COMBO20: Unli Text to Globe, TM and Cherry Subscribers with 50 minutes Call

Globe, being one of the leaders in the Philippine telecommunications industry, has a lot of promos in their arsenal. Other than the famous GoUnli20, they have what they call the Globe Combo 20. It gives the same unlimited texting to Globe and TM subscribers. However, it doesn’t include unli texts to all networks. But, it gives you calling capabilities.

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What is the Combo20 promo?

Unlike Globe’s GoUnli20, this promo gives unlimited texting to Globe, TM, and Cherry users with 50 minutes of calling. Although it doesn’t include data like the GoUnli20, it’s still worth it given the 50 minutes of calling.

Promo details:

  • Promo name: Combo20
  • Price: Php20.00
  • Unlimited texts to Globe, TM, and Cherry subscribers
  • 50 minutes of calling to Globe, TM, and Cherry users
  • Validity: 24 hours/1 day

How do I subscribe to this promo?

Like many other Globe subscriptions, you can get this plan by texting COMBO20 and sending it to 8080. Once confirmed, you now have unlimited texts to Globe, Cherry, and TM subscribers plus 50 minutes of calling. Ensure that you have at least P1.00 balance for the promo to run smoothly.

Is this promo limited to some users only?

Definitely not! All Globe prepaid customers can avail of the promo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With this promo, you can enjoy texting your TM, Cherry, and Globe friends unlimited for 24 hours. Add to that the 50-minute available calls, what more can you ask for?

How can I know the balance of my SUPERCOMBO subscription?

Just text COMBO20 BAL and send to 8080. By doing so, you’ll see the remaining minutes of your SUPERCOMBO subscription. By this, you can avoid paying for pay-per-use rates if you’re unsure that the promo has ended or has been exhausted.

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If you want to get the promo again, you need to cancel the initial SUPERCOMBO subscription first. You can do this by texting COMBO20 STOP and sending it to 8080. After so, you can register for the promo again.

NOTE: You cannot overlap SUPERCOMBO promos. Meaning, you cannot be under two SUPERCOMBOs at once. One needs to be canceled before another gets registered again.

In availing the promo, you need to manually do it from your phone through the SMS method. Unfortunately, getting it through retailers is currently unavailable but Globe is on its move to improve on that.

Are you a Globe customer who wants to have limited amounts of calling with unlimited texting? What are you waiting for? Get the SUPERCOMBO20 promo now and enjoy unli texts to Globe, TM, and Cherry subscribers with 50 minutes of calling!

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