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With technological advances just right behind us, a lot of things can be done easier and faster. Since President Duterte’s term, applying for a passport would require a schedule that you can do online via the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website. This allowed applicants to have a steady and smooth transaction when visiting DFA offices. Just a few days ago, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) made a couple of changes to their procedure as well.

LTO Online Scheduling System Website

As we’re aware, applying for a driver’s license is too much of a hassle. Why? Because every single day, thousands of people visit LTO offices for a number of reasons. Finally, the department came up with a new LTO Online Scheduling System that would cut down time in the LTO office. In addition to that, it would allow people to get what they’re applying for faster.

What is this new LTO Online Scheduling System?

To hasten the process and to avoid extra-long queues in LTO offices, LTO Management Information Division Chief Rector Antigua and her team set this up. Not only that it will decongest queues in offices, it can also improve the process in submitting documentary requirements to the LTO. In estimation, this new process can efficiently cut 40-45 minutes of the regular prcess.

In its initial launch however, the LTO online scheduling and appointment system will be available in four (4) distinct LTO Offices:

  • Marikina;
  • Muntinlupa;
  • Pasig; and
  • Novaliches

How can I take advantage of this new LTO Online Scheduling and Appointment System?


It’s important to know that as of the moment, driver’s license renewal and motor vehicle registration renewal are the only services catered by the online scheme. Firsthand, you need to access their direct website which is

The minimum browser requirements for the LTO Online Scheduling and Appointment System are as follows:

  • Google Chrome version 64.0.3282 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version 58.0.2 or higher

The next step is to read and understand the terms and conditions laid out by the LTO. You need to fill out the CAPTCHA in order for your process to go through. Afterwards, you need to fill out the form which will ask for your:

  • Driver’s License Number;
  • Name; and
  • Email Address

The system will then check if the license should be renewed or not. If yes, then the page will redirect the applicant to the page where you can select an LTO Office which was part of the four (4) branches above. Like the NBI online appointment, the date, time, and place would be required. It’s just that easy, you now should proceed to the office of where you wanted to get the renewed license.

If however you want to renew your motor vehicle registration, you’ll be receiving an email confirmation of the registration renewal which will then be the one you’ll show in the office where you had it set up.

As of this year, this new operation will be first tested out in these four (4) offices. It will then be available nationwide the following year. With this new system, people won’t have to be congested in LTO offices for hours anymore. This will allow prioritization of new applicants as people renewing would have the new LTO online scheduling and appointment system. Hopefully, new applications will be part of this new integration as well.

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