Guidelines how to Fix Erroneous Birth Certificate

February 15, 2016
In the previous years, it was very difficult to correct erroneous birth certificate due to the rule that it had to be heard in court. This would prevent from further application from applicants due to the expense and time they had to spend for such errors that were mostly not their fault. Due to awareness of the problems regarding the matter, the rules were change. It is now easy to fix errors through Republic Act 10172.

This act further authorized the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct in clerical or typographical errors. However, the said errors are limited in scope. Here are some simple guidelines on what and how to fix these errors.

1. The errors should only be on errors in the day and month in the date of birth or sex of a person appearing in the Civil Register. This shall also include the change of first name or nickname. The error should be patently clear that there is indeed clerical or typographical error or mistake in the entry.

2. The act defined what clerical error is. Clerical error refers to “mistake committed in the performance of clerical work in writing, copying, transcribing or typing an entry in the civil register that is harmless and innocuous, such as misspelled name or misspelled place of birth, mistake in the entry of day and month in the date of birth or the sex of the person or the like, which is visible to the eyes or obvious to the understanding, and can be corrected or changed only by reference to other existing record or records”. However, this does not include change of age, nationality or status of the applicant. This definition refers to unintentional errors made out of negligence by the one who made the entry.

3. The form of the petition should be an affidavit subscribed and sworn to before a person in authority such as a lawyer who has the right to administer oaths. Supporting documents shall be attached to the affidavit such as the record wherein the error occur, 2 documents showing the correct entries and other pertinent documentary supporting evidence. Some evidence acceptable to support the claim are school records, medical certificates, and baptismal certificates issued by religious authorities. Change in sex or gender shall be accompanied by a certification from a physician that no sex transplant has occurred for said person applicant.

4. There should also be an attestation from law enforcement agencies that the applicant has no criminal records.

5. Reasonable fees will be collected for said change except for special privileges given to those who cannot afford it.

It should be noted that these processes should be followed for approval to fix the erroneous birth certificate. However, it should also be noted that change of surnames and other major errors such as nationality or status of the applicant will pass through a tedious process of court declaration. It is helpful then to gather as many documents as supporting evidence to fix the errors and hasten the process.

How to Handle Marriage Issues in the Philippines

February 11, 2016
There is no absolute divorce in the Philippines and this unavailability is one of the reasons why there are many spouses who live in one roof but living like roommates without love and affection with each other and always fighting letting the children suffer from emotional distress and trauma. Supposedly, the reason behind why there is no absolute divorce is because marriage is sacred in nature and lawmakers in the Philippines who are mostly Christians do believe in the fidelity and sanctity of marriage. It is even emphasize in the Civil Code and the Family Code of the Philippines that the nature of the contract of marriage is permanent unlike any other commercial contracts that can be subject to stipulation of the parties.

So, if you have marriage issues or problems, here are some advice to help you decide on what to do.

1. If the problems are minor ones and could not be justified for annulment under Philippine law, the best thing that you can do is to preserve your marriage as much as possible to avoid complication and waste of time of money. Seek the advice from marriage counselors and your elder family members on what to do to preserve your marriage.

2. Most Filipino couples have major arguments on money. Couples who have the same kind of experience usually advice that there is no greater solution to money problems but to work hand in hand for it. Meaning, both of you should strive hard to earn for a living, help one another to feed your children and growing family. Even if you did not graduate from college, many successful entrepreneurs did not graduate in college either but worked hard to be successful.

3. If there is physical abuse in the family that could harm or even kill you or the children, then this is the time that you go to court and file a case under RA 9262.

4. If you seek for annulment because of very complicated situations, there are allowable grounds for annulment given by the Family Code and Civil Code. The most popular approved in court is based on psychological incapacity proven from the beginning of the marriage, meaning a spouse is incapable and is not sound enough to handle marriage relationship. Some of the grounds for annulment that has to be proven from the beginning of marriage are marriage below 18 years old, lack of authority from the solemnizing officer, lack of valid marriage license, incestuous marriages, forced marriages, mistaken identity of the partner, unable to consummate the marriage, polygamous marriages and those who contracted marriages without a judgment of nullity from a previous marriage.

5. Unfortunately, infidelity and battery are not grounds for annulment so the least you could do is to file criminal charges against the erring spouse or file for legal separation. Nevertheless, if the spouse still has the chance to reform, then try to consider preserving the marriage for the sake of the children.

