Best Alternatives to Chikka Text Messenger for Free

Do you use Chikka text messenger? If you’ve been texting in the early 00’s, then you probably know what that is. Moreover, it has been the benchmark of free texting here in the Philippines. Servicing our nation for almost two decades, it finally bid farewell last 31st of March, 2018. They made the announcement that they’ll be cutting ending their operations last March 7, 2018. Fans and users all over the country were saddened by this news. Chikka text messenger started with partnerships from big service providers here in our country namely: Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, and Sun Cellular.

Why did Filipinos love Chikka text messenger?

Other than the fact that it’s free, the Chikka text messenger application is easy-to-use and user-friendly. Although you will need an internet connection in order for you to successfully send a text message, you can message anyone in any provider. This was seen as a convenient factor by a lot of Filipinos, leaving them the satisfaction Chikka text messenger gives.

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You can send a text message to literally ANY Philippine mobile number. However, calling is not supported. The good thing about the Chikka messenger program is that you can send messages to both online and offline members. Sending online is just like sending a message through the 3rd-party application where the recipient needs to have the Chikka application as well. On the other hand, sending it offline means like you’re just texting them directly through SMS.

Chikka text messenger alternatives

All fans and subscribers were saddened with the news because since 2001, Chikka text messenger is being efficiently used and utilized by a lot of our people. If you use Chikka text messenger and is worried with what you’ll be using, there are a few alternatives that you can use for you to send free text messages.


Chikka messenger alterntive - TxtLibre free SMS

TxtLibre is part of the more used alternatives for Chikka text messenger. It is a browser-based platform wherein you can send a free text to any Philippine-registered number. One good thing that people love about TxtLibre is the fact that you’re able to put your number in the system. Meaning, the recipient of your message can directly reply to you and know who you are unlike other free text messaging apps wherein it displays the generic numbering of the program or application.

Interested in using TxtLibre? Visit their website now and start free messaging!



Among all of the free text messaging platforms after Chikka text messenger, FSMS is one of the favorites. Why? Because it’s an app so not only Filipinos can use it. An important factor of the program which is liked by many is the fact that it’s direct. Using the application is just like regular texting wherein your recipient doesn’t need to have the FSMS app for them to receive your message and directly reply to that message. Yes, they can respond to your message and you’ll see it in the FSMS app directly.

Most OFWs positively take advantage of FSMS because they don’t need a roaming SIM card for them to use it. Just like Chikka text messenger, using the application limits a total number of messages per day. To be exact, FSMS only limits it to fifteen (15) messages per day. No need to register, simply download the app and start free texting!

Download the app now and take advantage of sending free text messages.

Chikka Alternatives - Free SMS in the Philippines

Now if you’re looking for an emergency texting service and you have no means to do so, you can visit It’s probably one of the fastest free text messaging applications after the reign of Chikka text messenger and you’ll greatly enjoy the service. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you know the number you’re contacting, you can send them a message through

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It’s simple, you put the number in, you compose a message (minimum of 10 characters; maximum of 150), you fill the CAPTCHA, and then you send. No need to download anything, no need to register. Visit the website and send a free text message!

You will know that you’ve successfully sent the message when the receipt or the confirmation page is being displayed. It’ll show a reference, the mobile number, which provider, which country (both recipient and origin), and the message. Furthermore, it also lists the IP address from where the message was sent.


MagTxt - Chikka alternative

MagTXT is a service not totally different from It’s also web-based and it’s a one-time thing so you don’t need to register or to sign-up. The only drawback you have is that it’s kind of a difficult thing to see where you can send a text message. It’s made to be a compilation of tutorials and blogs and the texting this was just kind of a hook but it’s effective anyways. So, we’re here to make your lives easier so we’ll teach you where to go and how you can do it.

See that button at the top right part of the page? Yes the button that says Free & Unlimited SMS/Texting? That’s what you have to click to make the message form appear. When it appears, just fill the information out, correctly answer the CAPTCHA, and from there, you can send a text message!

Visit the website and start sending free SMS!


PreText - Chikka alternative

The last but definitely not the least in this list, PreText is the closest to what Chikka text messenger is. It also has its own message board platform where all of your conversations are stored. It’s like Chikka because you can directly reply to the sender and the sender will be able to see your response. However, sending a text message back would cost P1. If the recipient is subscribed to an unlimited texting promo then it’s going to be for free.

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Just like Chikka, PreText is also just limited to sending 10 text messages per day. One good feedback about PreText is that it’s like a social networking platform where you get the chance to chat and communicate with other people who are using PreText as well.

If you’re interested, download the application from the Google Play Store and start spreading the wonderful news about free text messaging!

I know that it’s quite saddening to lose our long-time bestfriend when it came to text messaging. Our savior when the times came when we didn’t have a single centavo in our accounts, our go-to location whenever we wanted to message someone whether it’s a friend, a family member, a relative, or when we just wanted to mess around people’s minds. One thing is for certain, Chikka text messenger did not leave us alone. As a matter of fact, it left a great deal of honor and ideas to people’s minds and it left us with many different options for free text messaging.

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