PLDT Ultera – PLDT Plan 699, 1299, or 1699

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), has evolved and have a lot of plans which start from the PLDT Plan 699. Currently, PLDT offers a lot of plans and promos to their customers. In this article, we will be focusing on PLDT Ultera Plans or the wireless internet service. Specifically, plans which start at PLDT Plan 699, even up to 1699.

What is the PLDT Plan 699, 1299, or 1699 or the PLDT Ultera?

The PLDT Plan 699, 1299, and 1699 or most often known as the Ultera, is the newest high-speed internet access offered by PLDT. It’s best for people who access the internet for a number of reasons like social media, streaming videos and movies, for studying, for online business, and just for plain entertainment.

In previous years, the Home Ultera is just offered to some cities here in our country. Now, the service is available nationwide! To check if your area is capable of supporting PLDT Home Ultera, visit You can also apply for different plans in that link above.

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Does PLDT Ultera plans offer unlimited internet?

Unfortunately, as of the moment, PLDT Ultera plans don’t offer unlimited internet access. All of the plans under it have monthly data allowances. If you’re looking for an internet access without limit, you can apply for a PLDT DSL connection or a PLDT Fibr one. If you have an Ultera connection, you can upgrade it to Fibr.

On the other hand, if you already have a DSL connection with PLDT, you can actually upgrade your connection to Fibr.

What are the different PLDT Ultera Plans?

PLDT Plan 699

This plan allows you to use a maximum of 30 GB of data in a month with a speed of 3MB/s. This is the cheapest PLDT Ultera plan and is recommended for light video streaming, online businesses, and light social media use.

PLDT Plan 1299

This plan, however, allows users to use 50GB of data in 30 days. The speed is at 10MB/s and can be used for gaming, medium social media use, and online businesses. Most people make use of this plan if they run an online business where they need to load images and videos.

PLDT Plan 1699

Lastly, the most expensive or the largest PLDT Ultera plan of PLDT. This plan allows users to use 100 GB of data in a month with speeds of up to 15MB/s. This is for heavy gaming, for heavy video streaming, and for frequent social media use.

What advantages does the PLDT Ultera plan have?

1. It’s not wired so it can be brought anywhere. It’s not like broadband connection which limits only a few amount of users to connect to it. As a matter of fact, it’s like a portable modem or router which can bring fast, reliable, and high-speed internet access to everyone.

2. Since you have a limit on data usage, you’ll receive notifications if you use up 70%, 80%, and 90% on your monthly data. It’s not like they’ll let you exceed it; they have the initiative to tell you that you are about to reach your limit. If this happens or if you receive it, you have the chance to add more data to the account so your usage is continuous because if you exceed, your connection will automatically be cut.

3. It can be more accessible especially in extreme weather conditions. Unlike having a wired internet connection, if the power runs out, it’s automatic that you won’t have connection. In having the PLDT Ultera plan, you can have a connection even if there’s no power.

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What disadvantages does it have?

1. Your data usage is not unlimited so if your family members or office personnel are extremely heavy users, you might use up more data each month, causing you to add and add more data. It might be more expensive than having a wired one.

2. If you’re unable to consume the whole of your data package, it cannot be carried over the following month. It’s best and more economic if you consume a gig or below your monthly plan to maximize your data usage.

3. The Ultera plan has almost the same rate as the Fibr but the speed greatly differs. Everyone knows that the PLDT Fibr plan is one-of-the-best in terms of speed and reliability. So if you think that you’ll consume a lot and it’s technically almost the same price, just go for the Fibr.

PLDT Plan 699, 1299, and 1699 or PLDT Ultera plans FAQs

What if I exceed my monthly usage?

If you get the notification that you’ve reached your limit, your connection will be put to a stop unless you purchase more data or you wait for the next billing cycle. You can purchase more data through the PLDT website. However, there is a limit on purchasing volume boosters and that is Php500.00 every month.

If I don’t use up all of my data, does it carry over the next month?

NO. Your data is only valid for one (1) month. If you’re unable to use or consume your data, it doesn’t carry over until the next billing cycle. Fortunately, volume boosters you bought will be carried over the following month. In this scenario, you will first use up the allocated data of your plan before you consume the volume booster. You can manage your account through

Can I check my real-time usage?

If you have the fear that you might go over your plan, you can check your usage through There, you can also have full access to your account where you can purchase volume boosters, have a look at your transaction history, manage your account, and so on.

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I’m interested in getting the PLDT Plan 699, 1299, or 1699; where can I sign up?

If you have the interest in getting this plan, you can apply online and just wait for 24-48 hours for the confirmation. This is the most convenient way of applying. Moreover, technicians will visit your house and location to check if your area is capable of supporting their Ultera services. This is its main difference from a Smart Bro or Mobile LTE.

Upon application, there’ll be credit policies and account validation which should be completed first prior to you getting the PLDT Plan which starts from 699 or the PLDT Ultera.

Want to have a good data plan to share with your family and friends? Do you want to have the flexibility of location in terms of where you want to put the source of the connection? Not only that, you’ll also have the suppleness of how much data you want to add in the event that you exceed your monthly usage.

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With the PLDT Plan 699, 1299, and 1699, you have the freedom to use what you just need for a specific month! What are you waiting for? Apply now and get approved in 24-48 hours!

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  1. Ultera is a good way and essiest modem internet connection to every users why you dont allow this unit to have an unlimitted connection provided to those who are in the rural areas which you cant reach for line connection. Your company dont need to put wirrings post and other matterial to reach in the areas. A lot of people of your customers are waiting for this opportunity to acces as sources of your business.

  2. I am one of your ultera subscriber and i like your service when it comes to connection. I dont have any problem about it.. i am requesting for migration b4 and i was not approve due to far source outlet and more reason for connection the visibilty is not good because how many post you need and long wirrings. So what if i made a suggestion to the company to make your ultera suitable to your subscriber and get more subscribers more income comming from us because you dont need to provide matetials that cost the company provide more capital. And the rural areas now can be apply without companies hassles. I may ask the company to provide unlimited service for those in the rural areas which you cant reach by way of land connection. Since you a broadband connection provider which is ultera please favor us to have it. An unlimited connection from ultera units. I hope the company would raise my ideas. Regarding to this matter… i cant apply my DSL home fiber for that reason so please answer my comments and you can email me or call me to my number to educate us. 0998 858 2885.


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