Pinay Satanist Nurse Censured for Posting Dying Pensioners Photos

January 22, 2014
A Filipina nurse by the name of Blaze Binder is under fire for posting pictures of her posing with the dead and dying pensioners in a nursing home in Saint Gallen, Switzerland on her Facebook account. She’s been fined $1,300 by a Swiss court because of her actions.
Binder, who goes by the name of Ghostinthedark Stania Blaze on Facebook, is not merely a nurse, she’s also a self-proclaimed “Satanist” and she said in her Facebook page that she’s “harvesting souls.” She also listed there dominatrix as one of her profession and she described herself as the “queen of pleasures.”

Binder who works in a nursing home in Switzerland would pose with the dead and dying pensioners and post them on her Facebook page would ask her 2,000 friends if the person she pose with is either dead or dying.

The Filipina nurse’s actions did not go unnoticed by the relatives of the pensioners and the Swiss Association of Nurses. All of them were upset when they found out. Ruedi Forrer, son of one of the pensioners, said that the images must be taken down from the Internet.

Even though there’s backlash Binder seems unrepentant and unaffected. She made this response to one of the comments made on her page “I can put anything I want in my Facebook, it’s mine. People who doesn’t want what I post they can juz up and die death is normal and people die all the time.”

Now, it looks like Binder has deactivated her Facebook account since Tuesday.

Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez Talentless in Heated Text Exchange

January 22, 2014
On-again-off-again pair Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is under scrutiny again. There are reports that the two are back in each other’s arms again after breaking up for the nth time last year. Apparently, the two were spotted together earlier this month sparking rumors that they’ve patched things up. But then it’s not as clear-cut as that.
There are fresh reports that the two had a heated exchange via text message wherein Justin even called her talentless!

Radaronline managed to get screengrabs of the text exchange between the two and it started with Justin telling Selena that he loved her. Instead of getting a reply with the same essence, Selena told him that he’s a drug addict and that he needed help. Of course Justin wasn’t pleased.

In the middle of the exchange, Justin reportedly sent Selena a nude photo of himself. And then there was this text where he said that Selena was only famous because of him and everybody knows it. It ended with the message “Go f*** someone else. Keep that talentless p**** away from me!”

Whether this exchange is real or not is still huge question mark. When asked for comment Selena’s rep said it’s not real.

Could it be true or is someone making it up to make some money?

Sunrise Televised in Beijing Due to Thick Smog

January 22, 2014
Manila may be the place in the Philippines that has the most polluted air but it’s not comparable to the state that Beijing is in. Although Manila is also covered in smog at the best of times, it’s not as worse as what Beijing is suffering at the present time. Beijing’s smog is horribly thick that people can hardly see the sunrise or the sunset. In fact, the city has resorted to televising the sunrise on a gigantic TV just to let people know it’s that time of the day.

People flocked to Tiananmen Square last January 16, 2014 where sunrise was projected on a huge LED screen. Most of these people had masks on to protect themselves from inhaling the harmful particles.

Although the sunrise was good to see on the screen it just emphasizes the seriousness of the problem in the city. Instead of decreasing, smog has, apparently, got worse in the last two to three years. Smog is even worse during winter due to the stagnant weather pattern plus the increased coal-burning.

The thick smog can sometimes go on for days at a time in Beijing and also in other parts of China that everyone is urged to help improve air quality this year. Beijing’s mayor has even allocated 15 billion yuan or $2.5 billion for efforts aimed at improving air quality in the city.

Sole Winner Takes Home P155.4M Grand Lotto Jackpot

January 21, 2014
Everyday thousands, if not millions, of Filipinos bet on the Philippine Lotto in the hopes that they will win the jackpot prize and be able to change their life. Some of these people even use their last twenty pesos bill as betting money instead of using it to buy other things like food.

Anyhow, one person’s life is about to change after winning P155.4 million pesos in the Grand Lotto jackpot of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office on Monday night. A lone bettor, whose identity will surely be kept a secret by PCSO, will be taking home this huge amount of money. The combination that won him or her millions is 02-38-32-19-08-03.
This is not the first time for the Lotto jackpot to be won by a lone bettor. There’s been a series of lone bettor wins since last December 12, 2013 wherein that winner got to take home P126,350,776 for the combination 12-08-37-17-20-09.

