Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez Talentless in Heated Text Exchange

January 22, 2014

On-again-off-again pair Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is under scrutiny again. There are reports that the two are back in each other’s arms again after breaking up for the nth time last year. Apparently, the two were spotted together earlier this month sparking rumors that they’ve patched things up. But then it’s not as clear-cut as that.
There are fresh reports that the two had a heated exchange via text message wherein Justin even called her talentless!

Radaronline managed to get screengrabs of the text exchange between the two and it started with Justin telling Selena that he loved her. Instead of getting a reply with the same essence, Selena told him that he’s a drug addict and that he needed help. Of course Justin wasn’t pleased.

In the middle of the exchange, Justin reportedly sent Selena a nude photo of himself. And then there was this text where he said that Selena was only famous because of him and everybody knows it. It ended with the message “Go f*** someone else. Keep that talentless p**** away from me!”

Whether this exchange is real or not is still huge question mark. When asked for comment Selena’s rep said it’s not real.

Could it be true or is someone making it up to make some money?

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