10 Ridiculous Laws From Around the World

September 18, 2016
Our world is a wonderful place in which every nation dwelling on it can have different ways of seeing things, different and unique ways of managing its people, and so on. Of course, every region implies different perspectives and opinions which pave the road of reason why there may be regions where a certain law is reasonable while other regions think it is not. However, there are some laws that might sound funny to a normal person’s ear but really, that law is legitimate and in fact, it is followed and is guided by the people who run that nation. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous laws from all over the globe. 

10 Ridiculous Laws From Around the World

1. Divorce is everywhere and is looked up to even in major countries like the U.S, the U.K, and other more countries. But did you know that in our time now, there are only just 2 nations where divorce is illegal – The Vatican and the Philippines.

2. In Maldives, public observance of any religion other than Muslim is prohibited. Yes, if you are caught walking with a bible in your hand, then you would be reported. It is also an offense to import bibles into the country so in order to avoid offending their people, might as well leave your bible at home if you plan on going on a trip to Maldives.

3. French drivers are required to have a portable breathalyzer inside their vehicle and if caught without it, it will be a fine of 11 Euros. Tourists or passengers inside vehicles are not exempted from this law and therefore should also carry one with them.

4. You cannot be sweet in the United Arab Emirates. This doesn’t mean you cannot eat chocolates in public; this means that displaying affection in public like holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc., are prohibited in the UAE. A lot of tourists have already been reprimanded and even jailed for kissing in public so better stay safe than sorry.

5. Singapore has a lot of laws that will make you laugh and smile. One example is that you cannot chomp gum while you are inside the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Another one is that lighting a cigarette in a public place, in a restaurant, on the streets, at the parks, etc., is also illegal. Now you get the idea why it is one of the cleanest countries in the world.

6. In Barcelona, wearing swimsuits or swimming attire is only applicable in beach areas. If you plan on leaving the beach, even if you just go to your car that is parked quite far from your location, you need to ensure that you have proper clothes. Non-compliance to this law can create a huge hole inside your pocket.

7. One major town in Alberta, Canada imposed swearing, cursing, spitting, and even yelling as illegal. So you better think of controlling yourself before going on the said town.

8. If you are caught winking at a woman in Ottumwa, Iowa, you will be fined and you can be sent in jail.

9. Probably one of the most ridiculous laws is in Thailand. This goes to every place in Thailand because if you go there and you accidentally step on your money, then you can be dragged down to jail.

10. In Hong Kong, there is a law that allows a wife to kill her husband if she finds out that he is cheating (with evidence or proof). The thing is, the wife needs to do the killing with her bare hands. Sounds nasty, does it?

Well, as you can see, these are only 10 of the most ridiculous laws out there and I am glad that I informed you about this so you know the policies in these places. Be sure to remember to avoid being reprimanded on a land you are not familiar with. Stay tuned for more articles regarding different ridiculous laws all over the globe.

Home Remedies for Colds

September 18, 2016
The Holidays are just behind our backs now considering that we have now entered the quarter of cold season. The “ber” months are here and it’s slowly living up to people’s expectations of it. Since every time this season arrives coldness and the cool weather is what most people notice, of course it also is associated with different ailments and illnesses. A lot of times, cold weather is directly associated to “colds season” which is in fact most absolutely true. Here in our country, the common cold is a normal thing to Filipinos and yes it is not that easy to cure. You may need to buy proper medications and observe proper rest however, there are home remedies available to help you with what you are feeling. In this article, I will be listing down home remedies that can be a good – even better – alternative for medicine.

Home Remedies for Colds

The Water Therapy

We all are aware of the magnificent miraculous makings of water and yes, one of the best and natural cures for the common cold is just the water therapy. You will be able to clear out the stuffy part of your nose, you will be able to rehydrate yourself in order to release the mucus, and a lot more.

Things you need:

- Water


1. Drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up.

2. Drink one glass of water one hour after you drank 2 glasses of water.

3. Drink 2 glasses after lunch; and so on.

The technique here is to fully reserve yourself with water without any window for dehydration. Havng colds can rehydrate you since it causes a lot of muscles for you to sneeze, it releases mucus that formed inside your body, and it make your head hurts. Drink 2 glasses of water every meal and make it a habit to drink at least 1 glass of water every hour.


