How Much Should You Spend to Treat and Prevent Measles in the Philippines?

Earlier this year, measles has taken its toll in our country spreading to near parts of business districts and some provinces. We do know that it’s not simple to have this kind of condition. More so, people can prevent and actually treat measles but it’s not that easy. That further begs the question on how […]

8 New Ro-Ro Routes to be Rolled Out

Have you ever ridden a Ro-Ro? If you have no idea on what that is in the first place, don’t worry, you are not alone. Not all Filipinos had the chance to ride this. Before we get to the topic, let us first discuss what a Ro-Ro is. What is a Ro-Ro? A Ro-Ro is a term […]

New P2P Bus Routes for Daily Commuters

Public transportation is one of the key things of a country in determining their overall efficiency and effectivity. In the Philippines, we can have the conclusion that public transport is all over; from tricycles, jeepneys, to trains, buses, even vans, they’ll surely be able to accommodate what the citizens need. However, just recently, a lot […]

Longer Days Than Nights After the Equinox

Filipinos have this feeling of hotness and humidity in the air. Ever since the end of the holiday season, we experienced the heat everywhere, even in Baguio after the reported 9 degree temperature there. Now, a majority of Filipinos are feeling extremely hot because of the temperature of our overall country. In addition to this, […]

Water Interruptions in the Affected Areas as per the PSA

One of the common negative occurrences our country undergoes is the El Niño. It does not only incur a lot of problems for people, it’s also a catastrophic event that can affect a lot of things. Because of this, the El Niño negatively gave impact to Manila Water Company Inc’s., water supply, causing some areas […]

Manuel Villar is Now the Philippines’ Richest Man

The late Henry Sy, the country’s richest man was succeeded by Manuel Villar, a business tycoon and a former Senator of our country. In addition to that, Manuel “Manny” Villar was also the country’s Senate President. Just recently, Manny Villar was named the Philippines’ richest person as per Forbes Magazine last Tuesday, the 5th of […]