GTSOS or ‘UTANG’ Load: An Emergency SMS or Text Service for Globe and TM Subscribers

What is this GTSOS service all about?

If you come across finding load credits but no retailer is around then the GTSOS or the so-called “UTANG” load from Globe is what you need. It’s basically an emergency text service that allows you to borrow 3 texts or SMS to Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) numbers valid for one day or 24 hours. In addition, it gives you P1 airtime load and will be sent via AutoloadMAX to your number.

Who can register to this service?

Anyone may register to the service even if he/she has an existing balance or even if the person has zero load, since this is for all who needs emergency load.

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How can I repay the GTSOS service or the debt?

Depending on how much you borrowed, it will be automatically deducted the next time you reload your number with credits.

In the event that you have consumed all 3 SMS, the additional Php1 load can be used to send another text SMS even to other networks (the P1 airtime). You will be charged Php 4 only after the GTSOS service expires and take note, it will expire after 24 hours and you should reload at least Php 4.00 for it to be automatically deducted.

GTSOS permits you to request straightforwardly from Globe network to allow a fixed amount declared on this service or promo.

How can I utilize GTSOS?

Borrowing load is simple, you just have to text GTSOS and send it to 3733. Another option would be to utilize the *143# menu. You’ll be able to see “GTSOS” there upfront so you won’t have troubles finding it.

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After that, you will be given a notice from your mobile phones with a message that says:

“You can now enjoy 3 texts to Globe/TM and P1 load valid for 1 day. To check status, text GTSOSBAL to 3733. On your next reload, P4 will be deducted.”

So, anticipate deduction on your next reload with the amount indicated. There are times when Globe have delays in deducting the borrowed load credits so don’t feel lucky because it’s system-generated and they’ll surely take it from you.

What are the amounts of loan I can get?

GTSOS variant
P4 for 3 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day + P1 load
P10 for 9 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day + P1 load
P20 for 19 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day + P1 load

GTSOS is a more preferable way to get emergency texts than Share-a-load or Pasaload since you don’t need to ask others to give or share their credits with you.

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In case you stumble upon troubles using GTSOS, you can immediately ask assistance from the Globe customer service. In the event that Globe deducts even if did not use the service, you can always ask for rebates.

The GTSOS service is a facility that allows its users to have emergency credits for their own personal use. If you’re in dire need of credits and there’s no one near who can provide it to you, you can always use the GTSOS service for your needs and wants.

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