Marriage relationships and problems could become very complicated if both of you will not cooperate to preserve it. Philippine laws on marriage are formulated to help you in difficult cases. When this happen, there are remedies under the law that would preserve your life and your children’s safety.

How to Choose the Right President for the Philippines

February 06, 2016
For sure, you already have a bet on the coming Presidential elections. You may have this bet because you think the person can best solve the problems of the country. Actually, being a Filipino is very difficult. The country is facing too much problems and poverty is prevalent. Imagine, we already have billions of debts from the International Monetary Fund. Inasmuch as we want those who have stolen from our country to repay back what they have taken from us, the Philippine laws are still weak to take away stolen money from offenders. Instead, those criminals just elope and go out of the country unpunished even without returning back a penny of their allege corruption. Choosing the best Filipino President would really help a lot.

To avoid to be bias, I shall not endorse any of the Presidents but will give positive and negative sides of them for you to have a correct choice that you think would be right for you.

1. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Positive: Senator Santiago is very intelligent and knowledgeable in both public governance and the laws of the Philippines. This means that her decision will be based in justice and equity and will not be pressured by other influences when she makes a decision for the country because of her strong personality. In fact, she was supposedly endorsed in the International Court of Justice which means that she is high-caliber lawyer even in the international arena. She is also a comedian giving her more fit to be okay when difficult situation comes.

Negative: Although there should not have been a bias on her health condition, somehow this can affect the country if she suddenly becomes very ill because of her cancer. There will be vacancy in the position again that would affect everyone.

2. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte 

Positive: He is very good in criminal justice and can put the country in order especially on the fight against drugs and high crimes such as big time robbery, smuggling and corruption. He can be relied upon in ensuring peace and order in the country. He is also very strong in his governance not influence by anybody and can stand for what should be done against those who violate the law.

Negative: There will be a tendency that those who are innocent may be at times be punished without due process of law. This will create chaos and war and uprising among the masses. There will be no forgiveness with each other that will happen.

3. Sen. Grace Poe 

Positive: Like her father, Fernando Poe, Grace has great concerns among the masses and is willing to give a helping hand to those in need. She has programs that can improve the plight of the poor and will be able to help them with their trouble. She is also intelligent enough to handle Presidential governance. Though she looks simple, but as she gives her speeches, everything makes sense. Her residency in America for many years will be an advantage for understanding how to lift the countries condition.

Negative: Her stay in the Philippines required to run as a President is short of some time. This means that if she sits in office and would be protested, she will likely not finish her term. Aside from this, her husband is not a citizen of the Philippines which would be a hard set-up for the country.

4. Sec. Mar Roxas 

Positive: Mar Roxas has contributed much for the welfare of the country especially on the economic side. He was the one who introduced the Business Process Outsourcing companies in the Philippines that provides the call center and IT jobs that brought employment to thousands of people. As a very intelligent economist, he can bring more success to the country and be able to add economic success to the country.

At times, he is weak in decision making like what happened in the Yolanda crisis. Not admitting at that time that there was lack of action from the government for the crisis is not good for the country. Being realistic is very important for a President.

5. VP Jejomar Binay 

Positive: Since his accomplishment in Makati is highly visible, he can bring good results for the whole country. Aside from the economic success there, he can bring many free hospitalization and educational benefits for everyone due to his experience. He can also uplift the plight of the poor who have no means of survival during emergency situations.

Negative: He is very good in politicking and would not answer directly questions raised against him and would not honor due process. This is a weakness that might cause ill for the whole nation if he will do some anomalies.

These insights will somehow give you some ideas on how to decide for a good President. Just choose wisely and cast a vote on the upcoming Presidential election.

How to Reconstruct Your Debt

February 04, 2016
Generally, Filipinos have a lot of debts due to the poverty experience in the country. If the common saying of “isang kahig isang tuka” was true before which means that your income is just enough for your food, the situation for Filipinos are different now. It’s not even enough to buy basic necessities in life unless you incur debt.

To get out of a very stressful situation when you are left nothing in your salary and you are surviving through borrowing money from your friends or family or having dependence with your sustenance by purchasing on credit through a “sari-sari” store near you, debt restructuring is advisable for you. Too much debt could drown you and your family leading to frequent fight against family members. So here are some tips on how to restructure your debt.

1. Determine which debt is the most onerous and pay them first. Onerous is a legal term which means excessive in interest. In the Philippines, the onerous debts are usually coming from informal lenders such as “5 6” in the market. This kind of debt is disadvantageous because out of 5 pesos, you pay 6, and if you incur this kind of debt that would increase the interest monthly which is payable in two months, you are actually paying 20% interest per month. The best way to incur debt is through engaging in credit cooperatives or borrowing from the banks that only require 1% to 3% monthly interest. If not, if you have friends or relatives that are wealthy enough who are willing to lend you money, go to them instead.

