Duterte Administration to Study the Increase of Nurse’s Salary and Benefits

June 29, 2016
The spine and skeleton of our country’s health gave President Rodrigo Duterte an Open Letter stating that they have been waiting for the salary and benefits they deserved for years now. The bill that was supposed to do what they wish for was vetoed by President Benigno Aquino III. He decided to decline it with the Malacañang by his side. They that had the stand to provide minimum base pay for nurses here in the Philippines. 

Nurses Salary Increase 

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said that the Philippine government should be fair to all workers and that the appeal of the nurses and other employees like teachers had gone through study and that it is done through performance-based compensation.

But incoming Health Secretary Jean Rosell-Ubial swore to refile the bill in the Duterte Administration and said that the appeal should be thought through and it should be done well. In an interview with “Bandila,” Ubial stated that she recognized the importance of the bill and how it can affect our country positively.

“We intend to refile that bill and hopefully, Congress and Senate will support it because we believe that health workers should be given their due compensation.” said Ubial. She said that it is not just about the salary but the entirety of the benefits of the health workers as well.

“Pag-aaralan pa rin natin ‘yung totality how that would affect the other professions but, of course, we also are looking into the PhilHealth reimbursement. Kasi aside from salary, the health workers now get PhilHealth reimbursements. So titingnan natin ‘yung total picture and not just the salary based,” the incoming secretary said.

The nurses’ open letter will be posted below. The open letter tells our new elected President about the current condition of the health watchers of our country and that they are still hoping that change will come for them as well. 

Nurse Open Letter 

Aside from the open letter, Balita said that he is also sending a letter to Duterte and he believes that social media can do the trick. As of 4 p.m on the 18th of May, Wednesday, the letter received more than 4, 000 likes, reactions, and comments and was shared more than 3, 000 times on Facebook.

What would our new President do with the current cry of our country’s nurses? Would he give them what they want and would that not make other employees who are exerting the same effort jealous?

Top 4 Best Strategy Games for PC

June 29, 2016
The PC benefits us in many ways and with the blessing of having the internet by our sides, it is becoming the life of many people. One reason why computers are built is to provide entertainment for people. Although entertainment is just made for fun and games, there are games that can help you think better, act quicker, and to hone your strategizing skills. 

Top 4 Best Strategy Games for PC 

There are a lot of games in the market specifically, strategic games and in no way are those boring and depressing. There have been statements claiming that playing video games improve one’s decision-making, critical thinking, and thorough planning. How true are these claims? Well one thing is for certain: Strategy games are making its way into the world of technology and they are not disregarded. For me, here are four (4) of the best strategy games for PC.

Civilization V

The game offers you your ultimate freedom; what do you do? Where do you go? It is a mix of political, economical, military, and even social decisions you will make for your people. You will decide on whether you will be a friendly neighbor or a conquistador foe to the surrounding communities. The game is filled with your decisions in all its aspects and it is up to you if you are going to be the master of all civilizations.

Tropico 4

Tropico is not just your ordinary city-building game. In the game, you will be a dictator of a Carribean-themed banana republic and it is your goal to transcend your island from being a simple town to a rich grown city. How you do it is totally up to you; you can do whatever you want to turn your city into a powerful and wealthy city that can distribute all types of resources everywhere. You will be dealing with politics as your island grows and it is up to your decision how you will manage to keep what’s yours safe and rich.

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Age of Empires II

If you have played Microsoft’s Age of Empires I then you would be thrilled and glorious of its sequel. It is no different from the first Age of Empires except that it is more beautiful and it is more strategic. The game covers a time from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance era. The games of Age of Empires is all about battles and wars so you better be prepared. It also includes a never-ending straw of skirmishes and multiple campaigns with many ways of customizing the maps; there’s a lot to keep you busy.

Offworld Trading Company

Although the focus is to become an economical machine, violence is still one of your primary weapons. The game is somehow like Civilization but it is more focused on the economic scale; resources and cash are your main weapons in achieving victory not destroying buildings and enemy bases. The game is based on Mars so it’s a way bit cooler than Earth-based games with familiar and natural things you see around you.