Steam is probably one of the most effective ways of clearing up your stuffy nose. In order to make it more effective, adding certain ingredients such as Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil can hasten and enhance the process.

Things you need:

- A towel

- 5-8 drops of either eucalyptus or tea tree oil (can be a combination)

- Boiling water

- A bowl (Heatproof)


1. Put the oils at the bottom part of the bowl and then pour boiling water in it.

2. Start the process by placing your face over the bowl at a comfortable distance because doing it not in the proper way can damage you instead of healing you.

3. Once you found your rhythm, lower your face down CLOSE as comfortably as possible.

4. Have the towel as a guard to trap all the steam that gets out of your area.

5. Once you are close, breathe in and breathe out;

6. Do this for 5-10 mins for 2-4 times – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hot Ginger Tea

Of course, everything that is not delicious is healthy and can be beneficial to our health. Ginger is one of those and yes, it is extremely effective in clearing up that stuffed nose of yours. So if in any case you come across a left ginger inside your home, do not think twice to pick it up and to help yourself with it.

Things you need:

- Ginger (preferably ginger roots; you can grate it); 6-8 table spoons of it.

- Freshly boiled water (at least 4-5 cups)

- Lemon Juice (Optional)

- Honey (Optional)


1. Bring the water to a boil and there it is, it is all set.

2. Once you have the desired boil, pour it in the container where your ginger is placed (preferably in a glass jar).

3. Make sure to cover the jar to keep the escaping steam to the jar because it has the essential materials in it.

4. Place it covered for about half an hour and it is ready to go.

Make sure that you store the rest of the tea in the refrigerator (only up to 24 hours) and just reheat if necessary. Also, ensure that you breathe in the steam of the ginger; drink it at least 3-4 times a day together with other home remedies in this list.

The “Hot” Method

Cold and hot compress has been the bread and butter of most Filipinos who encounter ailments like this. Yes, it is very much effective and it should be practiced because it is natural and it is not that expensive.

Things you will need:

- Water bottle or Ice bag

- A thin piece of clothing

- A vacuum flask (thermos)


1. Bring the water up to a boil and then store it to your vacuum flask to keep it heated and warm.

2. Pour some over the water bottle or ice bag and then ensure that the lid is tightly sealed.

3. Layer a piece of clothing around the bottle or ice bag so that you won’t get burnt by the heat of whatever you are dealing with.

4. You can lie on the bottle or bag between your shoulder blades or you can place that on top of your chest as well.

This method helps cure congestion in the chest and in the neck area. Repeat this 2-3 times daily along with the other home remedies in this list for faster and more accurate results.


Now this one is actually a rare type of cure but I am pretty sure that most Filipinos would get and love this cure. It involves spicy things – you guessed it right, peppers. Yes, the constituent in making peppers hot is in fact called capsaicin; it has tons of health benefits and one of those is that it can help loosen up congested areas of your respiratory system.

Things you will need:

- Pepper or hot chili

- Milk


1. Take a bite on the hot pepper or on the chili or any spicy food you can have.

2. Taking the hotness to a broth however is largely beneficial because as you get water and fluids, you sweat, you get the actions, and you get to feel the hotness you consume.

This is an effective way of decongesting yourself. As per the others, do this along with other more remedies to ensure a fast and obvious recovery.

These are just a few of the best home remedies you can do in order to cure yourself from the common cold. The cold season is here and it is just best to remain prepared with home remedies besides taking on medicines that might be too expensive or too hard-to-find.

14 Facts about dreams you would probably dream about

September 14, 2016
Ever since the human race learned about sleeping, they of course started to know about dreaming as well. But since the time that people wanted to study dreams, it actually became more and more complex and interesting. People like Sigmund Freud, studied dreams and came up with concrete examples and representations to effectively define why dreams are happening and what they are for. But of course, we cannot guarantee if that is 100% legitimate without any scratch of fakeness. But for now, let us tickle your mind because we will give you 14 facts about dreams that will leave you stunned.