2. Make a debt elimination calendar and determine on how to pay them on a certain period of time. For instance, you can list your debts and determine which to pay first, second, third and so forth until everything is paid. As mentioned, you can pay first those which have bigger interest, then the next to eliminate everything.

3. If you are a person who does not have the cash to pay debts, you can borrow money to pay a debt that has excessive interest until you can recover for everything. Some cooperatives or lending companies would buy out your debt from another.

4. Do not incur another debt that is related to consumer’s purchases and not necessary. For instance, don’t buy gadgets for upgrading purposes just to be of style when given the fact that you have still many debts to pay. Do not get another refrigerator on installment when you have other monthly installments to pay. You can have them when you are financially stable enough.

5. Save money first even just a coin or two. It seems impossible to save but this can help a lot by having a small piggy bank for emergency purposes with even a peso or two daily. This will save you from emergency cases that you have something to spend.

6. Since other lending companies understand your situation, try to talk to them about debt restructuring. They can offer you advices and schemes on how to reduce your debt.

7. Sell gadgets, excess things in the home that can be converted to cash to pay your debts. There are many things in the house that can be subject to garage sale that your neighbors be interested.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask help from wealthy relatives or friends who can help you with your situation. If they can lend you money without interest to pay your excessive debts, the better.

9. When everything is too difficult, file for bankruptcy. You can tell your creditors that you are bankrupt because you are protected under the law under the constitutional provision that “no one shall be imprisoned from nonpayment of debt”. They will find ways to help you pay your debts.

Lastly, one way to stay out of debt is to minimize unnecessary expenses like shopping for unnecessary things not needed for the family. Finding additional income or sidelines can also help in debt reduction. You can stay out of debt as long as you have the desire to do it.

How to Lose Weight Fast

February 03, 2016
There is wisdom in the old advice that if one wants to lose weight, one must eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. Because one needs a lot of energy throughout the work day, eating a healthy breakfast to sustain the heaviest work in the morning and to prevent feeling hungry before lunch is a good habit. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast to prevent drowsiness that can result from a too heavy mid-day meal. And, because one expects to simply relax or sleep early in the evenings, eating a light supper is best to prevent from storing too many calories that could well be converted to excess body fat.

Here are some more tips to avoid gaining weight: 


One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to avoid eating sweets and drinking softdrinks/soda. 

Image Credit: Pixabay
Sweets, breads, pastries and cakes contain whopping amounts of calories that add to excess weight. The same is true for softdrinks that can contain as much as 10 to 13 tablespoons of sugar per glass. Even juices and teas in those attractive containers may contain too much sugar that can lead to overweight and obesity.

Avoid frequent eating fast food products

Image Credit: Pixabay
 Even if fast foods may be tasty and convenient, eating them regularly can well add to excess weight that can become hard to lose over time. So, it would be better to eat fresh fruits, fish, little amount of meat and vegetables to avoid gaining weight. French fries, hamburgers, spaghetti and hotdogs found in fast food chains are unhealthy due to the excessive oil use in cooking these products and the food contents that have no dietary balance.

Drink plenty of water everyday

Water can drain toxic substances from the body and can enhance regular vowel movement needed for a healthy body. Drinking water in replacement of carbonated drinks or sweet juices can enhance the metabolism of the body.

Eat less rice or bread

Heavy amount of rice and bread are good for blue collar workers but has a negative effect on those who are frequently sitting down or working in the office. They contain substantial amount of calories that can increase weight.

Have a regular exercise

Regular exercise can remove excess fat and dirt of the body through frequent sweating. Whatever your preference of exercise is: yoga, biking, walking, aerobics, belly dancing, swimming, jogging or any other kind of exercise can help increase your stamina and can help in weight reduction. But this does not come automatically if you eat too much food. This means that regular exercise should be accompanied by a healthy diet.

Sleep early, wake up early

This may not be true to some people because of nightshift schedules, but if possible, sleep early and wake up early to have a normal body metabolism. That is why it is also advisable to eat little supper because the intestine cannot work well while the person is sleeping at night. Waking up early can result to proper digestion of food that can help reduce weight.

There are still many things that you can do to lose weight. Losing weight takes discipline and you must do the things mentioned above if you want to lose weight.