Kris Aquino Suffers Health Scare

August 25, 2015
Kris Aquino has learned a valuable lesson about not abusing her body after suffering a health scare on Monday. On Tuesday, the queen of all media revealed on her Instragram account that she was rushed to the hospital on Monday night when her blood pressure shot to 150/100. It got worse when she reached the Medical City in Pasig City because her BP rose to 200/110. Any higher and she would have suffered a stroke her doctor said.
The host-actress also said that she had severe vascular headache at 3 PM while taping Kris TV. She also threw up three times when she got home. Her sisters were alarmed by her symptoms and urged her to go to the hospital. And it’s a good thing because if her BP shot any higher than 200/110 she would have suffered a stroke.
The experience made her realize the value of good health. She now made it her goal to attain a healthy balance between work and life.

Kris thanked her sons and siblings for taking care of her. She also expressed her gratitude to President Noynoy Aquino who came straight to her bedside after a trip in Cebu.

So, for now, Kris is resting and trying to be stress free.

Philstar, Inquirer

President Aquino: Enough Funds for Gov’t Workers’ 2016 Salary Increase

August 18, 2015
Great news for all government employees! President Noynoy Aquino said on Tuesday that there is enough money to fund the increase of government employees next year. The proposed 2016 national budget tendered by the Palace to Congress includes 50.6 billion for the proposed Salary Standardization Law 4. President Aquino also added this increase will make government employees’ salaries more competitive as that in the private sector.

According to the President, “Sa dulo nito, habang gumaganda ang ekonomiya, inaambisyon natin makalaban tayo sa pribadong sektor. Ang sabi sa akin ‘yung starting salary maganda pero kapag nagkaroon ng promotion sa pribadong sektor, naiiwanan na tayo.” He also added that as the economy improves, the government becomes more capable of elevatating the benefits enjoyed by the employees.

President Aquino also said that the government is indeed capable of increasing the state workers’ salaries for the SSL 4. He is just waiting for the details and the approval of the Congress.

Aside from the proposed salary increase, government employees could also enjoy more bonuses next year depending on their performance.

Manila Bulletin

Round Samsung Gear S2 Coming Soon!

August 18, 2015
Samsung is all set to release its new Samsung Gear S2, a new circular Smart Watch that many fashionistas will surely have their eyes for. The first batch of Smart Watches was angular but that’s slowly changing now with the feedback given by the consumers. And Samsung is listening well hence the new circular design of the Gear S2.

Samsung is not only deviating in terms of design but also with the OS. Instead of Android Wear the company went with the new Tizen platform. At a closer look, the Samsung Gear S2 looks like an Apple Watch-inspired gadget.

Integrated with a microphone, the Gear S2 allows users to talk without taking out their handsets if someone calls. It will also have the S-Voice direct to serve as voice assistant.Samsung’s Gear S2 can also be useful in health monitoring since it is equipped with a heart sensor, S-Health fitness-tracking.

But so far most of these are speculations. We’ll see and know for sure at the IFA event in Berlin in just a few weeks.

Abu Sayyaf Members Bolt Free from Jail in Basilan

August 18, 2015
A manhunt has been launched in Basilan after four prisoners escaped from a jail in the city of Isabela on Monday. These escapees are alleged to be members of the Abu Sayyaf Group.
The escapees have been identified as Muslimin Sayuman, Kayser Nassan, Bigmar Boso and Garwas Hakim Asadi according to the Isabela Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. Apparently, these four detainees broke free by sawing off the grill of the ventilation window using hacksaw.

Navy Commander Roy Vincent Trinidad, chief of staff of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao (Navforwem) revealed that two of the suspects, Sayuman and Nassan, are charged of murder and frustrated murder while Asadi is facing carnapping charge and Boso for illegal drugs.


Robin Padilla Backs Out of Movie, Upsets Maria Ozawa

August 12, 2015
Maria Ozawa couldn’t help calling Robin Padilla unprofessional after he backed out of the movie “Nilalang” just 10 days before shooting starts. The former Japanese adult film star expressed her disappointment on her Instagram account on Tuesday. She said that it wasn’t because she really wanted to film with the actor but that she felt sorry for the film director and staff.