These are just four (4) of the best strategy games for me and there are so much more out there. Wait for other lists about different strategy games and other games that can improve your skills in the real world. Do you agree with us on this list? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

What type of commuter are you?

June 29, 2016
Here in our country, there are a lot of workers, students, and people who go from one point to another but not all of them have cars. A lot of people commute almost every day; nearly 700, 000 people ride the MRT every day, almost 1.5 million ride jeepneys. You get the point. Out of all those people, there are categories as to which you can put people to determine what type of commuter they are. How about you? What type of commuter are you?

type of commuter

1. The Sleepyhead

These are usually the people who come from far places to the city. Whether you are riding a jeepney, an fx/van, the train, or the bus, you will most likely see a lot of sleepyheads. They would first make their position a comfortable and established one and then they would start sleeping. Some would even slip and sleep on the shoulders of the ones besides them.

2. The Music is Life

Mostly students, the music is life type of commuter would not be able to hear anything since the volume on their device is probably on maximum. Students are not the only ones who are part of this category; 4 out of 10 commuters are probably having a good moment of their music while commuting.

3. The Front Runner

These are the type of people who consider riding in the front seat as a race and these often happen in an FX. They tend to pick a vehicle where there is no one seated at the front seat. While these happen in vans, some people also tend to ride in front of a jeepney. They do this because it is easier for them to communicate with the driver because they would not shout “para” at the top of their lungs when they reach their destination.

4. The Tourist

If they do not know by heart the place where they are headed to, they would seem worried and bothered as to when they should take off. People like this often ask their fellow commuters about locations, stop destinations, and a lot more in order for them to know exactly where they should go and what they should do. Some even carry a digital map with them to have a grasp of their journey.

5. The Quiet Kid

You would see this person sitting on the corner of any transport just quiet, tranquil, and calm. They would seem uninterested to be there in the first place because of how they react to some things.

6. The Good Samaritan

Some commuters bring a lot of stuff with them when they ride the jeepney. The Good Samaritan is the type of person who would initiate to help the person carrying a lot of stuff to his or her way in. They are also the ones who would actively give your fare to the driver if you are seated far away from the driver.

In a train and in a bus, they are the ones who would unhesitatingly offer their seats to women, elderly, or to those who are disabled.

7. The “Sabit”

This type of commuter is only present in a jeepney vehicle. If there is no space anymore but they want to ride the jeepney anyway, they would stand at the end of the jeepney. This is what we call “sabit” in our country; when you stand because there is no space left for you to sit in.

8. The Combination

Although there are only a few types listed in this article, there are combinations of these like the “quiet one + music is life + tourist”. There are however a lot of combinations of the types of commuters so observe if you want.

There are a lot of people who commute everyday and they managed to have a title to themselves as to how they commute. These are the different types of commuters and be ready because you will know a lot more after reading this. What type of commuter are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jollibee to open its first store in Manhattan

June 29, 2016
Our national fast food is now making its way into one of the most popular and well-visited boroughs in New York. Although there are over 750 branches of Jollibee, worldwide, it is different and unique placing it to one of the busiest cities in the world. The food here is exceptional. There is one Jollibee outlet in New York and it is located in Queens and soon, the first Jollibee in Manhattan will definitely astound sums of people.

Jollibee to open its first store in Manhattan

Jollibee was once called the “McDonald’s of the Philippines” by the New York Times and soon, people from Manhattan would get a taste of why it is dubbed that. The store in Manhattan will be the 34th store operating in the United States and will be the 3rd in New York. By observing where they put it, you will notice that Jollibee is placing it where a lot of Filipinos reside. They want their countrymen not to forget about their own national products, of course. 

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“There is a large Filipino population in New Jersey, many of whom commute through Port Authority every day. This will be a tremendous help in introducing the chain to Manhattan.” - Rep. Harrison Abramowitz to the Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Retail.

