Top Summer Destinations under Php1, 500

March 31, 2016
Summer is quite around the corner and I am pretty sure that one thing on your lists is to relax with your family or your barkada to reward yourself after the hard work you have done in the past year! Of course, we always think about the budget; how much are we going to spend for accommodation, for food, and for activities but what I got here can absolutely widen your eyes because what you are about to see, are the top summer destinations under Php1, 500.

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Filipinos know Batangas as a hub for nice beaches and a relaxing environment. In Batangas lie a long string of beaches where you can find affordable and nice beach resort accommodations which include packages that include lodging, tours, and food. Most of them will expect you to pay corkage fees should you bring in food and drinks from the outside.

How you can get there: A bus to Lipa City, Batangas from terminals Cubao or Buendia will do the trick. The ride itself consumes at least 1.5 – 2 hours so prepare yourselves. After landing at Lipa, ride a jeepney that will take you to San Juan. An alternate route is you can ride a bus directly to San Juan from the Cubao terminal and from there, you can take a jeepney to Laiya. The whole ride will take you at least 2 -3 hours but I am sure it will be worth the wait!

Fare: P350
Food and accommodation: P500 – P750 
I am pretty sure that not everyone knows about Nuvali; Nuvali is a part of Laguna that is currently evolving into something that people would go to every now and then. It is now becoming a magnitude of malls and activity places where you can go and enjoy yourself. Just to set your expectation, it is not that cheap if you plan on doing activities but the activities would surely satisfy you in the best way possible; but it is cheap, YES it is cheap for the activities you can undergo in that place.

Nuvali has a waterpark where you can go wakeboarding and aside from that, they serve a pretty good taste of food that you and your friends can enjoy. Rentals for wakeboarding is P1, 500 for 8 hours already.

How you can get there: You can find vans (UV Express) in EDSA – Starmall or Alabang Town Center. Behind the Intercontinental hotel at Makati, you can find rides to Balibago and fromthere, there are direct rides going to Nuvali.

Fare: P400

Calatagan, Batangas

One of the most popular spots in Batangas is Calatagan and this is because it contains one of the oldest spots here in the Philippines which is the Cape Santiago Lighthouse. This is built in 1890 and is obviously one of the oldest infrastructures in the country. You can go ahead and tour it first to fully satisfy yourselves with your stay before going to resorts.

Beaches in Calatagan are usually white, clean, rocky, and very nature-like. Most resorts here allow you to cook your food in the resort so that you do not have to find somewhere you can eat and this is probably one of the things you and your barkada wants, right?

How you can get there: You can ride vans (UV Express) from EDSA-Taft that go straight to Calatagan and from there, adventure awaits! The ride is about 3 – 4 hours so make sure you don’t forget something because it is not a very short ride home.

Fare: P400
Accommodation: P150 – P250
Food: P500
for a whole barkada (you can buy from the markets, bargain and cook your meals at your chosen place to stay)

Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

You will love this place if you are a great fan of waterfalls and sceneries. I am pretty sure you are not familiar that Rizal offers a great and relaxing unfamiliar body of water – waterfalls. The good thing about your visit does not only revolve around waterfalls because Daranak Falls is magically kept at the mountainside of Sierra Madre mountain ranges and that means you will travel to two places at once. Everyone can enjoy the refreshing mountain water that this falls can offer because the entrance fee for adults is only P20 and P15 for children. You can get huts which cost around P100 – P300 and you can bring your own food there. Alcoholic beverage is prohibited.

The place is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm every day even in rainy days! Just be warned that almost every day, people swarm the place so expect a lot of company when you go there.

How you can get there: You can ride vans (UV Express) from EDSA – Starmall corner Shaw Blvd. Or Araneta Center Cubao and the fare costs P70 – P90. The ride takes about 2 – 2.5 hours.