It was followed by another sole winner for the PCSO Superlotto 6/49 with the prize money of P30,577,516 for the combination 45-39-34-21-05-19.

Last January 9 a lone bettor won P22,425,340 with the combination 21-13-19-27-20-23. January 12’s Superlotto 6/49 draw also yielded a sole winner for the P24,814,752 prize money for the combination 09-21-14-27-06-19.

With such huge jackpot anyone would be tempted to bet.

“Bride for Rent” Earns an Impressive P100M in Just 4 Days

January 20, 2014
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim have proven once again that theirs is a formidable tandem with “Bride for Rent” earning P100 million after just four days of showing in theaters. The film’s earnings was confirmed by Star Cinema executive Roxy Liquigan.
The film already showed great potential from the first day, Wednesday, it hit theaters when it brought in a total of P21.2 million.

Liquigan revealed that the feat the film has reached in terms of profit is impressive considering its January playdate.
Kim and Xian’s first movie tandem “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo” also earned P100 million but not until two weeks. So, when compared to that, what “Bride for Rent” has achieved at this point is indeed impressive.

The movie is about a guy Rocco (Xian Lim) who auditions and hires a woman to pretend as his wife for him to get hold of his trust fund. Rocky (Kim Chiu) is the lucky pick among those that auditioned for the job.

Also included in the film are Tirso Cruz III, Pilita Corales, Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans and Martin del Rosario.

On Thursday Kim expressed her thanks to everyone who watched the film.

PRC Issues Room Assignments for January 26, 2014 LET Examination

January 19, 2014
The first Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for this year will be held on January 26, 2014.In connection with this, the Professional Regulation Commission has announced the list of room assignments of examinees all over the country.
The different testing centers announced by PRC are Manila (NCR), Baguio, Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Catarman Northern Samar, Baybay City Leyte (Alternate Testing Site), Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi Lucena, Tuguegarao, Pagadin, Zamboanga and Hong Kong wherein PRC and the Board of Professional Teachers (BPT) will oversee the exam.

Tacloban City used to be the testing center in their region but due to the unstable facilities and buildings PRC designated Catarman, Northern Samar and Baybay City, Leyte as alternate testing centers last December 12, 2013.
For the January 2014 LET Examinees, PRC has issued general instructions that they must observe:
  • Check and visit your school and room assignment a day before the examination to verify your room and seat number.
  • On the day of examination, report to the school/building assignment not later than 6:30 AM. Be punctual. Note that LATE EXAMINEES WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Examination fee of absent examinees will be forfeited.
  • You are required to wear the following attire on examination day:
    • Male Examinees - White polo shirts or T-shirts with collar;
    • Female Examinees - White blouses or T-shirts with collar
  • Bring the following on examination day:
    • a. Application Stub with Application Number
    • b. Official Receipt of payment of application for examination
    • c. One (1) Window Envelope with metered postage stamp
    • d. One (1) long transparent white plastic envelope
    • e. One (1) long size brown envelope
    • f. Two (2) or more Pencils (No. 2)
    • g. Ball pen with BLACK INK only
    • h. Non-programmable calculator
  • The following are PROHIBITED inside the examination rooms/ premises:
    • a. Books, notes, review materials, and other printed materials containing coded data, information or formula;
    • b. Programmable calculators;
    • c. Cellular phones, beepers, portable computers or similar gadgets;
    • d. Bags of any kind (ladies' bags, shoulder bags, attaché case, backpack etc)
    • e. Other examination aids not stated in this program shall not be brought inside the examination building.
  • You are not allowed to bring food and eat inside the room.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the examination room, borrow anything or communicate with other examinees on any matter during the examination.
  • Non-compliance with test instructions shall be a ground for cancellation of your examination. 
  • Impersonation is a ground for disqualification in this BLEPT and in future examinations.

If you are a LET examinee, check out the list of room assignments below:



Jolo, Sulu







Angel Locsin, Luis Manzano Reconciliation in the Works

January 17, 2014
Angel Locsin surprised everyone during the press conference on Wednesday when she admitted that she still loves her ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano.

Locsin said that although the love is still there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get back together. They still have lots of past issues to work out.

She’s aware that many would react and criticize her for what she said but she doesn’t want to lie. But Locsin believes it’s important to tell the truth even if some people will get angry at her.

