded the image of his October 24 to November 23 phone bill on Facebook and it has gone viral since then. 

De Guzman already expressed that he will not pay for it because he does not have that kind of amount and it was Globe’s mistake. When he first got in touch with Globe about the issue the reps told him the computation was correct since there is a breakdown of the items on his billing statement.

But after his Facebook upload got so much attention, Globe changed its tune and said it was due to system error.

Globe has made a statement about the issue. De Guzman enrolled in Globe’s Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo for his trip to the United Arab Emirates but apparently Globe’s system did not apply the correct zero rate for promos on data usage.

De Guzman should be able to breathe easy because according to the network they have reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in his billing statement.

Charice Denies Suicide Attempt, Says She Loves Her life

December 11, 2013
After keeping her silence for some time, Charice finally spoke out to clear the air about her alleged suicide attempt.

The issue about her supposed suicide attempt started when her grandmother Teresita Relucio had an interview with Christy Fermin of “Showbiz Police” on TV 5 last week. Relucio said she was told that the singer tried to take her own life because she was bankrupt.

In response to the buzz going on, Charice released a statement via her manager Glenn Aldueza on Tuesday. In her statement the 21-year-old singer denied her grandmother’s claims. She said that she loves her life, especially now that she’s free to express her true self. And contrary to the allegations that she’s bankrupt, Charice said that she has savings.

She added that she continues to work because she loves her family and she finds joy in making her family happy. Although she and her family are not in good terms at the moment she’s hoping they’ll be able to patch things up in the near future. She’ll wait and hope for her mother Raquel’s forgiveness no matter how long it takes.

Charice and her mother have not been in terms since she chose to come out of the closet so to speak. Raquel was not in favor of Charice’s decision for fear it would affect her career negatively. Another cause of conflict is the singer’s relationship with singer Alyssa Quijano, which Raquel objects to.

US IRS also hounding Pacquiao for more than $18 Million unpaid Taxes

December 10, 2013
Photo Credit to
The popular US celebrity news website says it has obtained documents showing that Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is being hounded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over allegedly unpaid income taxes from 2006 to 2010.

TMZ says that the IRS complaints are separate from his $50 million tax fight in the Philippines.

"TMZ Sports has obtained official documents which show the IRS claims Manny stiffed the government out of federal income taxes from 2006 to 2010 ... totaling $18,313,668.79 in debt," the report said.

"Here's the yearly breakdown:

2006 - $1,160,324.30
2007 - $2,035,992.50
2008 - $2,862,437.11
2009 - $8,022,915.87
2010 - $4,231,999.01"

TMZ noted that Pacquiao "had 3 big fights in 2008, including a match against Oscar De La Hoya in which MP reportedly banked $15-$30 million in guaranteed cash."

POEA Bans OFWs from Working in Yemen

December 10, 2013
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is safeguarding the Filipinos workforce by banning them from working in Yemen. The said country is rife with danger at this present time especially with the terrorist attack that happened recently. Seven Filipino died along with 49 others in the suicide attack.

According to POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac the agency will be releasing a resolution to halt the deployment of OFWs to Yemen. He also encourages OFWs in Yemen to avail of the voluntary repatriation program of the Philippine government. There are more than 2,000 OFWs who are working as nurses and in construction in Yemen.

Yemen is now under Alert Level 3 after last week’s bombing Defense Ministry Complex hospital in Sanaa. Of the seven OFWs killed, one is a doctor and six were medical workers. Twenty-two other workers were also injured. OWWA promised to provide financial assistance to the families of those who died and compensation for those injured.

Yemeni investigation revealed that 12 terrorists had a hand in the suicide attack in Sanaa.

Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco Wed

December 10, 2013
Congratulations are in order for newlyweds Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco.

The happy couple said their “I Dos” on Monday in General Santos City. The joyous two took their vows as husband and wife at the Holy Cross Parish and reception was held at the Greenleaf Hotel ballroom.

Melai looked radiant in her strapless white wedding gown. Her baby bump is a little bit visible though. Jason looked handsome in his dark suit.

A few high-profile celebrities were seen at the event. World-famous boxer and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao was there looking dapper in his barong. Director Eric Salud, Nat Marilag, Ryan Bang and some of their Pinoy Big Brother friends were also in attendance.

