Girl’s Leg Turns Black and Shriveled from Snake Bite

October 28, 2014
Some victims of snakebites don’t die immediately like this 13-year-old girl from Venezuela. However, the leg where she was bitten turned black and withered. Apparently, after she was bitten, she was not immediately taken to the hospital for treatment; instead, indigenous remedies were used. A month passed before she was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to the doctors, the girl suffered critical necrosis (premature death of cells) of her leg due to snake venom. This condition cannot be reversed and the leg would have to be amputated. But the bad news is the poison is still spreading in her whole body as evidenced by the other leg, which is shriveling as well. The necrosis has also caused rhabdomyolysis, a condition wherein muscle tissue will start to die.

This 13-year-old Venezuelan girl may have been spared immediate death but there’s a great likelihood that she will still die from the poison that’s spreading throughout her body. According to the doctors, she should have been given anti-venom treatment right after she was bitten.

October 31 NOT a Holiday

October 28, 2014
November 1 and 2 have been declared as special non-working holidays for this year; however, these fall on Saturday and Sunday, which are regular rest days. Now, many are hoping that October 31, Friday, will be declared a holiday. Malacanang’s Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said that October 31 is not a holiday. 

He added that the said date was not included among regular holidays and special non-working holidays for 2014.

However, Coloma made it clear that for private sectors, it is up to the heads to decide whether to allow their employees to work half-day.

Many will be disappointed by this announcement, especially those who intend to go home to the provinces.

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Valerie Weigmann Wins Miss World Philippines 2014 Title

October 14, 2014
There is a new Miss World Philippines! This year’s poised winner is TV host Valerie Weigmann, who represented Albay during the pageant.

Weigmann, 24, beat 25 other candidates at the Miss World Philippines 2014 pageant held at the SM MOA Arena in Pasay City last Sunday night. Her chances of winning the crown were evident from the very start of the competition being the favorite of the crowd. And even more so after she was named Best in Fashion Runway, Best in Swimsuit, and Best in Long Gown.
However, it was answer during the Q&A portion that nailed it for her. When she was asked why she should win Miss World, she answered, “I believe in the importance of empathy and compassion because I see, if all of us can come together, we can all be advocates of change. And I was to inspire and encourage everyone to take up personal advocacy.”

Weigmann succeeds Megan Young as Miss World Philippines.

The runner-up winners at this year’s Miss World Philippines are Lorraine Kendrickson (first runner-up), Nelda Ibe (second runner-up), Nicole Donesa (third runner-up), and Rachel Peters (fifth runner-up).

Weigmann will compete in the Miss World in December. 

Kim Chiu Secures Mulan Role in Walt Disney Project

October 09, 2014
It’s another dream fulfilled for actress Kim Chiu! She’s been handpicked by Walt Disney Southeast Asia for a project that they will be making in the near future. The Walt Disney management has confirmed this exciting news to ABS-CBN.

Starmagic posted a photo of Kim, with the official statement from Walt Disney Southeast Asia, on its Instagram account which says, “We Confirm that Kim Chiu is a part of an upcoming Disney project in Southeast Asia. We will share more details on this in the coming months.”
An excited and overwhelmed Kim also corroborated the news. She said that this is an achievement in her life and that becoming a Disney princess was one of her childhood dreams.

No other detail about the project was revealed but it sure is something to watch out for!

Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador Motorbike Ride to NAIA 3

October 08, 2014
Many parts of Metro Manila were heavily flooded on Tuesday afternoon that many commuters were caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic especially in the major highways. Such was the dilemma of Kapamilya stars Maja Salvador and boyfriend Gerald Anderson who had to catch a flight to Los Angeles, U.S.A. that night for the TFC’s 20th anniversary. But quick-thinking as they are, the lovebirds chose to ride a motorbike in order to reach Ninoy Aquino International Airport on time.
A short video of their motorbike trip was posted on the Jagers Official Facebook page. The video appears to have been taken by Maja herself, who seems to enjoy the ride a lot.

Some commuters also spotted the motorbike-riding couple and managed to capture a photo. 

Here's the video:

Young Americans Speak Fluent Bisaya!

October 07, 2014
Five young American men are making waves in the Internet thanks to their new YouTube channel “Hey Joe Show.” These young men are not average Joes because they are delivering something very interesting, hence their video became viral. They managed to pique the interest of the viewers due to their ability to speak Bisaya fluently.
The video opens with a voice-over by one of the guys who speaks in straight Bisaya. Sumner, Connor, Jake and Tylan then introduce themselves and share some of their interests. They also used funny actions in the video.

It’s just the start for these five young men so it’s good to be familiar with their interests. Take note that Sumner likes singing, Jake likes eating, Connor likes dogs, Dylan loves rock-climbing and Davis loves dancing.

Check out this video of these Bisaya-speaking Americans:

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George Clooney and Amal Alammudin Wed in Venice

October 01, 2014
George Clooney’s bachelor days are over! He’s been a bachelor for so long that people really thought he’d remain so for the rest of his life. Until the gorgeous and smart Amal Alamuddin came along that is. Thumbs up for this woman who changed George’s mind and made him take the plunge into marriage.

The now-happily married couple tied the knot over the weekend in a lavish ceremony in Venice. The bride wore an Oscar de la Renta gown that had hand-embroidered pearls and diamond accents. The gorgeous gown was also designed an off-shoulder neckline and a full circular train. George looked really debonair in his Georgio Armani tuxedo and custom-made cufflinks.

George and Amal’s wedding took place on September 27 at the Aman Canal Grande Venice. They exchanged platinum rings in the 30-minute ceremony that was witnessed by one hundred guests including celebrity friends of the couple, which included Ana Wintour, Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford and others. A civil ceremony followed on Monday.

The celebrations lasted for three days where the guests partied and celebrated with the happy couple.

Photos from the wedding celebrations show a very happy George and a blooming Amal. You can really see the love radiating from both of them. Truly, love is alive and well as George’s father said during the celebrations.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!