San Antonio, Zambales

Staying in the cozy coves of Zambales will make you feel like you are out of the country. Talisayin cove, Anawangin cove, Silanguin cove, and Nagsasa cove are coves which can be found in Pundaquit and are said that they were formed from the ashes of Mount Pinatubo when they erupted. You can go on one hell of a trip; you can go trekking the beautiful coves and lands, you can go swimming through the rich waters of San Antonio, and you can go fishing. One tip to fully fulfill the camping dream is to bring a tent with you and some materials if you do not want to go survival style. You can also save a lot of money if you take action in your own accommodation; just don’t forget to bring insect repellants.

How you can get there: You can ride a bus from Monumento or Cubao to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. It will take you around 4 hours before you get off at San Antonio Public Market. From there, you can ride a tricycle to take you to Pundaquit and that will be around 15 – 30 minutes. From there you will see boats you can ride to take you to what cove you want to visit first.

Fare: P700
Food and accommodation: You can bring your own tent, buy food from the market and cook them yourselves.

Summer is just around the corner and I am sure you are already planning on taking trips with either your barkada or your family. These are only a few of the places you can visit without having the fear of losing too much money for just one experience. Trips to these places can guarantee a smile in your heart afterwards.

19 Life hacks you should know

March 29, 2016
Life does not sound as easy as it seems and they say shortcuts are not there to help you out. But is that true? No, there are shortcuts; there are hacks in order to help in your daily obstacles in life. Here are 19 life hacks that you should know to assist you in your everyday struggles:

1. Your button/s got detached and you have ample time to fix it? Stress no more! You can use transparent or no color nail polish to make sure your buttons will stick temporarily.
Photo from:

2. Avoid disoriented chords and chargers in your work area by using binder clip to organize them.
Photo from:
3. Another binder clip trick, you can use binder clips to fix the broken support of your keyboard.
Photo from:
4. Need to wake up early the next morning but you sleep over your alarm? Make it louder by placing your phone in a glass to amplify the volume. Just make sure it won’t fall because of the vibration to avoid breakage. You can also use this as an easy-to-get speaker!
Photo from:
5. Need to charge faster? Turn your smartphone into airplane mode. This enables your smartphone to turn off all of its features (SMS, Wi-fi, everything) for disturbances and also, for faster charging.
Photo from:
6. Your shoes or your trunk smell? Hit it off with a few newspapers and the odor is gone. Newspapers are odor neutralizers that can help you get rid with extreme odor.

7. Don’t know how you can use your used cassette cases? You can turn them to smartphone stands to support your smartphone!

8. Need a cover for your CD but you fail to have one? Get a piece of paper and do the cover yourself.

9. Clean your keyboard by using post-its. Gently run it through the keyboard to collect dust and crumbs.
Photo from:
10. Need a way to organize your chords? Reuse tissue rolls and let your chords lay in them. You can also label each roll!

11. You can make pancakes without making a mess by putting the mix or the batter inside a clean bottle!
Photo from: home hacks
12. Avoid hitting your finger with the hammer; use a clothespin to hold the nail in place.

13. Charger keeps on breaking? Use a spring to ensure that it doesn’t break easily!
14. Need to drill something inside your home? Save time for sweeping by putting a post-it note underneath it!

15. A saturated frozen sponge can be a no-leak, no-spill ice pack.

16. Use a clean dustpan for containers that does not fit well on your sink!
17. Need a holder when your phone is charging? Recycle an old lotion, oil, or any kind of bottle and use it as a phone holder!

18. Use a hanger to hold the cookbook while you’re doing the cooking so you won’t mess the cookbook!
19. Not sure if your battery still has power? Try to bounce them off; if they bounce and fall over immediately, they are still good but if they bounce more than once, they are already empty.
Photo: electronic

Scientists are planning to clone an extinct Lion

March 27, 2016
Ever wondered how a creature that walked the earth more than 12, 500 years ago looked like? There was a pretty controversial discovery in Russia just last year that grabbed the curiosity of most scientists. What would you think if you found out that scientists and doctors are working together to produce a creature that lived a decades ago? That they will try to found out what characteristics that creature has that differs them to the creatures we see now?
Picture Credit: Vera Salnitskaya

Two newborn prehistoric big cats, dating from the Pleistocene times, were found in a ‘sensational’ discovery last year, as imparted by the Siberian Times. Dr. Albert Protopopov, the head of the Department of Mammoth Fauna Studies in Yakutsk, Russia, was astounded by the discovery. The two cubs were dug in their icy grave with all of their body parts complete: fur, eyes, ears, soft tissue, even their whiskers were still there.