Locsin also revealed that she and Manzano were able to talk during the New Year and they discussed some of the personal things that they haven’t talked about and she’s happy that they are in good terms now.

Locsin emphasized that Manzano was not the reason she and football star Phil Younghusband broke up. She also said that she truly loved Phil and did not deceive him it was just that as time passed she got to realize there’s a mistake.

Nobody could say that Manzano was the cause of her breakup with Younghusband since she and Manzano didn’t talk and avoided each other as much as possible for two or three years. Although they are talking, there’s no assurance that they’ll get back together. She simply said, “Sana kasi wala naman akong ibang makita pero depende 'yan sa amin kung magiging okay kami together.”

Rose Fostanes Cannot Sing Professionally in Israel

January 16, 2014
Rose Fostanes may be the first X Factor Israel winner but whether she’ll be able to work professionally as a singer in the said country is another story. The 47-year-old Filipina caregiver was proclaimed the winner on Tuesday night but the next day local media reported that she will not be able to work as a singer because of visa constraints.

According to the website Ynet, Fostanes is on a special caregiver visa and this only permits her to work as a caregiver in the said country. The kind of work permit she holds prevents her from earning money in any other position.

Israel’s law states that “A foreign worker cannot work in any job that is not permitted on their work visa, not even on weekends or in their free time.” Anyone who does so will be violating their visa, which of course has an equal punishment. 

A spokesperson from Israel’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority said unequivocally that under no situation can the Filipina be paid as a singer in Israel but she can perform for free.

Fostanes’ triumph has just turned into a dilemma and even she does not know what is going to happen next.

Fostanes, who is openly gay, continually impressed Israel’s X Factor judges and viewers with her renditions of “Bohemian, Rhapsody,” “You and I,” “Because of You,” and her winning piece Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis Land Lead Roles in New Teleseryes

January 10, 2014
Those who miss seeing Bea Alonzo and Anne Curtis in primetime telerseryes don’t have to fret because they’ll see them soon. These two will be starring in their own teleseryes this year.

Bea Alonzo has the lead role in the soap entitled “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon.” She will be working alongside renowned artists as Susan Roces, Anita Linda, and Ronaldo Valdez. Although she’s excited to work with them, Bea admitted that she’s nervous at the same time.
In the press conference held on January 9, Bea did not reveal much about the character she’ll be playing because doing so would also disclose the drama’s plot. She simply said that the drama is about two women and a third one, which will be played by her, who suddenly crops up in the story.

Also ecstatic with her new role is Anne Cutis who has been picked to play Dyesebel, one of the most iconic characters in Pinoy culture. The actress is so happy that she immediately shared the good news to her Twitter followers.

Dyesebel is one of Anne’s dream roles and she said to be chosen is a dream come true. She said she will make sure to give justice to the role. She added that it’s a great way to start the year.

Anne will be starring alongside Sam Milby and Geral Anderson in the latest remake of Dyesebel.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Have an Eye Scanner

January 10, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy S4 that the company unleashed last year was not really the big hit that Samsung folks were expecting. But for its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, Samsung is ensuring it makes a loud noise when it gets unveiled in April.

Based on what Samsung Executive Vice President for Mobile Lee Young Hee said to Bloomberg at CES 2014, it looks like they are planning something big for the S5. He said that they will be focusing on the display and the feel of the cover but, he also said that they are studying eye scanners although he did not determine whether it will be included in the S5 or not.
If Samsung do opt for the eye scanner as one of the highlights in the Galaxy S5 their device will be the first to have it. They won’t be infringing on iPhone 5S’ feature since what that Apple device has is a fingerprint scanner.

Almost everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is still pure speculation including the reported curved display that it will have.

What’s true, however, is the smart watch that will accompany the Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s actally a new version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch only that it’s less bulky and has lots of fitness tracking features. It can measure calories, heart rate and stress levels, which makes it a must-have for health-conscious individuals.

47,000 Cruise Ship Jobs Open for Pinoys

January 08, 2014
Job alert for Filipinos who are looking for a job aboard international cruise ships! Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that at least 47,000 jobs are open for Filipino seafarers.
A college degree is not a pre-requisite since cruise ships prefer applicants who have experience working in hotels, casinos and spas. Those who have work experience in the fields of beauty and health, information and technology as well as security.
Basic requirements in order to land a job aboard include basic skills, high school diploma, experience and proficiency in spoken and written English.

