Unveiling The Real Story Behind The Viral Word ‘Mekus Mekus’

In the age of the internet, viral trends and memes can spread like wildfire, captivating the global online community within moments.

One such phenomenon that took the internet by storm was the viral word ‘Mekus Mekus.’

As with many internet phenomena, the origin of ‘Mekus Mekus’ is somewhat elusive.

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For a brief period, it seemed to be everywhere, leaving many intrigued about its origin, meaning, and the reasons behind its sudden popularity.

In the Philippines, “Mekus mekus” quickly became well-known on social media, with users using it in memes and captions without necessarily understanding what it means.

On Monday, October 9, Mr. Nobodydudy, a well-known Indian content producer, posted a video on his Facebook page explaining the significance of his amusing word “mekus mekus.”

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He said that “mekus mekus” is a humorous way of saying “mix mix,” and that to generate the sound, one should read “mix mix” slowly with an Indian accent.

“Mekus mekus, mix mix ha. Kami na Indian we cannot pronounce it straight. Baka ‘yung iba kaya nila ‘yan, ako hindi (Mekus mekus, is mix mix, ok? We Indians cannot pronounce it correctly. Maybe others can, but I can’t),” Mr. Nobodydudy stated.

Mr. Nobodydudy not only amused his fans with his humor, but he also introduced his catchphrases like “grabe na ‘yan,” “sarap na ‘yan,” “insan,” “tornado na ‘yan,” and the widely used “mekus mekus,” which quickly spread across social media and resulted in numerous internet users imitating them.

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The Indian vlogger amassed an incredible 3 million Facebook followers as a result of his hilarious reactions to the preparation of Indian street cuisine.

Mr. Nobodydudy stated that he plans to keep producing entertainment and is appreciative of his Filipino followers’ steadfast support.

The rise of ‘Mekus Mekus’ exemplifies the power of online communities and memetic culture. As users embraced the phrase, it evolved beyond a mere word into a symbol of belonging.

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Users who used ‘Mekus Mekus’ in their content or engaged with it in any way felt a sense of belonging to a larger, internet-savvy community.

This sense of belonging has always been a driving force behind the perpetuation of internet trends.

Featured Image Credit: Manila Bulletin

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