South Korean cloning expert Hwang Woo–suk, went to Yakutsk to obtain samples of the ancient lion in order for them to extract tissue, skin, and muscle for the DNA. Hwang Woo-suk is also currently working on bringing a Woolly Mammoth back to life; he is the one pioneering the research and now an extinct lion was added to his list.

Dr. Protopopov’s words: 'Together with the Mammoth Museum, we took samples for cell research.' The museum's experts will study these for the presence of living cells suitable for cloning. Dr. Hwang came to Yakutsk only for the reason; to get samples to be derived and for them to get substances suitable for cloning. There was a slight misunderstanding however; Professor Hwang wanted a large section of the cub (a part of the skull, or a leg but this was not admired by the local experts who are suppressing one of the cubs for any kind of research. Uyan – the one who has been preserved better than the other cub; scientists are more confident that cloning or any type of research will be better in the hands of future technology and are ensured that will yield better and greater results than if it is done now.

The Russian doctor also said that they intend to keep it for the future because methods of research are being improved for at least once a decade and that there is a mini-revolution in this area. They will do everything possible to keep the corpse as frozen as long as possible. Seymon Grigoriev, Director of the Mammoth Museum, said that the Koreans were not happy with the samples they have taken as they were expecting more. They expected that they will get a lot of tissue like they did with the mammoth previously but it would not work with these kittens.

The cubs were found somewhere around 650 miles northeast of Yakutsk in Yakutia which is also known as the Sakha Republic in Russia. Dr. Protopopov said that when they showed it to the media last year, it was very small, probably about a week or two old because the eyes are yet to open and baby teeth that haven’t grown completely. They think that the cubs died because the lioness (their mother) hid them from predators and a landslide occurred which covered them and remained enveloped in permafrost. The air intake was also blocked which helped a lot in the preservation.

In summer 2016, researchers and scientists ought to go back to search for one more cub or the lioness, if possible. Further research will continue as to why and how these cubs died more than 10, 000 years ago since lions only have a few predators. One good theory is a decline in deer and cave bears, caused their demise.

What do you think about this astonishing discovery? Stay tuned for updates on how these cubs died, what they would do about the cloning, and what discoveries scientists will get after this.

Things you didn’t know about Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

March 26, 2016
One of the most interesting and most talked about presidentiables; dubbed as “The Punisher”, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known to be one of the rarest politicians who just do talking all day. He is known for the fantastic work he has done in Davao City, lessening the crime rates, keeping the city clean and nature friendly, and improving almost all of the aspects of the vicinity. A lot of people are not well-educated as to what or who the Mayor really is but in this article, you will now know a few things that a lot of people need to know about “The Dirty Harry of Davao.”

He never aspired to be a mayor

After passing the bar exam, what he did first was he served Davao as a special counsel. The 1986 People Power Revolution however, was the start of his change of path. In an interview with Mayor Duterte in year 2002, there he told the media of how he never dreamt of holding so much responsibility; he told them how he never thought about being mayor.

I never thought I’d be a mayor. Never in my wildest dreams. Ako kinuha lang nila kasi my mother was the wife of the governor so she had stature and she was against Marcos during martial law. So nung nanalo si Cory, nilagay nila yung pangalan ng nanay ko—sabi siguro she was one of those who really fought the dictatorship–without consulting her. So nung nakita ng nanay ko–because Cory was coming that day in the afternoon–my mother asked why her name was there…

“You are too presumptuous about it, you did not ask, she said. So there was the name Duterte…pumunta sila sa fiscal’s office, sabi nila, Mag-vice mayor ka na lang. Nag-OIC ako. I said, Maybe if you really want to reward me, make me the city fiscal. Promote my chief and then I’d be the chief prosecutor of the city. I won the mayorship in 1988. I stayed there until 1998, then ran for congressman, then back to mayor.”