14 Facts about dreams you would probably dream about
Image from Pixabay

1. For starters, an average human being spends a good 1/3 of his life just dreaming. Imagine all things that flashed behind your eyes – almost 25 freaking years.

2. If you plan on not sleeping tonight, it is better to cancel out that plan because sleeping for less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.

3. Dreams aren’t just dreams if you think of it that way. There are things today that are the product of dreams and some of these major things are:

  • The alternating current generator – Nikolas Tesla
  • The DNA’s form (double-helix) – Professor James Watson
  • The Periodic Table of Elements – Dimitri Mendeleyev 
  • The idea for Google – Larry Page 

4. Lack sleep? You should be envious of a snail then because snails can sleep for 3 years straight.

5. A normal human being can disregard eating for 2 months and still live but a normal person can only endure up to 11 days without sleeping. Anything more than that then major problems might occur and the worst part is – you may die.

6. Tibetan Monks do not need a bed for sleeping because most of them sleep upright. And yes, they also dream. 

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7. Lucid dreaming is actually a real phenomenon. Lucid dreaming is where you are able to control your dreams.

8. Everyone dreams every single day (except for some who have mental and psychological disorders). If you think you haven’t dreamt tonight, it is just that you already have forgotten what you have dreamt about.

9. People in your dreams are people you have encountered or seen in your real life. Although sometimes you are not able to recall who that person was in your dream, chances are you saw them driving, walking, or whatever in your real life.

10. Some people are actually addicted in sleeping that they never want to wake up. Which leads to the revelation that they want to dream even in the day which causes them to buy an illegal drug which is called the Dimethyltryptamine. It is a synthetic and artificial chemicals and fluids our brain produce during dreaming.

11. Our brains are actually more active when we are dreaming compared to when we are awake.

12. You can dream from an hour to two hours every night which you will have four to seven dreams in just one single sleep.

13. Some sources said that people who snore are not dreaming at that point. So when you are snoring, you are most likely not dreaming. No scientific evidence for this one, though.

14. Even in dreams, gender equality is an issue. Researchers suggest that men have 70% more men in their dreams while women dream about the same gender equally.

Dreams are wonderful occurrences and experiences to help us get through everything we are going through. Though there are no concrete and scientific evidence about why we dream, it is always important to remember that this is a gift to us that we should just love and accept.

19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Earth

September 14, 2016
Ever imagined how wonderful our planet is? It sustained and it continues to sustain life, it has nearly billions of creatures and organisms lurking and dwelling on top of it, and it has been standing here longer than you can imagine. Our Earth is a magical and wondrous place and I am pretty certain that a lot of you fail to be aware of these facts that I am about to give you.

1. If you didn’t notice, our planet is the only planet in our solar system not named after a mythological God or Goddess.

2. Thinking about how big our planet is? Well, about 1.3 million Earths could fit inside our very own sun and our sun is considered to be a dwarf star (a proportionally small star compared to normal ones). 

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3. It takes approximately about 8 minutes and some 20 seconds for light to travel from the sun to our Earth. Which makes you look back in time if you try and look at the sun’s ray.

4. Oxygen – the air we breathe – the thing that keeps us alive. You would think that gas is the most abundant gas in our solar system, right? Well no, oxygen is only 21% while Nitrogen is about 78% in our atmosphere and some other gases are the ones left.

5. How old is the Earth? This question has been thrown from the time intelligence became a trend and researchers and scientists came up with an accurate answer and that is 4.54 billion years old.

6. Life outside Earth is a very sensitive and interesting topic but just inside our galaxy alone, there are at least 2 billion Earth-like planets.

7. The Earth’s highest point is Mount Everest which sits at a high 8.8km.

8. While the Earth’s lowest or deepest KNOWN point is equal to 24.5 Empire State Buildings from top to bottom.

9. Right now, there are approximately 22, 000 manmade objects revolving around the Earth. This are the devices, machines, etc. that have been broken down and is now part of the things orbiting our planet.

10. The very first life on Earth was in our oceans. Even before animals, dinosaurs, or insects were existent, the waters were the hosts of a livelihood that pioneered this planet.

11. Our Earth isn’t a perfect sphere because as it spins, gravity points toward the center of the Earth and a centrifugal force pushes it outward.