What’s in it for Jollibee?

Since a lot of Filipinos are now residing in the United States, Jollibee seeks for their help by placing stores where a lot of them can introduce Jollibee to their friends and families in the said region. Jollibee is aiming to be a worldwide brand by establishing its branches to different countries where a lot of Filipinos reside.

This is one way of telling the world that our country is not bad; it is one way of telling that somehow, we can offer good quality products and services to other people and other country.

Would Manhattan people love our national fast food?

There is no report that Americans or other races that tried Jollibee abroad were disgusted with the food that Jollibee offers. A lot of Americans were even more than willing to try different food that they were serving. These include:

  • Peach/Mango Apple Pie
  • Spaghetti (Filipino Sweet Style)
  • Crispy Jollibee Chicken
  • Lumpiang Shanghai (Shanghai Rolls/Spring Rolls)
  • Burger Steak

These are just few of the food that Jollibee offers and they are somewhat interesting to the eyes, ears, and mouths of foreigners. With full hopes of being liked by their people, we are surely proud and grateful for the food and services that this establishment offers.

The Jollibee Branch that would be at Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation’s 609 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan will open this fall (around September).

Workout Tips for Beginners

June 26, 2016
Working out should be part of your lifestyle because it does not only make you look good, it also makes you feel good because you make your body active; you are improving your mental and physical strength simultaneously by working your muscles out and enduring the difficulty and hardships of training. Here are a few tips for those who want to start living a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a workout program in their schedules.

Workout Tips for Beginners

A good workout program involves proper diet

Going to the gym without fixing what you eat is as good as slacking off in bed all day long. Healthy living is not just about working those muscles out, it’s also about eating good and eating right. People say that a good exercise program is 20% exercise and 80% diet. Research about types of food that will benefit you most efficiently; incorporate it to your exercise to get maximum results.

Make it a habit

Working out once every few months won’t tell or make you feel the difference. Working out should be a habit and it should be part of a willing person’s lifestyle. One tip is to make a weekly schedule with the exercise program embedded into it. Start it off by exercising two (2) or three (3) times a week and then improve it gradually depending on what your goals and ideals are.

Practice perfect posture

Probably one of the most basic and simplest steps for a big improvement is practicing proper form and posture while training. Always remember to keep a proper posture (Straight back, chin up) while training to ensure maximum benefits and improvements on your exercise. Disregarding proper posture might not only lead to bad results, it may also lead to unwanted injuries and muscle failures.

Learn from your and others’ mistakes

It is not necessary to learn from your OWN mistakes because observing and studying might enable you to commit fewer errors. Watch people, study movements and different exercises in order for you to improve yourself and your workout program to get best and most efficient results.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Nobody is born with the complete knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and working out; you got to start somewhere and that somewhere is where you ask questions. Ask those people that you see in the gym, ask them about their diet, their routines, and what they do to maintain what they currently have. Asking questions is not a sign of stupidity but rather, a sign of intelligence and openness because you are willing to learn.

Swimming can be a perfect workout alternative

Have no time to go the gym? Drop by the nearest swimming pool near you and work it out there. Swimming is a good exercise because it works every muscle in your body. Do you recall trying to run in the waters of a pool? That’s because your weight is manipulated by the water thus, making improvements better and faster. Study different swimming techniques and let this be your alternative if you are unable to go to the gym; a relaxing and beneficial way of improving yourself, right?

Post-workout recovery

Veteran physical trainers have techniques and tips in order to have faster and better recoveries after a workout. Why better? Because we all know that we grow when we are resting; when we are not in the gym. They managed to come up with specific ways to help muscles recover faster hence, it improves faster. Stay tuned for post-workout recovery techniques in this blog so just be with us.