He has very strict rules

Everyone is aware that Davao City is one of the cleanest cities all over the globe and this obviously is because of the laws and rules implemented on the city by the city council members and of course, those are supported by the Mayor. These include certain speed limits inside the city, liquor ban from 1:00am – 8:00 am, strict laws about littering in public places, and many more. Of course, along with these come punishments which depend on how heavy the disobedience is. But this is great to build up and sustain a country that needs further discipline and carefulness.

He is a supporter of the LGBT

There was a report on politicians and they were asked about the LGBT rights, almost all of them refused with the mere fact of it might be threatening to the image of the country but Mayor Duterte is one of the very few politicians who support the rights of the LGBT people.

In Davao City, he helped to pass the anti-discrimination ordinance which is one way of him protecting the LGBT people and its supporters from getting harassed, bullied, and aggravated. In an episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” which is hosted by the comedian Vice Ganda, he said that “he always hated oppression” and supported the said community by stating “Everyone deserves to be happy”

The Mayor has a point; you can never defeat the will of a person if he or she really lives up just to defend his or her beliefs in all aspects.

He made drug users and dealers quit by giving them money and livelihood

Yes, Mr. Duterte is known to cause death to those who deserve it; to unforgivable crimes, inhumane drug dealing and trafficking, and many other insane crimes but he also has a heart. Although his name is surrounded by punishments and death, he is aware that death is not the only option to people who aren’t yet straightened out.

He gives Php2, 000 to those who surrender as pocket money while they are undergoing rehabilitation program. He gives second chances, why can’t some people do that?

The Mayor is truly intelligent and witty

Being a graduate of a nationwide known school is an understatement. He graduated his law studies at San Beda College Manila and passed the board shortly afterwards. He received awards because of the organization and improvements in Davao City. Mayor Rudy Duterte is remarkably one of the few politicians who can accomplish things like these in a lifetime. Given the fact that he might not really be corrupt because of what he did to Davao City, it will truly be a pleasure serving a government official like him.

He is actually richer than you think

His estimated net worth is Php22, 971, 732. 62 in 2014 and was based on his SALN. Although he only receives Php78, 946 a month, his wealth accumulated from the allowances of his council, real estate and other investments, and other personal properties.

The Punisher swore to kill up to over 100, 000 criminals if he is elected president

One thing that might hold the mayor back from running as president before was his fear of killing more than 100, 000 criminals if he becomes our leader. He says that to straighten out the country, he will kill as many as that just to prove that what they are doing is wrong.

In an interview, he stated that “he won’t have any choice if God places him there.” And for those who think this is a joke, this is what the mayor has to say “Magbantay kayo. Yung 1,000, magiging 100,000. Dyan mo makita tataba yung isda sa Manila Bay. Dyan ko kayo itatapon.”

A lot of people, including government officials, condemn him for having an attitude like that. They say he swears most of the time during his speeches, his second nature toward criminals are death, and a lot more rumors circling about his personality.

Regardless whether you admire the man or not, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is an absolute leader because of his work in Davao City. You can see the passion in this man’s eyes, from all of the supporters he got; he really is the real thing. Maybe he is the one to change this land into something new, something better. Although there are rumors concerning his connection to DDS “Davao Death Squad” that is still not a factor to consider neglecting him as president. If you haven’t done something bad or unruly, what it is that everyone or even he has against you?

Would he have your vote on the 2016 elections?

Best Place to study

March 23, 2016
As per researchers, where you study is as important as how well you study. A nice, clean, quiet place is just perfect for you and for a little company. Never thought that there are a lot of places like this in our country, right? Well in this article, I am going to reveal to you some of the best places where you can visit when you are in the mood of studying to fully maximize your effort.