According to Baldoz 15 new international cruise ships will come into service sometime this year thereby creating thousands of job openings.

PNP Hiring 7,400 Non-Uniformed Personnel

January 08, 2014
The Philippine National Police (PNP) is hiring. This time the opening is for civilian employees. They will be replacing policemen who will be set out on the streets to boost police visibility.

Hiring of civilian employees is being undertaken upon the recommendation of DILG secretary Mar Roxas and PNP Chief Director General Alan Purisima upon the approval of President Aquino.

The said proposal has been approved by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) in December. PNP recommended the hiring of 15,000 civilian employees all over the country but DBM gave an initial budget for 7,400.

Civilian employees will be given administrative work. Chief Superintendent Reuben Theodore Sindac said all interested applicants can apply in any of the PNP offices but they must have civil service eligibility.

Former Miss Venezuela Dead in Robbery Attack

January 07, 2014
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her ex-husband Henry Berry were shot dead in an attempted robbery attack late Monday night.

Spear, 29, with her ex-husband, 39, and 5-year-old daughter, was driving on the highway between Puerto Cabello and Valencia in Central Venezuela when the attack happened.

According to police report, the family’s car may have broken down giving robbers a chance to go near them. The whole family was shot at. The husband and wife died but their daughter who got a bullet wound in her leg survived.

The authorities said on Tuesday that this is the latest high-profile case of violent crime in Venezuela, one of the world’s most violent nations.

Friends and colleagues of the former Miss Venezuela are saddened by what happened.

Spear won the Miss Venezuela crown in 2004. She lived in the United States and was only on vacation in her native country. She starred in various telenovelas in Venezuela and also in the U.S.

Source 1, Source 2

DOH: Adults are Also Prone to Measles

January 07, 2014
With the outbreak of measles, Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag warns everyone that it is not only children who are susceptible to the viral disease but even adults. In the post he made on Twitter on Sunday, Dr. Tayag especially pointed out pregnant women as among the most vulnerable.
Dr. Tayag also mentioned in his tweet that pregnant women who have measles are at risk for spontaneous abortion or premature delivery or low birth weight infants.

People who have advanced HIV or human immunodeficiency virus might suffer severe measles if they catch it.

An adult who has not been vaccinated for measles but gets infected by the disease doesn’t need to get immunized. Pregnant women must not get immunization. 
Dr. Tayag is encouraging parents to have their children vaccinated. Health centers nationwide are offering the measles vaccines. He emphasized that vaccine is 90% effective after one dose and 100% after second dose. However, there are times when vaccine failure occurs and the person gets infected still.

Measles, which is very contagious, can spread through cough or direct contact with body fluids or secretions.

Nanorobots that Cure Cancer Developed

January 07, 2014
In the very near future cancer patients will have another treatment option aside from chemotherapy. South Korean scientists have developed a new treatment that makes use of nanorobots in killing the cancer cells.

A team of scientists at Chonnam National University have named the nanorobot Bacteriobot. During treatment, a genetically modified salmonella bacteria is injected into the system. This bacterium contains the Bacteriobot, which is about 3 micrometers in size. It is attracted to chemicals secreted by cancer cells and when it reaches the cancer cells, the Bacteriobots automatically release capsules filled with drugs.
Since the drugs are directly delivered to the tumor, only the cancer cells are eradicated and the healthy cells are left unharmed. This is so unlike chemotherapy that also affects the normal cells resulting in various side effects.

At present, bacteriobot is only able to detect tumor-forming cancers like colorectal and breast cancer. However, the Korean scientists are positive that these nanorobots will be able to cure other kinds of cancers too.

Human Body Parts Drop from the Sky in Saudi Arabia

January 06, 2014
Citizens of Jeddah were horrified when human body parts fell from the sky on Sunday. According to witnesses who called the police the remains fell at an intersection in Mushrefa neighborhood around 2:30 am.

According to the police, the parts could be that of a person who was trapped in an airplane’s wheel bay.

Spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq said that investigations were ongoing.
This kind of scenario is not new. There have been cases before where people who were desperate to cross borders sneak inside airports and climb inside the bays holding the plane’s landing gear. Some of these people survive but most of them freeze to death once the plane is in cruising altitude.

There was a case in 2010 when a man’s body was discovered in the landing gear of a Saudi plane. The plane was from Beirut and landed in Riyadh.

