“Super Blue Blood Moon” To Be Visible On The 31st Of January

The start of this year is a bit magical as three rare lunar events are to happen on the 31st of January. A lunar eclipse, a blue moon, and a supermoon will all occur at the same time; scientists refer to this occurrence as “super blood moon.” Witness these magical events on the 31st of […]

Migrate To Switzerland And Earn 1 Million Pesos?

Every Filipino has a dream; in fact, everyone has a dream. Most Filipinos have this dream of travelling or migrating to a different country. Others yearn for snow, while others just want to live that sophisticated urban or rural life. Although that’s the case, all these dreams of course need to start somewhere. Moreover, migrating […]

Faraday Future showcased their FF ’91 at the CES 2017

Faraday Future, the not-so-famous car company released its first vehicle since their plan of empowering their rival company Tesla. Last January 3, 2017, they held an event to honor the production of their model which is the infamous FF ’91. Prior to the event, rumors rolled around that the company is a bit of backed […]

Jarvis by Mark Zuckerberg: Released December 20, 2016

Building a simple AI (Artificial Intelligence) to run Mark Zuckerberg’s home was his personal challenge in 2016. Just like Jarvis in Iron Man, his focal goal was to gain knowledge about the state of artificial intelligence, but these challenges led him to learn more than what he expected. This has actually given him an enhanced […]

Scientists are planning to clone an extinct Lion

Ever wondered how a creature that walked the earth more than 12, 500 years ago looked like? There was a pretty controversial discovery in Russia just last year that grabbed the curiosity of most scientists. What would you think if you found out that scientists and doctors are working together to produce a creature that […]

Singapore’s Peace Broken by Violence in Little India

On Sunday December 8, Singapore saw the worst violence the country has ever had in 40 years! The country is very strict in enforcing peace and order, but on Sunday night the riot in the Little India district could not be stopped before it got worse. People were injured and vehicles were badly damaged.  Trouble […]