Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight All Set for May 2!

February 21, 2015
The most awaited Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight is finally happening! The questions as to who really is the greatest fighter in boxing history will be established on May 2 of this year. And this isn’t just a rumor ladies and gentlemen; it’s the real thing. Floyd Maywetaher Jr. himself confirmed the news on Friday on Shots, a social media platform which he supports. To prove it further he even posted a snapshot of the signed contract of the fight. He captioned it “What the world has been waiting for has arrived. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao on May 2, 2015, is a done deal. I promised the fans we would get this done and we did.”
Manny Pacquiao also made his statement regarding the fight. He said that he’s very happy that he and Mayweather could give the fans the fight that they’ve wanted for many years and that they deserve it. “It is an honor to be part of this historic event. I dedicate this fight to all the fans who willed this fight to happen and, as always, to bring glory to the Philippines and my fellow Filipinos around the world,” he added.

This upcoming bout is going to be the most expensive contest in boxing history according to experts. Both Pacquiao and Mayweather are expected to take home more than $100 million dollars.

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Heart Evangelista, Chiz Escudero Tie the Knot in Romantic Ceremony

February 15, 2015
Actress Heart Evangelista was a sight to behold during her wedding to politician Chiz Escudero on February 15, 2014 at Balesin Island Club, Quezon, Province. No doubt all eyes were on the bride as she walked down the aisle in her fabulous wedding dress by Ezra Santos. The dress was made of intricate lace with mesh details on the bodice and sleeves. She wore her hair in a simple bun and hairstylist Jerry Javier placed a lace headpiece. Heart later changed into a more relaxed dress for the reception.

But of course, the groom also looked dapper in his white tuxedo over dark pants and shoes.

After the wedding ceremony, the entourage proceeded to Toscana Garden for the reception. The design was obviously well-thought out with crystal and white motif. The wedding cake that was made by Judy Uson looked delicious with pink fondant roses running down the tiers.

It’s no secret that Heart’s parents are against Chiz for their daughter that is why it didn’t come as a surprise when they were absent on that special day. Only her sisters Mich and Camille were there. Despite that, Heart’s Dad sent a letter that was read by her cousin during the reception. A touching part of the letter says, "This is my promise: when the day comes that I see both of you truly happy; when I see Chiz loving you the way you deserve to be loved, I will come knocking on your door.”

Here are some of the photos from the Heart & Chiz wedding:

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Nutella Billionaire Michele Ferrero Dies at 89

February 15, 2015
Italy’s richest man Michele Ferrero has died after battling a long-time illness. He died on Saturday in Monte Carlo at the age of 89.

Ferrero made his fortune through his world-famous chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella. After hitting the jackpot with the said product, Ferrero also produced Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Kinder eggs and Tic Tac sweets that are a huge hit with sweets-loving people.

With 11 factories and about 22,000 employees around the world, there’s no doubt to the Ferrero group’s success. The annual turnover of his company is estimated to be more than 8 billion.

Even though Michele Ferrero was the one who expanded the business, the foundation has been laid down by his father Giovanni. In order to save money from cocoa, Giovanni added hazelnut to the mix not knowing that it would be a mix that many people will love and will put the family among the richest in the world. In fact, Ferrero and his family is 30th in Forbes’ world’s richest billionaires.

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Runner-Up Wrestles Crown Off Winner of Miss Amazonas Pageant!

February 03, 2015
Are you joining a beauty pageant any time soon? Well, in case you win the crown make sure that you don’t turn your back on your chief rival, most probably the first runner up. This was the case in the Miss Amazonas contest.

First runner-up Sheislane Hayalla snatched the crown off the head of the winner Carol Toledo on Friday night. A video of the shocking incident was posted on YouTube.
After Toledo was declared the winner, Hayalla hugged her. To everyone’s surprise though, as the crown was placed on Toledo’s head Hayalla turned and snatched the crown off her head and flung it onto the stage. Hayalla can also be seen pointing at and mouthing something to her rival before she stormed off the stage.

The video of this shocking incident immediately spread in the social media. On Saturday night Hayalla explained her action through a post on her Facebook page. She said she wanted to express her disapproval in the preparation of Miss Amazonas 2015. She claimed that Toledo bought the title.

Watch the video here.
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Samsung Unpacked Event Signals Galaxy S6 Intro

February 03, 2015
Samsung certainly knows how to pique consumers’ interest. It looks like the South Korean tech company has all tongues wagging regarding its Unpacked Event on March 1. Invitations have been sent and those who have received it have come into the conclusion that Samsung’s Unpacked Event will be all about its next flagship phone – Galaxy S6!

The invitation contains the text “What’s next” in bold letters with an image of a curved line on top it that is quite similar to the Galaxy Note Edge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also said to be named the Galaxy S Edge. Hope you can see the connection here.
Now, in case you are watching out for the next-generation Galaxy S, this device will reportedly have a 2,560 x 1,440-pixel display, IMX240 camera sensor, 5MP front camera and storage choices of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. There’s a huge chance as well that it will run Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Watch out for this event!

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PNoy Gets Silent Treatment from SAF Members

February 03, 2015
A week after the bloody massacre of 44 PNP SAF in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, the feeling on unrest throughout the Philippines is still evident. This is quite evident in the social media where many of the Filipino citizens vent their frustrations at the lack of action and concrete direction from the “Ama ng Bayan” and Commander-in-Chief on what should be done and who will be made responsible for the botched mission and the lives lost. 
Last week, President Aquino talked with the PNP SAF at Camp Bagong Diwa. A short clip of that visit was uploaded on YouTube and in that video the President mentioned that he understood what the SAF commandos feel because of his experience in 1987 when they were ambushed. He also recounted his experience when his father died. There are also times when he asks himself if things could have been done differently then maybe lives could have been spared. But he also promised that as the “Ama ng Bayan” he would raise the morale of the police force.

However, there was only the sound of silence when he asked the SAF commandos if there was anything that they’d like to say. He repeated the question three times but nobody spoke, so in the end he just bid them goodbye.

That silence among the SAF members should be enough to make the President see that they are disgruntled over what happened. They are crying justice for the death of their brothers-in-arms and this is something that he should not ignore.

Watch this video of the SAF's silent treatment to PNoy.

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