12. Since our Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, there are parts of the globe where the gravitation force isn’t as forceful as other parts of it. One example is in Hudson Bay of Canada where it is reported that the gravity is 25% to 45% lower than the usual.

13. 24 hours a day? Not really. The time the Earth rotates on its axis is exactly 23 Hours, 56 Minutes, and 4 Seconds.

14. Our Earth is rich; the core of our planet contains gold which can coat the whole planet to a depth of a staggering 1.5 feet.

15. 40% of the Earth’s total lands are just found in 6 countries. Have a guess on what those are.

16. Ever wonder what would happen if our planet didn’t have its moon? To break the tension, having no moon makes one entire day just 6 hours long.

17. Between 10 to 20 volcanoes are erupting somewhere n Earth EVERY SINGLE DAY which means that there are more active volcanoes than you think.

18. The Earth used to be the color Purple which is caused by ancient different microbes that used different molecules to harness the sun’s rays.

19. Earthquakes can change our planet’s rotation speed. Japan’s 2011 earthquake increased the rotation speed of the planet, shortening the day by 1.8 milliseconds. 

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As you can see, the Earth is a wonderful, magnificent, and a mysterious place. We are of course blessed to have this as our planet most especially because it is the planet that sustains life; without it and its magical occurrences, we wouldn’t be here.

6 Helpful Tips in Choosing a Smartphone

September 14, 2016
The smartphone market is going on a high tool now since most of the most high-tech smartphones are coming out. From its physical build to its specifications, it is truly a wonder how these smartphones came to be. If you want to be part of the hype, then buying a smartphone in our generation is the best option for you but in choosing a smartphone, you have to look and think of everything if they are proportionate and if they are in line – so how do you choose a smartphone? Here are six (6) great and effective tips.
6 Helpful Tips in Choosing a Smartphone
Image: Meraj Chhaya - Flickr

Think about its Size

You might be thinking, “Does size really matter?” Well if you really think about it, the size is not actually important but how you handle it is. The way it fits your hand, the way you grip and hold it is actually what makes the importance. Imagine walking around with a large phone in your hand; you may look like you’re carrying something you’re not supposed to carry or better yet, you may not feel comfortable with holding your phone so this time, size matters.

Understand your purpose for the phone

Yes, there are a lot of specifications you need to check but the sole purpose of those comes down to one point – your use of the phone. If you want to use it for entertainment and gaming purposes, choose a phone with a large RAM and excellent processors. If you want to use it for being on the internet, choose a phone with easy and manageable connectivity.

You won’t need an ultra smartphone if you need basic stuff in it, right? But of course, those specifications are there for a reason and that is to – you guessed it right – make it easier for users; for them not to have two separate phones because they have different purposes.

Expandable storage or no?

Some smartphones now are disabled with the ability to have expandable storages and one good example is the iPhone. So decide if you want a smartphone that has expandable storage because it will play a big role for your utilization of the smartphone. Again, this all comes down to your purpose so be sure to have one concrete purpose of having a smartphone.

Your budget, of course

How are you going to get a smartphone without considering your budget, right? You will need to consider your budget every step of the way because not doing so can lead to external problems. Decide your use for the smartphone and allot a budget for it.

Despite this, there are a lot of available smartphones here in our country which offers excellent specifications. You just have to know how and where to look for them.

Know the importance of the screens

Smartphones now do not have keypads with them where you type text because most, if not all of the smartphones now are touchscreen. Knowing the type of screen can definitely, and yes, I mean DEFINITELY aid you in choosing one. Study different screen types like LCD, AMOLED, and etc. Referring to touch interfaces, there are capacitive, multitouch, resistive, or any other touch types.

Study them and find out the things that you most want and then reconsider. Being blind from all this can just cause you to waste your money on smartphones you never wanted to have in the first place.

Decide whether you want iOS or Android

The two giants, Android and iOS have been on top since they released monster devices. Yes, both of them have their own disadvantages and advantages as well. In Android, you most definitely have the ability to customize all you want, in all colors, shapes, and sizes without having the need to be a technology genius whereas in iOS, you are stuck with what they have to offer. Although the flow of control and the shifting in iOS is considered perfect, as well as security, iOS is also to be considered of course. It really depends on how you want your smartphone to be.