Is Your Partner the Right One for You?

January 06, 2014
If there is one thing that you should carefully consider before going into, it’s marriage. Although it is easy to enter into this union, getting out of it is not. It may be easy for some but for sure they leave a part of themselves behind.

So, before even considering marriage, step back and take a look at the relationship you have now. Ask yourself, “Am I with the right person?” or “Is this girl/guy the right one for me?” Despite asking these, the answer might remain vague. It will help if you have a checklist of the things you’re looking for in a lifetime partner. If you don’t have a list or you just can’t be bothered to make one, Sophie Martin’s “21 Things To Look For In The Person You Marry” will come in handy.

I read through the list and the 21 things here really make sense. Analyze them and try to see if your current partner fits the bill.

21 Things To Look For In The Person You Marry
By Sophie Martin

1. The kind of inside jokes that make you crack up just by looking at each other, and that you think of while you’re alone (and which make you laugh like an insane person in line at the grocery store).

2. Respect for your family when they come to meet them, even if they’re not best friends right away or wouldn’t choose to hang out with them. They should come into your life with an open heart.

3. The ability to make your friends laugh.

4. At least one hobby or interest that they are passionate about, that you don’t have to be present for. Drinking does not count.

5. Respect for your interests and hobbies, even if they’re not personally into them.

6. Good finances. They don’t have to be rich, they just can’t be incredibly irresponsible with credit cards and hiding their debt all over the place.

7. A love of cooking, or at least of eating good food. There is a place and time for Easy Mac and dinosaur nuggets, but you don’t want to be with someone who only ever eats that, and only ever wants to eat that.

8. But being able to make decent breakfast is a must. Someone who can’t do good eggs and toast on a late Sunday morning is just not acceptable.

9. A good group of friends. You want to be sure that they can take care of the other people in their life, not just their significant other.

10. The conversations that last all night where you tell all of your biggest secrets and know that the other person will keep them safe.

11. A similar perspective on “the dream wedding.” If one of you wants a huge 300-person blowout, and the other wants a tiny gathering in a back yard, and neither is willing to compromise — you are in for a bad time.

12. Sexually compatible with you, in the way where you’re not afraid to ask for what you want, and you’re not afraid to make mistakes.

13. Doesn’t mind doing the household chores you despise the most.

14. Laughs at your jokes, and not out of pity or because they think that you will have sex with them immediately after.

15. Never calls you stupid, or insinuates anything about your intelligence.

16. Does not have “rules” for their basic respect for you as a human. They respect you even if you had too much to drink last night, or you weren’t a virgin before you met, or anything else that doesn’t hurt anyone.

17. Wants children as much or as little as you do.

18. Lets you do your own thing from time to time, or just have a little moment to yourself, and doesn’t feel threatened by you having a life outside of your relationship.

19. Does not go through your phone, under any circumstances. Maybe they have a normal human amount of jealousy, but they do the right thing and keep it in check.

20. Loves the nights where both of you just marathon a TV show, eat Chinese food bundled under a blanket, and slowly devolve into sex with the show still playing in the background.

21. Knows how to kiss. And does it often.

Kris Aquino Still Negotiating Possible TV5, GMA Transfer

January 06, 2014
Kris Aquino’s contract with ABS-CBN network that expired on October 2013 has yet to be renewed. Question is, will she stick with the network or will she make a switch? The latter is a huge possibility. Aquino hasn’t exactly made a secret of the fact that TV5’s Manny Pangilinan made her a tempting offer.

There were also reports that she will be transferring to rival network GMA 7. Pangilinan, apparently, plans to buy a huge stake in the said network so there’s also a chance that Aquino might transfer to GMA 7.

Early Monday morning, Aquino, who is currently in London with her two sons, gave an update on the proceedings. Contrary to what some people are saying, she said no decision has been made yet and negotiations are still ongoing.

Many people were convinced she will be transferring after they read the posts she made earlier on Instagram. She said she felt that the message she heard during Mass in Saint Patrick in Soho was for her personally, especially the quote “For everything that has been, THANK YOU. For everything that will happen, YES. “

She also posted, “Thank you for caring much about my future plans. For all those who understand that my decisions in life are most influenced by my sons, thank you…”

“It was a solemn promise to my Mom near her death that I would do everything to insure Josh’s comfort & well being. She told me that w/ Bimb we could be confident that he could be independent & make a good life for himself.