Café de Soul

Aside from the wonderful fact that it can be found just around the archers’ hub, this spot is perfect for the atmosphere of study and relaxation. Taken from its name, it is a Korean-style café that is located at Taft, Ave, Malate, Manila and is perfect for students because it offers a unique style. Although the purchases you can have may seem a little bit extravagant and profligate, what you pay for will come very handy inside the store because it offers you a quiet, well-lit space with a high-speed internet connection perfect for studying. Bring your friends and experience the Korean ambiance of studying with them!

Location: One Archer’s Place, Taft, Ave., Malate, Manila

Books and Borders

A place especially made for inspiration and relaxation; comfortable chairs and a quiet ambiance, this spot is absolutely perfect for those wanting to study. There is also a charging station that would be very useful for people who use their gadgets for their study session. You can order from a wide range of products from pasta to hot drinks, and to cold drinks and the prices are certainly reasonable and not that expensive. There are also a lot of books that are categorized by genre so visit books and borders and experience a whole lot of level of study time even if you are alone, with your friends, family, and a whole lot more. Visit books and borders for your mind to be enveloped in a soothing atmosphere full of books and good purchases.

Location: Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The Sweet Spot

Obvious from its name, the sweet spot primarily serves desserts, coffee, and cold drinks to its studious customers. They also serve sandwiches and savory dishes aside from the normal sweet tops they offer; the prices are considerably cheap and affordable but you can expect a well-made meal or drink for you and your company. They do not have wi-fi however, they do have charging stations available for almost everyone in the restaurant. The sweet spot is a well-lit space for everyone with a lot of comfortable chairs for you to relax in while you study. It is also spacious enough for your group of friends for studying even for just hanging out. The ambiance is absolutely perfect, you will feel like an elite when you visit and try this place out. Come by at Maginhawa and experience an ultra level of comfortability.

Location: Maginhawa bldg, 189 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Tutto Domani

Far from a lot of universities because of its location at Makati, it is a hidden café across Greenbelt that Makati goers would love. The café is full of board games, arts, and crafts, a lot of toys you can play with, which makes it very interesting and relaxing. They have charging stations and a pretty fast and reliable internet connection as well. The meals and drinks are a little bit too pricey but for the comfortability and the perks you have inside the café? That is all going to be worth it. What do you expect of finding a secret café near Greenbelt with a lot of awesome things to do?

Location: New World Renaissance Hotel, Esperanza St., Makati City

Antiteasis: Books and Brews

A combination of a ton of books and good tea, this place is perfect for serene and tranquil environment lovers; also perfect for those yearning to go to a quiet place to study. They have a slightly wide variety of tea choices you can choose from and a library-like shelf with a lot of books with different genres which can aid you in your study. They also provide an internet connection that is reasonable and extremely utilizable for your study and your hang out.

Location: Unit C 154 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

There are a lot more places where you can bring yourself or friends so that you can experience a whole new level of extreme serenity and knowledge-absorption. Of course, you can also visit these places if you’re looking to relax a little bit, to stray away from the stress from school and work, and to just try another level of good food and relaxing environment.

2nd Pilipinas Debates 2016 Full Replay

March 20, 2016
The second leg of the Philippine presidential debate or "Pilipinas Debates 2016" for the coming elections on May 9, 2016 happened last March 20. 2016 at UP-Cebu Performing Arts Hall. The media partner that cover the debates are TV 5, The Philippine Star, and news5 everywhere.

Here is the Full Replay from YouTube courtesy of TV5 and News5 Everywhere.

This presidential debates 2016 second leg which happened last March 20, 2016 is coordinated and organised by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the media partners.

During the debate only 4 presidential candidates will face off, Vice President Jejomar Binay of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), DILG secretary Manuel Roxas II of Liberal Party (LP); Independent candidate Senator Grace Poe; and Davao Mayor Rodrigo Détente of PDP-Laban.

Senator Miriam Defenson Santiago will not join the debate because the will undergo a clinical trial for her cancer treatment.

"I am very sorry to miss out on the debates, but it would be a disservice to the country if I forego the opportunity to get rid of my cancer completely and strengthen myself further to serve the Filipino people," Santiago said.