These are just six of the most important tips or things you can consider before choosing a smartphone. As I’ve said earlier, not knowing a thing about it or simply being blind about it can just cause you trouble. It is imperative that you know the purpose of having your device before going straight into it.

6 Proven and Effective Tricks to Improve your Memory

September 08, 2016
As we age, memory goes by as well. It is imperative that we take good care of our mentality before falling into the pit of it. Just like any muscle in our system, our brains can be trained and therefore, our memory can be improved even if our age goes way up the roof. Here are 7 of the best tips and tricks to improve and maintain your memory.

Play puzzles and video games

Improve your Memory

Studies suggest that making your brain work even though just for playing games, play a vital role in your memory. Satisfying yourself mentally with games and puzzles increases your grey matter which makes your brain technically bigger. Challenging your brain to perform more difficult problems leads to the path of improvement and enhancement.

Try playing at least 20 minutes a day and then increase the duration gradually. Having this kind of habit will make you yearn for more difficult tasks and more complex scenarios.

Eat the necessary food

“What you eat is what you are.” I know that we have all heard of the saying but how true is it? In a study done by the UCLA Memory Clinic, people who have less Omega-3 levels had brains which appeared to be 2 years older than it actually is. They say that in order to maintain a good memory, eating food that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3, and vitamin B12, is essential. Food like colorful fruits and green leafy vegetables are the food you want to consume to ensure the health of your brain and your memory.

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Learn the “Chunking Technique”

Did you know that humans can only store a limited number of things in our short-term memory – approximately about 7 different items. The chunking technique is a technique that can help you get past the limit of our brains to remember in the short-term memory; this method can be accomplished by grouping several items into a larger whole – so the groups would be the items itself. This technique is remarkable if you are obliged to memorize a streak.

Exercise and a good night’s sleep

Yes, we all know that getting insufficient rest damages not only our bodies but most definitely our brains as well. In addition to that, exercising not only makes your muscles bigger, but it also improves your brain’s capacity to think – exercise is not always physical; in fact, it is more mental than you actually think it is. 

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Exercising requires you to get adequate sleep in order for your exercise to be most effective, right? So exercising can ultimately benefit you and your memory with, of course, enough, proper, and dominant rest involved.

Treat memorizing as Music

Ever wonder why we can easily memorize lyrics in a song? This is because our brains tend to remember not the lyrics itself but the rhythm, the tone, and how the music was arranged. One good tip to be a master memorizer is to try and incorporate rhythm and sound to what you are opt to memorize. Music generally aids us in memorizing through alliteration and through rhythm so the next time you are to memorize something, try and partner it up with a little bit of music as well.

Learn a new and different skill

In other and truthful news, our memory in fact deteriorates when we get older; but taking care of it while we still can would actually slow down the process. Engage yourself in purposeful activities because it stimulates your neurological system, making most of the regions in your brain work. A study suggests that countering stress-related illnesses reduces the risk of dementia and improves brain function. So, learning a new skill is that important – now WE know.

Improving our memory is actually much more to what we suggest about it. It even includes countering diseases, making you look good, making you feel better, and a lot of other stuff that are in line with our health and well-being. Now that we are aware of how we can manage to slowly hinder the process of aging, make it a habit to practice making your brain work most of the time.

17 Surprising Facts about Your Body and Health You Probably Didn’t Know

September 06, 2016
Our bodies are a wonderful place; from magical cures to one-second changes, it makes us either fully alive or almost rotten. Ever since, our health has been bases of studies because in the end, it all comes down to how healthy we are, right? A lot of people grow and disregard some things as regards to their health which is why in this article, we will be relaying 17 facts for you in order for you to know more and to live better.
17 Surprising Facts about Your Body and Health
Image from Pixabay

1. Our bodies can make its own aspirin – yes, you heard it right; our own bodies can produce its own pain-reliever by eating fruits and vegetables. Why? Benzoic Acid. Benzoic Acid is an acid that can be found in most fruits and vegetables. It is the reason how people create their own salicylic acid which provides pain-relievers their ability to ease pain.