“It is for Josh that I must leave behind enough to insure that even when I’m gone he would be financially secure. At only 6 years old, Bimb understands his Kuya’s special needs & promised to always share w/ Josh. I have been blessed w/ a career I am passionate about but at the end of the day, my most important mission is to be the best mother I can be… ”

Aquino has been in show business since 1992 and has made a lot of projects with ABS-CBN.

Meralco Advises Customers to Disregard December 2013 Bill

January 05, 2014
Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has instructed customers to set aside their December 2013 bill. This is in compliance with the 60-day temporary restraining order (TRO) by the Supreme Court on electricity rate increase.

The TRO was issued by the high court on December 23 due to the very high P4.15-per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) hike. Oral arguments on the matter will be done on the 21st of January.

The 4.15/kWh rate increase is divided into the following: P3.44/kWh generation charge adjustment, P0.04/kWh transmission charge, P0.033/kWh taxes and P0.34 other charges.
This current power hike is the highest ever in Manila that is why the Department of Energy, Department of Justice and Congress are investigating this occurrence. Aside from calling for a review of the industry, lawmakers are debating on cheaper and more reliable power sources.

Letters have been sent to all Meralco customers instructing them to pay the amount they were billed in November 2013. The letter signed by Meralco senior vice president and head of Customer Retail Services and Corporate Communication says “In compliance with the TRO issued by the Supreme Court on Dec. 23, we advise you to temporarily set aside your December 2013 bill. We instead advice you to pay the amount equivalent to your November 2013 within 10-calendar days from receipt of this letter.”

According to Meralco, almost 70% of its consumers already received the bill when the TRO was issued. Even worse, 30% have already paid their bills. Those who have already paid don’t need to worry because Meralco promised to make the necessary adjustments.

Korina Sanchez Leaves DZMM Radio Talk Show

January 05, 2014
ABS-CBN Chief correspondent Korina Sanchez has resigned from her radio program. Her resignation comes six weeks after her controversial falling-out with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

On Saturday, ABS-CBN ad and promo head Eric John Salut tweeted about Korina’s resignation wherein he said that although she’s vacating her radio talk show, Korina will continue her duties on TV Patrol and her TV show Rated K.

Replacing “Rated Korina” on DZMM is Amy Perez and Marc Logan’s new program “Sakto.” This will run at 10-11 AM, Monday to Friday.
Korina became the subject of the netizen’s ire after she criticized Anderson Cooper’s reporting after the latter reported the lack of government presence in Tacloban a few days after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan’s landfall.

After becoming aware of the criticism Anderson urged Korina to go to Tacloban to see the situation for herself.

Korina was noticeably absent from her radio show after the squabble. There were reports that Korina was suspended by ABS-CBN after the incident but the network never released a statement about it.

Korina maintained a low profile during the holidays; it seems she spent it in the United States . A photo posted by talent manager Girlie Rodis shows Korina with Director Leo Katigbak at her flat in New York.

Snapchat Hacked! 4.6M User Info Published Online

January 04, 2014
Snapchat is a fairly new app yet it has already been targeted by hackers. These hackers were able to get hold of information of 4.6 million users and published them online!

The usernames and phone numbers of these Snapchat users were published on the site At least the hackers concealed the last two digits of the phone numbers in order to avoid flooding.

It seems the hackers did not do it merely for fun. They told the tech news website TechCruch that they did it to convince Snapchat management to enhance its security.
“It is understandable that tech startups have limited resources but security and privacy should not be a secondary goal. Security matters as much as user experience does,” the hackers said in a statement published by TechnCrunch on Wednesday.

Snapchat has been warned about their security glitches by Australian firm Gibson Security.

Snapchat is an app that enables people to send smartphone photos and videos that are programmed to self-destruct after 10 seconds or less. This unique feature has captured teenagers’ attention and has gained them millions of users.

New Photo Shows Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Together

January 03, 2014
Right after Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil’s breakup, one of the names that cropped up as being a third party was Coleen Garcia. But then, both Billy and Coleen denied that there was anything going on between them.

But now, the question is, are they simply hiding the real score? A new photo of the two was recently published by suggest there is something romantic going on between them.
The photo, which doesn’t have a date, shows Billy and Coleen sitting beside each other while watching a Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks game in New York’s Barclay Arena. The game could have been last December 27 according to Bandera.