Melai and Jason began dating in 2009 after their PBB stint. They broke up in 2012 but reunited after a short period of time. Melai and Jason are now expecting their first baby.

Jessy Mendiola Spices Up Guys Dining Experience at McDonald’s

December 10, 2013
A video that has gone viral since McDonad uploaded it on their YouTube account shows Kapamily actress Jessy Mendiola spicing up an otherwise ordinary day for several guys! Perhaps not only for the guys but for all the customers that was dining at that McDonald’s joint during that time. 
The video that lasts for 2:18 minutes shows the surprised expression on customers’ faces, especially the young man in checkered polo shirt, as a the red carpet is rolled out and a marching band came out. He looks even more astonished when the “Maria Mercedes” star wearing an attractive red minidress comes out and shares the table with him.

However, he was not able to monopolize Jessy as the actress also approached the other guys dining there. The video also shows her dancing with and taking pictures with the other customers. At some point she even playfully wipes the sweat off one of the guys face.

It looked like Jessy had lots of fun getting the customers starstruck, as they obviously were. But anyway, for sure seeing Jessy in the flesh made their day.

Don’t you just wish you were there?

Watch the video below.

Singapore’s Peace Broken by Violence in Little India

December 09, 2013
On Sunday December 8, Singapore saw the worst violence the country has ever had in 40 years! The country is very strict in enforcing peace and order, but on Sunday night the riot in the Little India district could not be stopped before it got worse. People were injured and vehicles were badly damaged. 

Trouble started when a 33-year-old Indian man was hit by a private bus and died. All of a sudden around 400 people in the area began making trouble. They assaulted the bus and the police vehicles that arrived on the scene. The bus driver and conductor, ten policemen and 4 civil defense staff were hurt by the rioting crowd. The rioting crowd was only stopped after the Singapore’s elite Special Operations Command and Gurkhas arrived.

The total amount of damage was only identified after the fracas. Three police cars, an ambulance and several private vehicles were damaged during the riot.

But such acts of violence will not go unpunished in a strict country such as Singapore. The police arrested 27 South Asian workers who were charged with rioting. These people could spend 7 years in prison plus caning, which is a punishment for serious crimes.

Apparently, the place where the riot happened is an area where thousands of foreign workers, especially Indians, go to during their day off.

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong released a statement where he made it clear that there’s no excuse for such violence. All the culprits will be dealt with the full force of the law.

Man Amazingly Survives Three Days at the Bottom of Atlantic

December 09, 2013
Nigerian cook Harrison Odjegba Okene lives to tell the tale of his survival 30 meters below the Atlantic Ocean for three days! This happened back in May but the video of his rescue went viral this week after it was posted online. 
It started on May 26 of this year. Okene was one of the 12 men manning the tugboat Jascon, which was one of the three towing an oil tanker in the Delta waters in Nigeria. All of a sudden the tugboat lurched and turned over. Okene, who was going about his early morning routine in the toilet during that time, was tossed around in the cubicle.

Though it was dark he got out of the cubicle and tried to find a vent outside. While doing so he was able to get some tools that would aid in the next three days under water. As the tug got filled with water, Okene was able to find a 4-foot air pocket and that’s where he stayed for the next several hours. In his interview, Okene said that all he held on during his ordeal was God. He kept praying for God to deliver him and save him.

By the third day in the freezing water, Okene thought it was the end for but just as he was losing hope, he heard a boat engine stop. Because of his location, it would be difficult for the rescuers to find him so he started tapping the cabin’s steel wall with a hammer hoping someone would hear it. Luckily, a diver reached the spot where he was. That diver was not expecting to see a survivor but he admitted that he saw a hand. He thought it was a corpse so he was shockingly surprised when the hand also grabbed his hand when he reached for it. But for Okene, it was his salvation.

He was given an oxygen mask, attached to a harness and pulled up 30 meters from the Atlantic Ocean. In order for his body pressure to retrun to normal, Okene was held in a decompression chamber for sixty hours.

Okene is the only survivor from the Jascon tugboat. His 11 colleagues perished.

Newlyweds Elytte and Miranda Barbour Kills Man for Thrill!

December 08, 2013
A newlywed couple was arrested by the Philadelphia police last November 12 for murdering a man just for the thrill of it. According to police investigation, Elytte and Miranda Barbour killed 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara just because they wanted to kill someone together. The couple, who has been married for only three weeks, has never met LaFerrara before the killing. 

