LRT-1 Cavite Extension Construction to Start in April

With all of the infrastructural projects signed and started, Filipinos should somehow see these projects as developments to the betterment of everyone. From the common station to the Metro Manila Subway, it’s clear that these projects intend to further improve and implement better public transportation. Since these are the shine of the news today, there’s […]

No Vaccination, No Enrollment Policy – Suggested by DOH

As of this time, the number of measles cases continue to rise across the Philippines. Know to prevent any more casualty with the said disease hitting children in public school and avoid the disease from breaking out and spreading, the Department of Health (DOH) proposed a “no vaccination, no enrollment” policy in all public schools. […]

Liquid Ban Lifted Temporarily – MRT-3 and LRT-2

You might be one of the commuters who were recently shocked by the sudden ban of liquids in both Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations. This is because the government suddenly imposed the said ban because of the directive from the Philippine National Police (PNP). In a previous post, we discussed […]

TM ALLNET20: Unlimited Calls to All Networks!

Tired of spending a lot just to be able to make a call to other networks? No need to worry, because Touch Mobile (TM) introduced their newest promo. Yes, the TM ALLNET20 is a promotion that you can utilize if you want to have unlimited calls to all networks. In this article, we will be […]

President Duterte Vetoes the Anti-Palo Bill

We Asians are fond of discipline especially to our children. Especially Filipinos, a lot of Filipino parents look at discipline as something that can be done in a physical manner. This is why a bill that would demolish the idea of physically punishing children has been passed. However, our dearest President Duterte vetoes the bill. […]

The Metro Manila Subway Construction to Start Today

The Metro Manila traffic, along with adjacent cities, towns, and municipalities, are such a headache especially to people who go to and fro because of their jobs and businesses. So, one thing that the government thought of is to create alternatives. This is why our dear President Duterte approved projects that would be for the […]