Exercising is out of the norm because a lot of people disregard the fact that it does not only help you physically; it is not just about being physically attractive. Working out actually helps you think better and it helps you emotionally just as how it helps you physically. So what are you waiting for? Start your healthy regime now and make the difference. Was this helpful to you? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Top 5 Countries for Filipinos to Work in

June 26, 2016
Some Filipinos dream of working abroad because first, salaries differ in foreign countries because of the exchange of currency; imagine a construction worker in New Zealand earns twice or thrice as much as construction workers here. Another reason is because they yearn to take their family with them to live better in years time. Given that there are over 50 great, countries with rich economy, what are the best 5 to work abroad in for OFWs?

Top 5 Countries for Filipinos to Work in


According to the 2015 HSBC Expat Explorer report, Singapore since then and until now is providing a feasible career progress with its improving and rising economy. Singapore is known for having cleanliness almost everywhere you go, safety, high-salary jobs, job opportunities, and many more. Last year, it is ranked to be the best country to live and work as an expat.

Job openings last year until this year includes: office workers, IT and software engineers, accountants, bank staff, caregivers, and nurses. Do not make the mistake of getting agencies because Singapore’s ministry of manpower follows a strict rule of hiring direct applicants.

Saudi Arabia

Ah the Middle East; where all the riches of the world conspire making this region of our planet very rich and successful. No wonder why many people dream of working here. It has been the leading OFW destination before and it will be in the coming years. Filipinos love working here specifically because of the fortunate and generous job packages offered to them.

Jobs like engineers, chefs, IT and software engineers, caregivers, nurses, managers, and so on are the jobs warmly welcomed by this country. Say no more because you know how working in Saudi Arabia sounds like to the ears of workers – money.

New Zealand

Considered to be the cleanest and most peaceful place in the world, foreign workers in New Zealand claim that their lives became better when they moved to the country. It is filled with natural resources, no pollution, and friendly diversified communities to support you in your life there.

Skilled workers like in the farm industry, accountants, customer service representatives, nurses, construction workers, and so on are the main job opportunities in the country. Although these aren’t big time jobs, they earn better than most high-position jobs here in our country. Live in New Zealand and meddle with cows because right now, there are only around 4 million people there; imagine that.


Qatar is included in the list of top countries that pay really really well. They’ve been having a shortage of laborers for years now which is surely music to most Filipinos’ ears. Last year, POEA’s estimation for Qatar’s demand of laborers is around 120, 000.

Since it is in the Middle East and it is one of the best countries if you are looking to earn great sums of money, jobs in the oil industry, management, CAD operators, domestic helpers, and many more are the many job opportunities in Qatar.


I bet that you know one family in your friends who are now currently living in Canada… correct? Well Canada is considered to be the country of starting over again for many. It is one of the countries that allow permanent residency by only having a one-year continuous full-time job experience. You know what that is; working there for a full-year enables you to become eligible to take your family with you, yes.

Jobs in Canada include: hotel and restaurant staff, accountants, workers, and many more. Canada is truly the place for everyone because it is known to have a diversified and simple community and it pays good enough; actually better than most positions here in our country.

Here are just five (5) of the best countries that Filipinos should aim for to work in. One tip of thumb is to get to a country as fast as possible – and I mean that in the legal way. When you’re already there, it is just a matter of perseverance and style. I did not include all job details in this article so feel free to check job details for every country in the internet and to be sure, double-check the sources. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Saving Money Tips for Teenagers

June 24, 2016
Students do not make money out of how they want it; it can either be from their parents or from doing something that they love that they managed to turn into profit. Saving money is ideal for everyone’s future. It does not only mean that they are good with money but they are disciplined as well. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can do in order for you to save more effectively. Here are some of the tips and tricks for students so they can manage their money well. 


Split the bill with friends

If you happen to go out with friends but you are at the momentum of saving money, find food which you can share the bill with them so you don’t have to pay over Php100. 00. There are places where a single meal can cost just under Php50. 00 but it would still be better if you’ll spend something like Php30. 00, right?