The couple has tried killing other people before but they did not succeed. Unfortunately for LaFerrara the Barbour’s plan pushed through in him.

In order to lure possible victims, Miranda Barbour uses Craigslist where she meets men and offers them “companionship” wherein she gets paid $850. Both husband and wife don’t have jobs so this is their only means of living.

Miranda met LaFerrara on the said site and they arranged to meet on November 11. Driving in her red Honda CR-V, Miranda picked up LaFerrara at a mall near Susquehanna. The unsuspecting guy never knew that at the back seat, hidden under a blanket, was Miranda’s husband. The husband and wife duo had arranged a signal for when it was time to kill the man so, when Miranda stopped the car and LaFerrara started touching her she took out a knife and started stabbing him. That’s also the time when Elytte Barbour came out and tied a cable cord around his neck. The poor victim tried to fight but the two were too much for him. He did not die immediately Miranda Barbour told the police. He choked and gasped for air for a few seconds until he finally laid still.

The couple dumped La Ferrara’s lifeless body at the back of Brittany Settler’s garage. She found it the next morning as she was having her morning coffee.

After dumping the body, the Barbours drove to Walmart where they bought materials necessary to clean up the blood from the CR-V. Since the woman stabbed the victim many times there was so much blood everywhere and no matter how they tried they could not remove them all.

Investigation was not easy for the police since they did not have any leads except for the body. Luckily, they were able to trace the victim’s last phone call that led them to the Barbours. Miranda Barbour denied having anything to do with the crime but with the growing evidences collected by the police she ultimately admitted her guilt. The couple is now facing criminal homicide along with other charges.

With the evidences gathered against the Barbours, police are now also investigating the death of Miranda’s first husband.

14,000 Job Vacancies in Canada Open for Filipinos

December 08, 2013
Filipinos who are looking for greener pastures can look for them in Canada. With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU between the Canadian Government and the Department of Labor and Employment, Filipinos can apply for the 14,000 job vacancies available in Saskatchewan. Canada is also hiring in other Asian countries but in the last four years the Philippines has become the biggest source of temporary workers and immigrants. 
In fact, applicants can already try their luck because some employers from Saskatchewan are in the country and will hire workers for 150 job vacancies initially but more hiring will be done in the coming months.

Most of the vacancies are in the field of business, natural and applied sciences, health, social science, education, government service, trade, transportation, oil and gas processing and manufacturing.

There’s already an existing MOU between Philippines and Canada since 2006 but with the new MOU signed by Labor undersecretary Danilo Cruz and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, several updates and provisions are to be included such as:
1. Identification of cooperation priorities
2. Exchange of information; prohibition of charging of recruitment fees to workers
3. Enjoining the employers recruiting overseas Filipinos workers (OFW) outside the Philippines to course hiring in the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO);
4. Enforcement of regulations to protect workers.

Apparently, there’s a lot of labor shortage in the state even though there are around 3,000 migrants every year. A lot Canadian employers prefer Filipinos because they are proficient in English and have commendable work ethic.

Mr. Wall pointed out for having around 10,000 job vacancy listing.

So, for those looking for job opportunities in Canada this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Men Apprehended for Stealing Parts of Paul Walker’s Porsche Remains

December 08, 2013
How low can some people go? Apparently, two men stole some parts of the wrecked Porsche that Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in last Saturday! 

It seems like one of the thieves had it all planned. As the wreckage was being removed from the scene and transported to the impound yard, the thief identified as Jameson Witty, followed the tow truck and when it stopped at light he got out of his car and grabbed a piece of the mangled car.

Unfortunately for Witty there was a witness and the police were able to track him down. The police arrested him in his home in Tujunga, California. There was no way he could deny his crime because the roof panel from the ruined Porsche was found there. He is now being held on a $20,000 bail.

The other man who also stole another part of the car apparently turned himself in to the authorities.

The reason for stealing has not been revealed. But if they did it in order to make money out of them then they should be punished.

Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and his friend Rodas died on November 30 when the Porsche driven by Rodas spun out of control, hit a pole and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. They were at an event hosted by Walker’s charity Reach Out Worldwide raising funds for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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