What things can we expect under a Duterte Government?

May 25, 2016
With all other presidentiables conceded, it is now somehow official that we will be following rules and ordinances Davao-style. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, our new and expected president, has declared things that he will change in our country for our own betterment. But given all these statements and circumstances, what are the things, changes, and improvements can we expect under the “Dirty Harry of Davao,” or “The Punisher’s” government? 

Duterte Government

Cleaner and healthier environment

With the Davao City hitting the marks of being one of the cleanest countries in the world, our very own Mayor would probably do that to cleanse and leave the Philippines that way. A lot of Filipinos have the habit of throwing everything, EVERYWHERE. Mayor Duterte does not accept that kind of behavior so this change might be one of the changes that will shock everyone.

Users of illegal drugs to be taught lessons

Known as the “Punisher,” he really is not afraid of killing. At one point at the debates 2016 he was asked “what if you found out that one of your children is using these kinds of drugs?” He straightforwardly answered, “kill them.” We have a clean look at what the Mayor has for these kinds of people and yes, not-so-good people would not like it.

Throw out government officials who have habits living like kings and queens

Our country is a hub of corrupt and glutton government officials. It is now being populated by a lot of rich but not-so-good people. Based on what we see in him even before he ran as president, he really has no intention of stealing from us. He owns a bungalow and one car, for Christ’s sake and we are here, judging that he will steal because he will be becoming president?

Strict rules and regulations

In his city, liquor and any kind of alcoholic beverages are not allowed until a certain time. In Davao City, there is a curfew that when you get caught, you will be questioned. There are statements and quotations about what the mayor said about the implementation of “The Curfew” nationwide that when minors are seen later than 11pm, their parents will be the ones who will pay the price so he is warning all of those hard, strong kids to just stay inside their lovely homes when there is no sunlight.

Hopefully, a better country all-in-all

We have been chasing for someone who can turn this country whole again for many years now and maybe, he really is the key. With all the sources, points, and statements given, we can foresee that change might come. Our country has been controlled by the big fish in a few years now and it is time to get out of the leash. Hopefully, he can make this Pearl of the Orient Sea new and fresh again.

With the results coming to a near end, a lot is rooting for the Mayor to grab his victory because they believe that a certain person like him can change this inevitable country to its best. Drastic change needs drastic measure so we should not expect a lot given the fact that we know our country too well. Some are even arguing about the second EDSA, or throwing him out of the palace even before he sets foot in it. Let us talk about that in our next topics so, stay tuned.

Health; is it the best business now and in the coming years?

May 25, 2016
A lot of people and aspiring entrepreneurs continue to look for ideas, innovations, and discoveries that will bomb the market and can make them fortune. Many of them focus on technological advances, app development, and others that dwell in the realms of futuristic material and the modern technology. They tend to forget the most important factor in life – health. A lot are visualizing that it is in fact, the best business you can run into. In this article, reasons will be relayed unto you as why health is now being considered one of the top industries that can turn rags to riches. 


The world is not getting any younger and so are we

The earth is around 4.5 billion years old and it has been there for us ever since. It gets older in time and so are we. People are born and people die – that is how life goes for us naturally. Every day, people die and it can be because of illnesses, accidents, and old age. Age is the natural welcome of death but illnesses and tragedies are not and this is where health industries come in.

They are there in order to prevent these kinds of incidents; they are there in order for people to pass away naturally.

Technology is now more associated at health concerns

Have you ever heard of nanotechnology? Well it is beginning to make its way in the health industry and it is obviously for a good cause. Scientists are now inventing nanotechnology in order to go through a human’s body to kill cells that can cause death. Yes, this is happening and we must certainly hope for the best.

Some say that they are now innovating for technology that can eradicate bad and erroneous cancer cells in a human’s body – let us just hope and pray for the best.

People want to live longer

As stated in a previous passage in this article, illnesses and tragedies happen and they can happen to anyone at any given time. Medical monitoring is the one to blame when illnesses cause death and this is why a lot of medical companies improve what they already have because of people who demand to live longer – to avoid dying of diseases and such things. Computer run organs are currently in test and imagine what this can do to people – imagine an artificial heart pumping blood throughout your body; now that is really something.