As the saying goes, you can never hide the truth and in their case proof is showing up one by one.

First Batch of Pinoy Health Workers Deployed to Germany

January 03, 2014
The Philippine-German labor agreement that was signed last year finally yielded fruit. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) the first batch of Filipino health professionals arrived in Frankfurt last December 15.

The first batch to be deployed is composed of four nurses namely Vanessa S. Preclaro, 25, Krystel Anne B. Sumido, 28, Eowyn C. Galvez, 26 and Ruel C. Galias, 50. The first three health workers do not have international employment experience. They worked as intensive care and operating room nurses at the Makati Medical Center. On the other hand, 50-year-old Galias previously worked as an operating room and emergency room nurse in Abu Dhabi.

This first batch will be working as assistant nurses at the Nordwest Krankenhaus Hospital in Frankfurt. Once they pass the language and nursing examinations after a year’s training they will be promoted to full professional status.

One of the stipulations in the labor agreement between the two countries is that all deployments to Germany have to go through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). A requirement for pre-screened applicants is they need to take the German language courses organized by the Goethe-Institute.

According to the DFA, a second batch of professional health workers will be deployed this January.

CAAP Permits Use of Mobile Devices Inflight

January 01, 2014
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines or CAAP is ushering some great changes in the way people fly starting this January 2014. The newly-signed Memorandum Circular 52-13, Series of 2013, signed by CAAP Director General William K. Hotchkins III now allows passengers to use mobile communication devices inflight provided the aircraft is operating within or en route over the territorial jurisdiction of the country.
Included in the memorandum are conditions for the proper use of laptops, cellular phones, music players or MP3s, and global system for mobile communication on-board aircraft (GSMOBA).
  • When the aircraft doors are still open. Use of laptops and cellular phones may be used, Internet or short-message-service (SMS) or voice communications, unless the pilot-in-command and/or senior cabin crew specifically announces on the public address system its prohibition. In no case shall laptop using broadband communications and cellular phone be allowed or used when the aircraft is re-fuelling. In this instance, all transmitting portable electronic devices must be turned off.
  • When the aircraft doors are closed. Transmitting portable electronics devices on silent mode may be used only for short-message-service (SMS) or Internet. Voice communications are not allowed except the use of GSMOBA provided its use does not interfere with the orderly conduct of flight. Games on electronic devices on silent mode may be played.
  • The use of MP3s should always be with earphones and not with additional or separate speaker and/or amplifiers.
Restricting the use of mobile phones while inflight was not allowed previously because of the concerns that the signal could impede the communication facilities of the aircraft. However, it was found out in recent studies that cellphone signal does not affect the aircraft’s communication facilities.

Plan Your Break for the Holidays of 2014

January 01, 2014
In whatever you do it is always best to have a plan. It’s very important especially in planning vacations or quality time with loved ones. So, if you’re already planning your personal calendar of activities for this year you need to acquaint yourself with the Philippine holidays for 2014.

For 2014 there are 18 non-working holidays. Most of these falls on weekdays which means long weekends are not that frequent.

Aside from these 18 non-working holidays, there will be two more which will be announced soon. They’re for the Islamic holidays Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha.
So, here is the list of regular and special non-working holidays for 2014 released last September 2013 under Proclamation No. 655:
  1. January 1 (Wednesday) - New Year's Day
  2. January 31 (Friday) - Chinese New Year
  3. February 25 (Tuesday) - People Power Anniversary
  4. April 9 (Wednesday) - Araw ng Kagitingan
  5. April 17 (Thursday) - Maundy Thursday
  6. April 18 (Friday) - Good Friday
  7. April 19 (Saturday) - Black Saturday
  8. May 1 (Thursday) - Labor Day
  9. June 12 (Thursday) - Independence Day
  10. August 21 (Thursday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
  11. August 25 (Monday) - National Heroes Day
  12. November 1 (Saturday) - All Saints Day
  13. November 30 (Sunday) - Bonifacio Day
  14. December 24 (Wednesday) - Christmas Eve
  15. December 25 (Thursday) - Christmas Day
  16. December 26 (Friday) - Day after Christmas
  17. December 30 (Tuesday) - Rizal Day
  18. December 31 (Wednesday) - New Year's Eve