[Video]The truth why Jackie Rice shout at an old woman fan

September 05, 2014

A 54 seconds raw video of Jackie Rice shouting an old woman fan spread like wild fire on social media yesterday.

The video was uploaded by facebook user Aj Javier with a caption, "Hindi raw sinasadya ng tagahanga ni Jackie Rice na maubo sa harap ng kaniyang idolo. Pero ang artista, parang hindi natuwa sa paghingi ng tawad niya. Bakit kaya ganito ang reaksiyon ni Jackie?"

As of this writing the video has more than 36k likes, 98k shares and about 50k comments which are negative comments in majority.

But before you  react and add a negative comment, this video is part of the social experiment conducted by GMA reality show "Wish Ko Lang" in order to see the reaction of the people during such situations. Will the people get their cellphones, record the angry actress and share it on social media? Or will they step forward and help in settling the issue at hand?

Wish Ko Lang is airing every Saturday afternoon on GMA7 hosted by Vicky Morales, watch and find out the real story behind. Don't comment unless you know the real situation.

Watch the video clip below;


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