A lot of elderly people want to draw their youth back

Even though it is difficult to admit, all of us wants to stay young either by being young or looking young. You are your best investment, right? So you might as well look young. There are companies that offer medicine, creams, lotions, etc. that help in these kinds of instances. There are however, surgeries that can make your skin look young.

People do this mainly because of one thing – so that they can embody youth once again. You are only young once, some say; technology technically defies that.

Here are only a few reasons that dictate why the health industry is important and why it can be the best and biggest industry in the realms of business. Take time to read about it and who knows, maybe this is your path. Maybe you are destined to create something that everyone would love to buy. Always remember, you only live once and you should never ever forget that.

What to think of when planning a vacation?

May 21, 2016
For starters, you would have to think about every peso that you will lose when you decide to go traveling. Vacations are not only sightseeing, food tasting, shopping, etc. There are more to those that you should consider. Remember, every peso is important so you should take into consideration how you spend those. Here are the categories you should think of:

Package Tours

If your timing is right and if you find a good package, then the deal is over and the odds are in your favor. There are packages that offer everything (airfare, accommodation, food, trips, and activities) all in one package at a discounted rate. Go and find you and your buddies a cheap rate to have more money for different stuff. Although there are last minute deals that are much cheaper than early ones, relying on that might scare you of the changes you are about to witness.


Of course, you would not get anywhere far if you aren’t to use airplanes. Calculate airfares, find cheap rates and get yourself a treat. It is recommended that you book flights a few months early; avoid peak seasons so you would have low rates.


You would not be sleeping at the streets next to some guy you do not know, right? Try booking for a hotel or a motel before your flight to get the best rates possible. After getting a hold of when your flight is, try to find yourself good accommodation – and cheap ones. There are hotels that are 5-star like but not as expensive as those 5-star hotels.

Food and Beverage

Food is essential because it is your fuel for the activities you are about to take. You need food in order to survive; you would not be enjoying your trip on an empty stomach, correct? There are affordable and inexpensive good meals that you most probably should consider.

Leisure activities

Trips are not all scenery and nature kind of stuff; some trips are more on landmark seeing, shopping, tasting different food, and indulging yourself in different culture. There are more to vacations than just sitting and waiting for it to rain. Go and research about inexpensive things to do around where you are staying and make the most out of your vacation.


If you plan on doing a “scenery sighting” type of trip, make it worthwhile; ask about different activities you can undergo in that specific area. Do not just rely on the sightseeing thing; do more activities, succumb yourself into a different culture a different way of living. Enjoy your time; enjoy your vacation as big as you can.

Although trips are all different depending on the goals you want to achieve, these categories will somehow help you budget your trip; these will help you somehow spend less but enjoy more. Follow these tips and worry about money no more.

Actions to take when temperatures are high

May 14, 2016
Over these past few months, a lot of Filipinos are getting mindful of the increase in the temperature during afternoons until evenings and most are not exactly happy that this is happening. Until now, almost all could not succumb the heat when the sun soars above the heavens. A lot of bad things can happen when a certain location is hit by high temperatures: heat stroke, skin rashes, and more illnesses could come by. What can we do in order to avoid these kinds of happenings?

Cool your house

Because it is hot, it is not too hurtful if you turn on all the cooling equipment in your homes, is it? Cool your home by turning on air-conditioning, electric fans, coolers, etc. Shy away from exhaust fans, stoves, or all the other hot stuff. Make sure that air is distributed accordingly throughout your houses to avoid the striking pain of the heat.

Protect yourself and your family

Be watchful of yourself and your family members. Take action into leading them to cool themselves down because everyone can be hit by heatstroke and it is not appealing.

Drink lot of water

Nothing beats the original; water replenishes you so drink a lot of it. Rehydrate yourself, fuel up the gas tank. Remind your family to do the same so that they will stay rehydrated throughout the entire day and evening.

Pick cotton

Cotton is thin and heat will easily escape from it. Change your sheets into cotton –also your curtains. Choose cotton apparel to make yourself free from the heat. Cotton can make you feel relaxed because it is thin and it can accumulate air hastily.