Korina Sanchez Allegedly Attacked Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

March 07, 2016
It has been a few days already when netizens talked about Korina Sanchez’s verbal attack on Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. This action led to a controversial topic on the internet mainly on the circle of the presidentiable’s supporters. They even made a video to rattle back to what the nationwide broadcaster did. It was during a speech in an unstated venue when the journalist commented on Duterte’s character who is always cursing in public; no filter in his words regardless of whoever hears it.

Broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, wife of the Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas, allegedly attacked Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s character commenting on someone who is used to swearing and cursing in public and is afraid that the youth would be fine with this and will mirror his actions. This is a clear statement obviously pertained to the rival of his husband in the candidacy, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

This contentious video was first posted in the Facebook page, The Amazing Rody Duterte where after just a few hours, 80,000 views commenced.

The supporters of the presidentiable answered back to what she stated; they then made a video that went viral as well. Maybe what she did and said was not the best thing to do as of the moment; badmouthing your enemies would not do good for you. It will not heighten or increase your charisma, it wouldn’t lessen your opponent’s as well because no matter what you say, it will not fill up the minds and hearts of those who really aim for him to be their leader.

Top Foodtrip Locations For You And Your Barkada

March 06, 2016
Eating is primarily one of the best ways that you and your friends often do; that is a guarantee because even if you are short of budget, you need to eat because you will starve and start to become weak for the following activities that you have planned out. In this article, I am going to reveal to you the best food trip locations you have to try out with your barkada.


Ah, good ‘ole Maginhawa; considered by many as the food capital of the nation because of the wide variety of cuisines you could choose from. It can be quite challenging for some because it really does offer a lot, yes A LOT of affordable, high-quality food which makes it difficult for people to decide where and what to eat. The food here really stretches out from end to end; from Italian – Western cuisine to our very own Southeast Asian – Philippines specialties, a ton of indulging, mouthwatering delicacies that will serve you right.

One of the most visited restaurants here is Friuli Trattoria. Some say that the food they serve is among the best pizza and pasta recipes you can taste here in our country. The soothing and satisfying aroma of herbs and spices would surely make you want to come back again even if you still haven’t received your order yet.

Another great place here is the Breakfast Bin. The place that breaks the norm; you can eat breakfast at any time of day at this restaurant. The prices of the meals are really affordable because the serving is quite a great amount and it is guaranteed that you would not be disappointed of the chef’s work. Who wouldn’t want to eat tapa served with fried egg and garlic fried rice in the afternoon, right?

These are only two of the most visited spots in Maginhawa, there are a lot more of course. Do not forget to be attentive while you’re strolling down the street of heavenly food because you might miss the best taste that will suit your cravings.

Kapitolyo – Pasig

Many are not aware of the taste Kapitolyo offers; it really fled up to the race in becoming one of the major food hubs here in our country. Because of its growing stature in the food industry, Kapitolyo is now becoming one of the most visited places here in the Philippines because of the variety of food and beverages they offer.

If you are looking for ribs, RUB Ribs BBQ is the place you’re looking for. Although this place really originated in the humble lands of Quezon City, its decision to expand at Kapitolyo made it even more successful. Juicy ribs with a slab of barbecue sauce and remade rice will surely leave you wanting to go back to this place over and over again. So head out to this spot if Westernization in delicacies is what you are looking for.

Only if we could, we will try and eat 24/7, 365 but of course, that is not possible. But Kapitolyo’s Kanto Freestyle Breakfast will try and break that impossibility. It a 24/7 carinderia style that offers a wide range of food you can order 24/7. Although it is not as cheap and affordable as the others, it will surely make you crave for more.

Again, these two are only a few of the best restaurants you can find here in Kapitolyo. Even though I just dictated two of each location, I am sure that this will not halt you from exploring the streets of havens of the best food hubs here in our nation. Try and stroll along the streets of these spots and it is a guarantee that you will not leave there hungry. Enjoy your meal!!