Is Living Away From Family For You? Moving Out Of Our House At 24

FREEDOM. The first thing that I acquired when I moved out of our house at the age of 24- but not with some consequences of course. It has always been my dream to live away from my family after I finished my degree. I did. I graduated in July, last year. The desire just amplified when my mother passed away years ago. The thought of being able to do what I wanted on my own accord was my driver.

Well, there was some hesitation at first. Would my family allow me? Would they want to let go of me knowing that I was the only one who had finished college among my siblings? But then, why not? My siblings have their own lives, they got their jobs and I can see that they can sustain their own needs. Plus, my father found another woman. I see no reason to stay especially since my mother is already gone.

Finally, I took the courage to move out to Pampanga in December, last year. The first few weeks were tough. It was a restart. Back to zero- I mean, not necessarily nothing since I brought some stuff that I can use from our house. I had to go out the evening I moved in for some groceries and an electric fan because I could not handle the humidity of the new apartment. I went back around nine and had to fix and arrange things before I was able to rest. Slowly, I was able to adjust and cope with the new environment that I chose.



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Pros Of Living Alone

If you’re planning to move out on your own then you might find this article worthy of your five minutes. Of course, living alone has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it provides you all the freedom that you need. You can now do the things you weren’t able to do before.

As for me, I always longed to sleep and wake up on my own phase, which is one of the things I was deprived of before since my sister often get up so early in the morning with some banging music in the living room.

Second, I can eat whenever I want. Before, I was assigned to cook and even though I didn’t eat the meals served, I was still obliged to wash the dishes.

Third, I was able to design my own apartment. It’s not that I have much of belongings, but the thought that I am able to move them around wherever I want is very satisfying.

Fourth, I was able to learn budgeting. My budget was tight right now that’s why I am mastering this one. In case you are wondering, my rent is Php 4,000 a month while my internet, water, and electricity bills is less than Php 2,000.

Fifth, when I broke things no one will yell and get mad at me since I was the one who bought the stuff.

Sixth, my apartment, my rules. I don’t have to consider others. If I have to make a decision, the toll is all on me.

Cons Of Living Alone

You live by yourself. That says it all. You handle things alone. First, the bills. Before, I don’t have to pay for them, now I disregard my wants and focused on my needs.

Second, away from family means homesickness. Suddenly, you will remember what you used to do with them.

Third, new environment. If you are the type of person who has a hard time trying to adjust with new people and environment then living alone is not for you.

Fourth, you will suffer in void and silence. There will be some times that you may want to talk someone personally but all you have now is your family and friends virtually.

Fifth, the apartment chores are all yours. Cleaning the apartment, washing the dishes, cooking meals, repairing broken equipments, and doing the laundry.

Sixth, you are all alone now. You will not be able to depend on other people both emotionally and physically.


Now, the question is- would you chose this kind of life?

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