Pamper your feet

Those little toes of yours contain a lot of nerves and pulse points and are sensitive when barraged by sudden change of temperature. Dunk it down a clean bucket of cold water and relax it for a few minutes. Do this twice every day.

Cut off from caffeine and alcohol

Of course, we want to stay away from things that can cause dehydration, correct? Unfortunately, caffeine and alcohol are two of the best dehydrators in town so turn your back from them just for now and just cling a little bit more with water.

Ice is your friend

Spend a few hours putting towels or ice bags to the freezer and then use those to damp all over your body to keep yourself fresh and cool. You do not want to be drying out at this kind of season. Cold compress your entire body from your head, down to your toes.

Water spray

Have a spray bottle with water ready; keep it in your refrigerator and spray on the head and on the face whenever you arrive from outdoors. This will make your brain think it is fully rehydrated.

Hit the sheets more often

When you sleep, your body does not consume the fluids that you have taken so sleep more often in order to avoid dehydration. Drink water after waking up and before going to bed in order to ensure that your body has the right amount of fluids.

You are not alone in this dry and hot season; we are all in this together. Just remember, water is our friend always and it should not be neglected, especially now. Keep yourself rehydrated at all times, do not cut back from electricity – do not worry about it getting high because an electric bill is easier to pay than a loved one lying on a hospital bed. Keep safe.

6 Dieting Mistakes You Could Be Doing

May 14, 2016
They say that losing weight is as difficult as gaining weight – does that really weigh the outcome? Losing a few inches across your waist is more than just not eating, exercising, or drinking water. There are far more factors to consider if you plan on burning unnecessary fat all over your body. In this article, you will be educated as to how you can successfully lose weight by knowing the dieting mistakes you might be doing that you are unaware of.

You spend less time in the sheets

Yes, we all know that exercise needs to be incorporated with what your plan is when you decide to lose weight but sleep is also as important. If you happen to spend more time in the gym than in your bed, you are doing it all wrong. Cutting sleep less than 6 or 5 hours every night causes your metabolism to go down; making you susceptible to weight gaining.

Because of sleep deprivation, you will more likely feel tired. Your brain then will seek food in order to regain the energy you should have had of sleeping. When you work out, you grow in your bed, not in the gym – remember to sleep well!

Reducing calorie intake

Stating the obvious, suddenly reducing what you eat, will cause your body to decrease in size, correct? Most probably not – sudden deprivation of calories can cause your metabolism to decrease; your dependency on food becomes lower so when you return to your normal meat, weight will increase in a short span of time.

Decrease your calorie intake gradually, but not suddenly. Watch your calories, watch what you eat in order to get the most out of your program.

The myth of skipping breakfast

A lot of people tend to follow the belief that when you skip breakfast, you will lose weight in a few weeks. This is a common misconception you see, it is true that the breakfast is where we get our energies from for the entire day but it doesn’t mean it has to be heavy.

Skipping breakfast causes your body to want more food throughout the day which is worse because if you increase intake at latter times, your body will digest is slower in fact, you might not lose what you want to lose. Eat breakfast, heavy breakfast but search for food that has low calories in it. Eat like a king at breakfast, and a pauper during dinner.

You forget about water

Probably one of the best practices you should consider if losing weight is what we are talking about. Water contains no sugar, which means it won’t add up to those inches and water can help with your digestion. There are researches stating that people who drank 2 glasses of water before eating consumed 80% less calories.

Cut off from teas and sodas, even juices. Drink water, 10-12 glasses every day; drink 2 glasses when you get up and 2 before collapsing into bed. You’ll just be amazed at what good it does to your body both in losing weight and in maintaining a healthy stature.

Maybe you just work out too much

Exercising too much of what you should just do can also be a cause of you not getting rid of those pounds. Remember that when you exercise, you do not just burn fat, you also build muscle which adds up to a few sums in the numbers.

A successful dietary plan is not just about exercising on a daily basis. Remember, a true and effective diet is 20% exercise and 80% meal planning and organization.

Eating too much of the godly salad

Salads are one of the best friends of those planning to go lose weight. But does it really help if you eat just them for a whole day? Salads are vegetables; yes we know that but some salads contain fruits, dressings, and different ingredients that might get you heavier than the usual.

