The MRT Will be Closed During Holy Week

Thousands of commuters in Metro Manila use Manila Metro Rail Transit System (MRT-3) for their daily commutes. Most of the people choose this over buses to avoid the heaping heavy traffic that EDSA has to offer. However, be reminded that the MRT-3 might not be operational during Holy Week. Last March 19, 2019, the Department […]

New Routes for P2P Buses Open for Franchising Which Includes Cebu, IloIlo, Baguio, and La Union

A new breed of buses are being used by commuters in Central Business Districts (CBDs) and they’ve been enjoying it ever since. These Premium Point-to-Point buses made every commuter’s life easier and more comfortable since the day it was operational. Passengers loved the idea because there’s a fixed schedule, the bus was accompanied by hygienic […]

7 Out of the 9,000 Passed the Riders Traffic Safety Exam

With Angkas becoming legal again, a lot of Filipinos see this as an opportunity for a job. As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of Grab users switched to Angkas because it is a lot cheaper. In addition to that, the traffic that almost all cities in the country has to offer is not […]

Over 300,000 Jobs in Japan is Going to be Offered; Filipinos are Their Priority

In a lot of previous articles stemming from the previous years, it’s one thing to note that foreign countries look at our country as a place where tons of workers are actually “worth it.” What I mean by that is that a lot of our neighboring countries, even countries far from us, prefer hiring Filipino […]

Manila Water Gets Shared With Maynilad’s Surplus Valve

Amidst the water crisis, a lot of Filipinos still lean and rely on water distributors and locations with deep wells. More so, people who have back-up water tanks and water generators are also the talk of the town now. With Manila Water’s water crisis affecting millions and millions of homes, Filipinos are at the brink […]

Power Interruptions That Might Take Place This Week

We all recently became aware of the water interruptions that has been happening in some parts of the country. Well if that isn’t much of a hassle, power interruptions are also going to spread in some parts of the Philippines, too, as per the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO). In their advise, they said that some […]