Save Php20. 00 everyday

Make it a habit; save Php20. 00 everyday. It might not seem like a big amount but at least you are saving money. Try adding Php5. 00 everyday for one week so in a whole week, you will save somewhere around Php125. 00; if you can do a little more, then great. Well that isn’t so bad, isn’t it?

Drink water when you eat

When you go out with your friends or when you eat at the cafeteria, chances are you’ll also be buying drinks like iced tea or cool, refreshing drinks, right? A good technique is to bring water with you anywhere you go so that you won’t have to spend on drinks anymore. It is a simple and sleek move but it makes a difference, believe me.

Read books from the internet or the library

There are people who have a habit of reading books; some even spend a lot on books that they want. Little did they know that what they read can be borrowed from the library or can be gotten from the internet. Reading is a healthy habit and activity and therefore, many students should do the act as well. But you don’t have to spend on it, you just have to look around.

Sell your skills

Some kids love playing video games, some love writing, some love studying, etc. They are kids and they do not know that those hobbies or interests can make them money. Even the simplest things like babysitting, watching a person’s car, writing an article for someone, and so on can make them money. They just need to be creative and tell people about what they are doing and it is their style from then on.

There are a lot of ways on how teens can save money effectively and efficiently. These are the simplest ways but proven to have more positive changes to how teenagers save money effectively. Saving money is not rocket science; you don’t have to think it through – you just need to be creative and positive-minded in order for them to do what they think of. What are your thoughts about this? Do you have kids who have trouble saving money? Let us know in the comments below.

Jobs for Filipinos in Japan

June 22, 2016
Filipinos are known worldwide because almost a piece of us is somewhere around the planet. They might be working there, they might have migrated there, or almost any reason for them to be on that specific country. Along with that, it is safe to say that Filipinos go abroad to have better salaries and benefits, and they can get their families from here in our country to where they are in the long run. A lot of Filipinos are currently working in Japan. Do you want to be one of them? Here are the best of the best jobs that Filipinos can acquire in Japan.

Jobs in Japan

In our previous articles, we guided you on how you can acquire a visa from Japan. Now, we are going to tell you about the jobs that you can get there. Just last year, Japan announced that they are opening over millions of jobs for Filipinos and those are the least that they expect – no experience, no degree, and the list goes on. Domingo L. Siason Jr., a former Philippine ambassador to Japan said that Japan might adopt the U.S-Mexico relationship in terms of manpower.

The jobs in Japan that Filipinos might want to get are:
  • Construction Workers
  • Ship Builders
  • Housekeepers
  • Care Givers
  • English Tutors
  • Hotel and Restaurant Staff
  • Factory Workers

English tutoring is currently a hit for Japan since the next Olympics will be held there in their country. Of course, they want to make business and they want their country to be known as generally as a country who can well converse and comprehend the English language because we all know that Japanese people are not fond of English since their country is an economically improving country. To know about English tutor jobs, click here.

Construction workers, ship builders, and factory workers are all in the same industry. Filipinos are known to be great at manpower all around the globe and Japan surely took notice of that. Having this kind of potential made us be wanted from all over the world. To know more about manpower jobs in Japan, click here.

Japan is an aged country meaning, most of the people there are over 40 years old. They are a technologically advanced country because most of the people there are workers. Not all of them have families to take care of them when they get older and weaker which paints the reason why care givers are a boom in their country. Click here for more information about care giver jobs in Japan.

Hotel and restaurant staff and housekeepers are also wanted in their country. With the growing industrial and technological growth, the problem of demand from the hotel industry arises. The country now is in dire need of experts in that matter. Click here to know more about job openings and vacancies in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Aside from the jobs we listed, there also are job openings that do not require workers to be experts on any matter. There are vacancies in teaching, tutoring, drivers, and many more.

Japan held a good reputation because of the global contributions they have made. They are one of the leading countries who control most of what we handle today. Do not confuse it, although some of these jobs might make you think that it is not worth it, believe me when I say that the Japanese people are fond of giving more than what you deserve. Interested in what Japan has to offer? Inquire now by clicking the links above and who knows? Maybe this is what your family needs.

