[Video] Asian Games 2014: Gilas Pilipinas defeated India 85-76

September 23, 2014
The Philippine National Basketball team Gilas Pilipinas has won over India in Asian games held at Incheon, South Korea.

Douthit and Chan lead Gilas Pilipinas with 14 points each, David 13, Fajardo 12, Aguilar 10, Tenorio 10, De Ocampo 4, Norwood 3, Lee 2, Dillinger 2,  and Alapag got 1pt.

The 2014 Asian Games, officially known as the XVII Asiad, is a multi-sport event celebrated in Incheon, South Korea from September 19 – October 4, 2014, with 439 events in 36 sports and disciplines set to feature in the Games.

Incheon was awarded the right on April 17, 2007, defeating Delhi, India to host the Games. Incheon is the third city in South Korea after Seoul (1986) and Busan (2002) to host the Asian Games.

Watch the 4th quarter games between Gilas Pilipinas and India.

Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and Simeon Raz have been allowed to post bail

September 15, 2014
Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271, granted the bail plea of Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz and Deniece Cornejo on Monday September 15, 2014.

In a 72-page decision, Judge Paz Esperanza M. Cortes of Taguig RTC Branch 271 ordered all three to post P500,000 bail.

The court said while there was an immediate turn-over of Navarro by the accused to the police station for allegedly raping Cornejo and there is a possible demand for money in exchange for the release of a certain video and trashing of the police blotter, “it is clear therefore, that the motive for that alleged illegal detention by the accused of the private complainant herein is unclear.”

“There are several hypothesis pre-offered for the single act of detention. This being so, although there is probable cause for the charging of the crime of serious illegal detention, the prosecution had failed to provide strong evidence that said illegal detention is actually serious or actually for the sake of kidnapping. In such a case, the court has the duty to grant the accused bail,” the court ruling stated.

The court added that since all the accused are “in such considerable financial condition as to afford a battery of well-known lawyer. The Court therefore deems the bail amount for each accused of P500,000 to be equitable herein.” They are facing serious illegal detention case for allegedly mauling comedian Vhong Navarro.

Meanwhile, lawyer Alma Mallonga, counsel for Navarro said they are very shocked by the court’s decision. “We are very sure that a serious crime has been committed,” Mallonga said adding that they are very confident about the evidence that they have including the CCTV footage, Navarro’s testimony as well as that of the National Bureau of Investigation, among others.

She said they would file a motion for reconsideration to contest the decision. Lawyers Howard Calleja and Concepcion Jimenez Aquino, counsels for Lee, said they welcome the positive development.

Meanwhile, the netizen post their reactions on social media, bashing the court system in our country, here are some of the comment of the netizens.

Serena Dalrymple Finishes Master’s Degree

September 13, 2014
Serena Dalrymple is not just a former child star; she is now a proud holder of a master’s degree in International Business. She graduated from the Hult International Business School in London.

The 23-year-old shared the happy news to her friends and followers on Instagram about three weeks ago during her last day in the UK. That photo was a selfie with the Stonehenge in the background. Serena also posted a photo taken during the graduation day wherein she looked really cute in her graduation hat and gown.

In previous interviews, Serena admitted that she took up postgraduate studies in order to figure out what she really wants to do.

Before having her master’s degree, Serena earned her business administration degree in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. She flew to California where she worked for some time. Last year she moved to London for her master’s degree. 

It's Showtime host Billy Crawford jailed for malicious mischief

September 07, 2014
Television host, actor and singer Billy Crawford was jailed in Taguig City hours after Star Magic Ball, media reports said.

According to reports by GMA News, the actor went to Police Station 7 in Taguig City past 4am Sunday, September 7, 2014 with an unknown woman to ask for help.

When he was told that he would be driven to the police headquarters, still according to GMA reports he went wild and hit the female desk officer at the precinct. He also hit a glass door.

He was arrested and charged with "malicious mischief" and brought to the hospital for medical treatment.

Screengrab from YouTube
But in a separate report of ABS-CBN news, in an interview with DZMM to chief inspector of the Taguig Police Station 7, Jonathan Aride, he said Crawford arrived at the station supposedly to complain about a personal problem.

“May sinasabi siya pero hindi ko matandaan dahil nasa labas siya. Basta nagwawala siya doon dahil parang nakainom. Inaawat siya ng isang babae namin na pulis. Ayaw magpaawat kaya nauwi sa nabasag niya 'yung salamin sa sliding door,” Aride is quoted as saying in the report.

In the report, Aride said they then asked for help to calm down the TV host.

“Humingi kami ng responde sa isang mobile namin na mga lalaki para posasan siya. Kasi ayaw niya magpaawat eh. Dalawang babae, desk officer namin [ang naka-duty kanina]. Nasa kabilang area kami dahil meron din kaming insidente sa kabila,” he said.

Aride said that Crawford was with an unidentified woman who left after the actor was arrested.

“May babae pero hindi lumapit. Biglang nawala nung naposasan na namin... Isang babae lang ang na-identify na kasama niya. Actually hindi siya nagpakilala kasi nung dumating 'yung mobile namin, bigla siyang nawala,” he said.

“[Walang physical contact], medyo tulak tulak lang dahil hinaharangan nga ng mga tao ko para hindi niya mabasag ang salamin kaya lang malakas siya kaya nagkaroon siya ng pagkakataon na banggain ang salamin namin,” he added.

Meanwhile, actress and TV host Coleen Garcia, asked the public not to judged his boyfriend after he was arrested, in her Twitter account she made some clarifications about the incident.

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[Video]The truth why Jackie Rice shout at an old woman fan

September 05, 2014
A 54 seconds raw video of Jackie Rice shouting an old woman fan spread like wild fire on social media yesterday.

The video was uploaded by facebook user Aj Javier with a caption, "Hindi raw sinasadya ng tagahanga ni Jackie Rice na maubo sa harap ng kaniyang idolo. Pero ang artista, parang hindi natuwa sa paghingi ng tawad niya. Bakit kaya ganito ang reaksiyon ni Jackie?"

As of this writing the video has more than 36k likes, 98k shares and about 50k comments which are negative comments in majority.

But before you  react and add a negative comment, this video is part of the social experiment conducted by GMA reality show "Wish Ko Lang" in order to see the reaction of the people during such situations. Will the people get their cellphones, record the angry actress and share it on social media? Or will they step forward and help in settling the issue at hand?

Wish Ko Lang is airing every Saturday afternoon on GMA7 hosted by Vicky Morales, watch and find out the real story behind. Don't comment unless you know the real situation.

Watch the video clip below;