Robin, who pulled out of the movie to focus on his wife Mariel Rodriguez’s delicate pregnancy, also aired his reaction to Maria Ozawa’s statement on his Facebook account. He acknowledged that his camp is at fault and that it’s only natural for Maria Ozawa’s camp to share what they feel about the situation.

Robin’s decision to pull out of the film has initiated a domino effect on the production of “Nilalang.” After his decision became public, one of the film’s financiers also withdrew their support for the movie. MFT Group, which is the main funding partner of Haunted Tower Pictures will not finance the film any more.

“NIlalang” was supposed to be in the running in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) but because of Robin backing out and without any immediate “bankable actor” as lead in sight the film’s production might not make it to the MMFF.

This also has a huge impact on Ozawa’s career as “Nilalang” was supposed to be her first mainstream movie in the Philippines.  


Lenovo Intros ThinkPad P50 and ThinkPad P70

August 11, 2015
Two new notebooks are up from Lenovo. The ThinkPad P50 and ThinkPad P70 are computing machine must-haves for they boast 4K display and pro NVIDIA Quadro graphics with the new E3-1500M from Intel’s mobile Xeon processors. These new ThinkPads are ideal for users who are always on the go. To keep the machines cool, Lenovo equipped them with a new Flex Performance Cooling system. These new lovelies from Lenovo will be available in Q4 this year.

Here are the important things you need to know:

Lenovo ThinkPad P50:

· 15.5-inch display
· 5.6lbs body
· Single Thunderbolt 3 port
· Three storage bays
· Starts at $1,599

Lenovo ThinkPad P70

· 17-inch display
· 7.6lbs body
· Two Thunderbolt 3 port
· Four storage bays
· 64GB of DDR4 ECC memory
· One terabyte of SSD storage
· DVD-RW drive (optional)
· Starts at $1,999


Must-Read Open Letter to VP Binay

August 05, 2015
In the last State of the Nation Address (SONA) that President Noynoy Aquino delivered last week he condemned the people who are trying to bring him and his administration down. His speech hit a sore spot with Vice President Jejomar Binay who reacted by giving his own version of the SONA on August 3 in Cavite much to the surprise of the Philippine citizenry.

In his own SONA VP Binay slammed the Aquino Administration ticking one by one the failures that President Aquino made in his entire term in the Presidency. VP Binay also gave tribute to the fallen SAF 44 during his SONA but whether his regard for them is genuine or he is simply using them to his own advantage is for him to know.

Binay supporters were probably happy about his SONA; however his action also raised the ire of many Filipinos including that of Cynthia Patag. She wrote and posted an open letter to VP Binay on her Facebook account.

In her open letter, Patag criticized VP Binay’s actions especially the way he’s trying to bring Aquino down and questioned what he, VP Binay, has done during his five years as Vince President “apart from relentlessly campaigning for yourself as President in May 2016?”

Read the complete letter and see if you have the same sentiments.

 Source: When In Manila

Ronda Rousey Beats Brazilian Fighter Bethe Correia

August 03, 2015
Ronda Rousey is the talk of the town after knocking out Brazilian fighter Bethe Correia in a 34-second fight in Rio de Janeiro last Saturday night. Rousey’s aggressive moves inside the cage overwhelmed Correia who could not do anything after she absorbed the knees and simultaneous punches of her opponent. The fight was concluded after Rousey delivered a blow to her temple. With this win, Rousey still holds the UFC women’s bantamweight belt.
This is Rousey’s 12th win throughout her career in MMA. She won 11 of her fights in the first round and only one got her to the third round.

Even on the onset, the fight seemed personal as Rousey was out for blood because of the remark made by Correia prior to the fight. The latter made a joke about Rousey committing suicide in case she loses the fight. Rousey’s father committed suicide when she was just at a tender age of eight.

In an interview after her win Rousey had this to say, “I hope no one brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights. I hope this is the last time.”