7 Ways to be More Motivated at What You Do

June 18, 2016
Filipinos are known to be smiling people to the point that even floods hit us, we still smile despite the tragedy that has occurred. Of course, that is not all the time; we also experience being brought down by experiences, results of what we are doing, and so on so forth. A lot of people become unmotivated due to the occurrences in their lives. Here are seven (7) ways in order to stay motivated in what you are doing.

Surround yourself with positive, motivated people

Whatever you are doing, I am sure that interaction with different kinds of people is within the subject matter. Be sure to profile and know people deeply before you make commitments to them. Surrounding yourself with stressful, short-tempered people would not do you any good as well. Surround yourself with people the same as you – the ones who have goals, positive people, and people who have faith both in God and in what they are doing.

Read motivational quotes

This may sound a little bit crazy but it is true. Reading motivational quotes is one way of starting yourself to do more and better work – it is like revving up your engine. Reading quotes by famous people is one way to do better at whatever you want to do; it may even be the reason for you starting to do better.

Ask to be criticized

We think of criticism as one form of being envious and insecure if other people did it to us. Truth is, being criticized is one thing that causes major improvements because other people can concretely notice things that are not right about your work, business, or any other activity you may be doing. If no one is criticizing you, find someone who you think is better and ask them to criticize you. Who knows, maybe this is just what you needed for a skyrocketed result.

Exercise both your mind and your body

Maybe because of our work or the business we are in, we forget to pump the muscles which causes stress, weight-gaining, and other not-so-good things. We should never forget to break a sweat as it helps in the pumping of oxygen in our brains in order for us to think quicker and better. It also makes us look good and thus, we will feel good about ourselves, projecting a positive aura wherever you are.

Visualize the success you want

Never lose sight of what you want to achieve. It is one of the greatest quotations I have read and that is mentioned to me by almost all successful people I know. Problems may come, tragedies may happen but we should never ever lose the idea of what we want to become. Whenever you feel like giving up, think back to the day; remember why you even started in the first place.

Accept changes

Change is inevitable and that is the truth. We can never predict change but we should always be responsible of our actions. It is a common attitude of people to deny change just because it is new to them; they cling on to what it is familiar and rebuke the change that can be the best decision ever made. We need to learn to accept changes in order for us to experience new and better things – we need to have an open mind, all the time.

Do not counter yourself

A lot of problems will come up and make sure that you would not be one of them. Erase every attitude of yours which you know that can ruin your streak or your momentum or worse, which can kill you out of what you are doing. Practice to inhibit all the aspects of a positive person in order to improve your life in the best ways possible.

Life is not easy but it can be so we should not work in order for it to become complicated and complex. Everything you do is a result of your own actions so stop pointing fingers; the very first step of success is when you take responsibility of everything that is happening. Did this help you in any way? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tips for having a chance at the Philippine Bar Exam

June 14, 2016
It’s not easy; let’s get straight to the point. The bar exam is not as simple as ABC’s; it is not as easy as basic mathematics – it is the wholeness of the laws and regulations here in our country so it is not easy. A lawyer does not become a lawyer after graduation, there is what we call the bar exam to which when passed, is given the authority to become what they have studied – a rightful lawyer. A lot of people still fail after taking the bar exam, I myself have not taken it but here are some tips from those topnotchers who successfully dominated the bar exam.

The bar exam is a test given to dictate whether a candidate is eligible to practice a certain profession. In this case, the bar exam is given to law students; it is the professional licensure examination for lawyers. Here are some tips from different topnotchers here in our country:

1. Reviewing starts on the first day the law student goes to law school. The student must practice a reliable and great command of English because having so makes the chances of passing much higher.

2. There is no exact formula to pass; love what you do in order for you to put your heart, mind, body, and soul to your craft.

3. There are over 10, 000 laws in the Philippines; study is a must that is why studying starts the moment you set foot in law school. Try learning all you study by heart so you won’t have a hard-time in memorization.