Research on what you should put in your salad to maintain your weight. It should only maintain your weight; salads are not meant to help you lose. Lead off from fruits, dressings, spices, etc., that may contain more calories and sugar.

It is pretty certain that you are making these dietary mistakes. Remember to learn more before you dive into it. Dietary planning is not just about losing weight; dietary planning is about organization, discipline, determination, and positive thinking.

Movies that can make you look at life differently

May 03, 2016
When you are entertained, you are opening yourself and your mind to things that can embed a positive effect towards yourself and your world. Watching movies can do the same; they can make or break you. This is why a lot of people cry at very emotional times in movies and a lot of people get inspired as well. Movies can inspire you; it can fuel your drive towards becoming who you want to be in life. Here are some movies that can change your view about life; movies that you should watch to gain the chance of changing your point of view.

A Beautiful Mind

Prepare to be blown away and prepare to wipe your tears – this award winner in 2002 will probably make you feel like you are one of the luckiest people in the world. This movie focuses on a genius mathematician’s life who is later known to have schizophrenia. The movie’s characters are known to have courage, love, and determination especially John Nash, the protagonist, in overcoming the obstacles he is faced in life.

Moral: Courage, perseverance in getting what you deserve, love, and determination.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The arks of the businesspeople, this movie whose main stars are Will Smith and his son Jaden, focuses on a businessman’s life when he goes from 100 to zero. Inspired by a true-to-life story, the film ultimately projects overcoming of obstacles even though life smashes you hard down on the ground. The movie illustrates dramatic encounters that will lead up to success after all – success because sharing true happiness is accepting what you have despite the fact that the world may prohibit us from all the goods it can offer; we, and the people in our lives just need to be there for each other no matter what.

Moral: Love, discipline towards life (when it knocks you down), acceptance.

The Life of Pi

A movie that depicts the life of a young man; his adventure in the waters with only a tiger with him. The movie catches the attention and the curiosity of its viewers in so many different ways. This novel by Yann Martel was visualized in the best ways possible. Surviving a shipwreck with a wild cat for 227 days is not much of a story, yeah? - No, it made a lot of fans and it branched a lot of reviews, questions, as to what the tiger symbolizes, etc., etc. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I can guarantee you that it would not only make your time worthwhile, it will also make you see things you haven’t seen before.

Moral: Humility, acceptance (as to what you have), and faith.

Forrest Gump

“My momma always said… Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I am pretty sure you have come across this quotation and yes, this is from the movie Forrest Gump which was starred by Tom Hanks. The story revolves around the life of a fictional young man with a lot of life lessons all throughout his entire existence. If you want to drown yourself with realizations and morals, watch this movie. Just prepare a box of tissue because, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Moral: Getting back up after life beats you so hard, let go of expectations, and accept all that life gives you.

Big Fish

Now this movie is fictional in so many ways but in the movie, it appears to be true. This story is about a young man and the story of his dying father. His father had a lot of experiences and a lot of stories to tell, and that is the content of the movie. This movie teaches us that our parents, or family, is the treasure that we seek in this universe. A lot of lessons and a lot of realizations with the stories but the main jock of the story, is well, love your family.

Moral: A lot of lessons throughout the movie, love your family like it’s the last time you will see them because you never know God’s plan.

500 Days of Summer

At the beginning of the movie, it was relayed onto us that it is not a love story – most probably, that’s a lie. You see, this movie entails a year and a few months of being with Summer. Yes, Summer is the girl in the movie and it is an entire movie of rollercoasters. The movie teaches us that when we fail in love, it is not the end of the world. The last part of the movie, where Zooey Deschanel (Summer), finally lets go of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is extremely a painful scene but after a while, when Tom (Joseph), finally moves on from that experience, coincidentally meets a new girl and in the movie she is named Autumn – how is that for symbolic reference?

Moral: The world will not always agree with our plans, it is not the end of the world when we are declined. Think positively.

These are the top movies for me and I hope you get the chance to watch them. There are a lot of movies out there that can teach lessons but these for me, are golden. Stay tuned for more articles like this! Remember, “the odds are not always in your favor.”