About Us

Why Boklit?

Boklit is a term in the native dialect of Bicol Region (about 450km from Manila, Philippines,) particularly in Albay province, which means “to scan” because the founder and co-founder of this site (boklit.com) are Bicolanos we use the word boklit as the name and domain.Also, the word boklit supports our main goal which is to serve our readers with the most relevant and up-to-date news, promos, tips, public info and tutorials that we find online by scanning the world wide web daily for interesting and informative articles that we think may interest most of our readers.

As part of our development process, we are looking for talented writers or students who major in English and journalism (preferably Filipinos) who are willing to be part of this website as a news or tutorial article writer.  This can be your stepping stone in becoming a great writer and journalist in the future. If you think you’re proficient enough don’t hesitate to Contact Us.