Certificate Of Good Conduct, Not Required Until June 2018

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)  is one way of Filipinos to fully and successfully provide for their families’ needs. That being said, over 2 million Filipinos took their chances abroad in 2016. Now, it is estimated to be somewhere around 10 million. In a previous post, we mentioned that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be imposing stricter rules of deployment. Moreover, aspiring workers to be working in the UAE must need to submit a certificate of good conduct.

Image: Gulfnews

However in a previous Facebook post by Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes, he said there that Filipinos working in the UAE whether it’d be for applying for a new visa or transffering to a new company, they won’t be required to submit a certificate of good conduct until June 2018.

This was seen in his Facebook profile on the 15th of February and this is as per the UAE Ministry of Labor. Although this is the case, starting June 2018, it will auotmatically start. Thus, obtaining NBI clearances and it being a part of the main requirements is an expectation.

In our post, we also stated that this was strictly implemented starting the 4th of February 2018 for all expats in the UAE applying for a working visa. Tips, requirements, and procedure was mentioned in a previous post we had and for those of you looking to work here, it is a MUST that you view this.
This post is dedicated on explaining what the certificate of good conduct is for, a few reminders on how you can get it, and what importance is has if you’re looking to work in the UAE or even overseas.

In this video above, Consul General Raymund Cortes is giving us a rough idea on what the certificate of goodwill or good conduct is. Thankfully, he gives us tips and techniques on how we can be successful in both applying and being approved for a profession in the UAE.

This is the latest update that we’ve had in this context, if you are planning to work there, stay tuned for updates. Who knows? Maybe one thing will lead to another and the Ministry of Labor will lift this requirement?

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