2. Doubting your own body? Well, knowing that your stomach acid alone can melt metal is enough proof that your body is amazing, right?

3. Third-hand smoke particles, which are the smell of smoke that attaches to the hair and to clothing is a very dangerous substance. It is a cancer risk to children who can smell them and pets that can sense them.

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4. Lack of exercise in our generation is now causing as many deaths as smoking does. So you better keep yourself active and say good bye to your old habit of sitting around and looking at your technology all-day long.

5. Who said farting is bad? Did you know that farting, as a matter of fact, is good for your health and it ultimately helps reduce high-blood pressure.

6. Your nose is actually better than you in memory because it can remember up to 50, 000 scents and no more than that.

7. “Laughter is the best medicine.” Yes, we all know that saying and it is most absolutely true. Having a good laugh for about 100 times is equal to a 15-minute stationary bike session. How’s that for cardio?

8. For women, you might want to exercise and do at least walk (with enough sleep of course) because it can lower your chances of getting breast cancer by a staggering 25%

9. You don’t actually notice it but you spend an approximate 10% of your day just blinking your eyes. Want to see it? – Don’t blink.

10. Although we have less than a million colors, our eyes are so high-tech, it can sense between 2.3 million and 7.5 million different colors – from shade, to light, etc.

11. Your pinky, although you consider it the least appealing in the group, is actually essential. Losing your pinky means losing half of your hand’s full strength.

12. Health affiliated – disregarding how you look or smell – the suggested volume of you showering is just actually once or twice in a week.

13. Sitting up straight actually made a positive effect on a person’s mood. Researchers suggest that people who sat with their backs straight tend to have better mood than those who didn’t. Theories suggest that simply sitting up triggers the body’s autonomic nervous regions which increase blood flow, making you feel happy, comfortable, and confident.

14. Ever experienced that weird feeling inside your stomach when you ride the roller coaster? That feeling is actually true to its guts – yes, your nerves sense the motion and the occurrence inside is actually what you feel; it twists, turns, and rolls as how your body does. It does not damage it but it gives you one hell of a ride.

15. Hate bacteria? Fun fact: There actually are more bacteria in your mouth than all the people in the entire world.

16. Not taking care of your beard is equivalent to not taking care of your armpits. Beards have the same bacteria that live in armpits/armpit hair so make sure that you take care of your beard (if you have one) by grooming it.

17. In order for a person to speak, 72 different muscles interact with one another in order to make this event possible. Without even 1 muscle, it would be difficult for a person to speak.

Yes, I am not surprised that you are surprised because it astounded me the first time I legitimately read about this as well. At least, now you know things and this can help you live a better and a more healthy life.

11 Surprising Facts about Oceans

September 06, 2016
If you take a look at the globe, you will see a predominant color of blue and guess what that is – yes, those are oceans; different oceans from different regions in our planet which balance what we have. A lot of people know a thing or two about oceans like they are salty, they contain different lives, and so on. But these facts that I am about to tell you would definitely astound you and leave you wondering “what more can that ocean have?”

1. A basic one, 94% of all the life on Earth is aquatic… meaning, including us humans, are just a very small minority. Can you now imagine how vast our waters are?

2. If we convert the deep sea to museums, it would be an extremely larger museum than all museums that can be found on Earth combined. It holds more artifacts, remnants, and fossils than all museums in the world.

3. If you think that the longest and largest mountain range is the Himalayas, think again. The longest mountain range in the world can be found underwater and is called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge. This mountain range is a chain of mountains that run through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean; it is 35, 000 miles long.

4. Our waters are rich source of nutrients and of course – fortune. Our entire planet’s oceans contain almost 20 million tons of gold.

5. You do know that the air we breathe is Oxygen, right? And we think that Oxygen just comes out of nowhere, correct? Well, 70% of all the Oxygen that we breathe are produced by the oceans. How can we live then if we do not have these?

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6. If you happen to think that we discovered a lot about our waters already, then you better check it again. In total, we only discovered 5% of the entire body of water which leads us to having 95% undiscovered underwater remains unknown.

7. It’s actually just fine to pee in the ocean – why? Because 95% of our urine is water and the Nitrogen which can be found in our Urea is used to feed and to keep the ocean plants and some creatures alive.

