UTP15 – Talk ‘N Text Unli Call and Text to TNT, Smart, Sun + 100 MB Data

This Talk ‘N Text unli call promo not only lets you have unlimited calls and texts, it also allows you to have all-net texting and a bit of data to your promo. In this article, we will discuss, in detail what the UTP15 promo is, its inclusions and what you should be using it for.

What is UTP15?

UTP15 is Talk ‘N Text’s newest hit in terms of having unlimited calls and texts to TNT subscribers nationwide. For 15 Pesos, you’ll have an enjoyable two (2) days of unlimited calls and texts to TNT and Smart subscribers.

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UTP15 in detail

  • Promo name: UTP15
  • Promo inclusions:
    • Talk ‘N Text unli call and text even to Smart and Sun Cellular subscribers
    • 50 all-net texts
    • 300MB of data for Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Dubsmash, and Clash of Clans
  • Validity: Two (2) days
  • Price: Php15.00

NOTE: You don’t need to secure extra Php1.00 for the promo to take effect. You can just have the exact amount to it.

How can I register to UTP15?

Are you interested in getting this cheap Talk ‘N Text unli call and text? If you are, then grab it immediately. This promo is available through Smart/TNT/Sun Cellular retailers as well so you can have this loaded to your account as it is.

  1. You can register it manually as well. To register, Text UTP15 and send it to 3545. 
  2. From a retailer, they need to text UTP15<space>11-digit number to be registered to 4577.

How would I know if the promo is boarded or registered to my account?

If you decide to register to this Talk ‘N Text unli call promo, upon registering, you should receive a message that goes like:

“Registered ka na sa UTP15: 2 days unlicall & text to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to other networks + free 30MB Viber, FB, &Twitter! Access thru apps & browser. To call, dial 11-digit #.”

A confirmation message will lock-in the promo that you registered for and from there, you can now start to use your UTP15 and call Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk ‘N Text friends unlimited!

Can the promo be extended?

Talk ‘N Text allows you to extend the current promo that you have up to 365 times! In a previous post, we discussed what plans are available for this and fortunately, the UTP15 is! To refresh your memory, you just need to text EXTEND and send it to 4545.

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You just need to secure 5 Pesos of load and you can extend its validity by one day! Just make sure that you extend it before the expiry of the promo to avoid encountering problems.

The UTP15 is an extremely affordable promo if you’re looking for something that offers Talk ‘N Text unli call and text. Not only that, it also gives you 50 texts to all networks and 300MB for Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Clash of Clans, and Dubsmash. All of those for just 15 Pesos! The good thing about that is, it’s valid for two (2) days!

Are you Talk ‘N Text subscriber who is torn on what promo you should apply for? Worry no more because the UTP15 promo is here! Besides the fact that it’ll give you unlimited calls and texts to TNT, Smart, and Sun Cellular subscribers, you get data and all-net texts too! Register now and enjoy TNT’s promo!

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