4. Choose your REVIEW CENTER WISELY. Review centers often behold bar exam passers and they share experiences, obstacles you will face, and yes a few of the answers you have to submit on the actual day itself.

5. Treat mock bar exams as though they are the real bar exams. “Studying under pressure is the best form of review for an exam because having the mindset that it is not the actual can hinder you to perform at your best during the real thing.” Says Prof. Mario Mainero

6. Focus on the relevant stuff only. You study hard and study smart; it is impossible to memorize all the laws in our country so just focus on what is important that will be stated in your bar exam review centers.

7. Practice a good command of the English language. Having a grasp of this will give you an edge in explanation and articulation that is of course followed up by logical reasoning and substantial background knowledge of law and procedure.

8. Get enough sleep during the week of the bar exam. Having adequate sleep the night before is the least practiced because a lot of students tend to study until the witching hour. Do not sacrifice rest for only a few hours of study. This is where studying for the bar comes in during the first day you hit law school.

9. Practice answering straight to the point because you won’t beat time if you answer in a novel-like procedure. Study English well so that you will be capable of doing this.

10. Avoid stress and distractions when judgment day is coming near. Review, review, and review but do not forget to have adequate rest and prayer.

11. Prayer should never be neglected. God has the answers but his answers are up to what actions you are willing to take.

There is no exact formula or concoction in order to beat the bar exams. You just have to study smart, live a healthy lifestyle, pray, and believe that you will pass the test. Do not also forget to have a good grasp of the English language because that is one of the most important things. Do your best and let God take care of the rest.

Top Things to do in Australia

June 04, 2016
So you got your Australian visa, and you are ready to pack your bags and ride the plane, but you do not have a lot of ideas on what you will do in Australia. Australia is a beautiful country, economically, naturally, and architecturally, but what are the best things I can do during my vacation in Australia? In this article, you will be enlightened on what you can do in your one to two-week stay in Aussie. 

Swim in the Lake of McKenzie

Found in Frazer Island which is known to be the world’s largest sand island and the best spot in this island is the Lake of McKenzie. The waters are crystal-clear, and it is a guarantee that serenity and tranquility will be yours in this one-of-a-kind lake surrounded by a forest of trees.

Have a tour in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

In Sydney, you can have a tour at the Museum of Contemporary Art to take stunning pictures of international contemporary art exhibits and a collection of Aboriginal Art. Taking a guided tour inside is free of charge and do not sweat because before your eyes will lie amazing and breathtaking art.

Visit Bondi Beach

One of the well-known beaches in Australia, and pretty much a location for foreigners and travelers is the Bondi Beach. It is just a short 9 km drive from Sydney’s Central Business District; Bondi is one of the busiest beaches you will ever encounter in your lifetime. It is engulfed in a sea of bars, cafes, shops, hotels, and many more.

Stroll Hyde Park

Hyde Park in Sydney is Australia’s oldest parks and is one of the most visited and most famous parks in the country. In here you will find a lot of monuments, fountains, and establishments. Visit the Hyde Park to deeply know Australia’s history through your own eyes.

Visit the Crown Casino and The Star

If you are fond of gambling, then visiting Australia’s largest casinos should probably in your activities. The Crown Casino is the largest and busiest casino in Australia; although you will find all the usual gambling tables (blackjack, roulettes, etc.), Crown is also the venue for international performers. It has 25 restaurants and almost 12 bars inside. The Star is somewhere near the Crown Casino but it is mainly made for gambling. Walking a few minutes from Darling Harbour and feast your eyes and your wallets because it will rain money.

Stand at the Sydney Tower

If you like scenery and the hard gushes of wind, climbing the Sydney tower is just for you. Being at the top will make you feel like you are seeing the whole world – but you are really seeing the whole of Sydney and this experience should not be disregarded.

Here are only a few of the best destinations in Australia, I am pretty certain that there are more. This is only the first part of our Australian travels so stay tuned for more only here in Boklit.com.