8. As mentioned earlier, our ocean produces 70% of all the Oxygen that we breathe and this is because a tiny microscopic organism called the Phytoplankton. Almost all of the sea life is dependent on Phytoplankton because they are the main source of the Oxygen that the oceans produce.

9. We know corals as miniature design, abstract structure, which is pleasing for our vision, right? Although some might know a deeper meaning to it, what’s most important now is that corals are so close to the chemistry and structure of human bones that it is now utilized in replace of broken bones or to repair bones.

10. The largest animal is not the Elephant – it is the blue whale and yes it does live underwater and is existent until now. It has a heart the size of a typical Volkswagen, can you imagine how amazing that is?

11. Below what we actually have in the maps for oceans, creatures residing there have different abilities and capabilities which are a result of their adaptation since light cannot seem to enter their region. Here, more than million creatures exist that we are not really familiar of.

Our planet is an extremely wonderful place; it can bring us greatness but it can be the door to our destruction as well if we fail to know how to preserve and to utilize it. Marine life has been our support since the start of our civilization and in just that point, we need to truly take care of it because it can be the turnover for life here on Earth.

10 Facts about the Philippines you probably didn’t know

September 03, 2016
Most Filipinos know only a thing or two about their country and this is indeed a fact. A lot of us tend to forget the beginnings of our nation which is not really surprising in a sense that we need to markdown our countrymen. There are of course, factual events, places, and even people you do not know about and in this article, we will be listing 10 of the most amazing facts about the Philippines that you probably didn’t know.

10 Facts about the Philippines

1. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world, three (3) are here in the Philippines? Yes, Filipinos love going to malls to hang out with friends, buy stuff, eat, and so on. Wondering what these malls are? They respectively are: SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia (MoA).

2. We all know who Manny Pacquiao is, right? If you are part of the few who don’t, then Manny is the world champion boxer who came from General Santos City. His influence not only in the hearts of people, change whenever he fights – there is actually more than that. Did you know that when Manny Pacquiao steps inside the ring to fight, crime rate all over the country drops to ZERO (0) in Manila. Yes, you heard it right, there are no crimes at all in Metro Manila during his fight with Floyd Mayweather and this is not the first time this happened. There were a few recorded in some parts of the country, though.

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3. Of course, you are well-versed on what our flag looks like, correct? Did you know that if you invert our flag upside down, it means that we are declaring a state of war? And did you know that we are the only country whose flag is turned upside down when the situation hits this?

4. If you happen to know Harvard University, then you would probably think that it is the oldest standing university now, wouldn’t you? Well try not to look elsewhere because the University of Santo Tomas which was founded in 1611, and the University of San Carlos in Cebu City which was founded in 1595, are both older than Harvard. Now, who do you think is the strongest?

5. Yes, our beloved country is considered to be the “Text Capital of the World” Filipinos send about 1.3 billion SMS messages EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2009. On top of that, did you know that if you combine the United States’ and Europe’s text messages, it won’t still beat the Philippines’ number f messages everyday?

6. Many of us aren’t aware that the first person who ever made the Karaoke is a Filipino. It was in 1975 and a man named Roberto del Rosario made and patented the first working karaoke machine and named it the “Sing Along System.” A Japanese man later translated it to “Karaoke” which means “singing without accompaniment” and legally patented it which of course, made him the inventor.

7. Did you know that the Philippines is the first country to gain Independence in the whole Southeast Asia? This is after World War 2 (WW II) in 1946.

8. The world’s largest Christmas lantern was 26.8 meters in diameter and cost Php5, 000, 000.00. It was illuminated in San Fernando, Pampanga on December 24, 2002.

9. There are 125 to 170 languages in use in the Philippines and some of them are: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Waray, Kapampangan, etc.

10. In 2014, we became the seventh (7TH) most populated country in Asia and 12th in the whole world by marking our 100millionth citizen during on the 27th of July, 2014.

If you know only about our country now and forgot what we were in the past, then you can’t call yourself a Filipino. We have made a ton of surprising and interesting things to contribute to the world, do not let what other people tell you ruin your own land’s image for yourself. Love your country because your country loves you.