10 Best K-Drama to watch on Netflix Today

Tired of work or school and need a short break? It’s never too late to relax and unwind by watching some of the trending and hype Korean series on Netflix. Treat yourself together with your loved ones, family, and friends this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Craving for dark, nerve-racking, and spooky K-series to binge-watch? Or just some good laughs to relieve your stress and boredom? No worries! Because we’re gonna drop down some of them for you!

After the success and talk of the town “All Of Us Are Dead” which dominated the Philippines and almost all of the social media platforms, it’s really difficult to let go of the mixed emotions we felt after watching the series, leaving us with a high fever. Nonetheless, there are more previous Korean dramas you might consider and probably give them a try. Without further ado, let’s begin!

All Of Us Are Dead (2022)

8/10. This 12-episodes series revolves around the survival of trapped high school students when their school became ground zero due to a zombie virus outbreak. The good thing about this series is that it’s not just about bloodshed and killings, it also portrays relevant issues of society such as teenage pregnancy, school bullying, media misinformation, social hierarchies, and more. Although the events are slow-paced, the characters are promising. There’s a time you’d just scream out of frustration and annoyance with the dumbness of some protagonist characters but the IQ and EQ of the others are equally commendable which saves them oftentimes. Not to mention the despicable antagonist you would almost believe there’s a “forever” since he seems to have swallowed an immortality stone. The twist where there are half-human and half-zombie is also worth noting. Overall, it’s an eight because the ending is a cliffhanger and it deserves a season 2 right away.

Squid Game (2021)

8/10. This series went craze during its release date, well, up until now. Squid Game is a 9-episodes series about a deadly children’s game with a huge prize awaiting which can only be brought home by the player who will finish the game and remain alive. If you are a fan of children’s games with a twist, this one is for you. All of the casts perfectly suit their roles, their acting skills are also magnificent. It’s saliency on betrayal and trust will make you doubt the people around your for a brief moment.  Again, it’s an eight because there’s really more to it, hopefully, it can give us in its second season.

Sweet Home (2020)

8/10. It’s still on the trending list so you must really give it a go. It’s a 10-episodes series that tells the story of an introverted high school student who lost his family during an accident and prompted him to live by himself. As he met several people at the apartment, he’ll also encounter terrifying monsters that wreak havoc. Together, they will try to save the human race and make it out alive. The ambiance of this story is just too foreboding. You will catch your breath every episode anticipating what will happen next.

Kingdom (2019)

9/10. Can’t get enough of zombie apocalyptic themes? Do you want a shift of setting from modern to historical era? Kingdom is a 9-episodes jump scare that might be one to your liking. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, the King is reportedly ill, and eventually, a rumor started to spread about his death. In an attempt to solve the King’s circumstances, the Crown Prince and his guard will search for a physician who is the last resort to treat his father but end up getting stuck in a village plagued with a horrifying disease. The special thing about this series is its realistic visuals. And once you start watching it, you just can’t stop yourself from wanting another episode.

Taxi Driver (2021)

9/10. It is safe to say that Taxi Driver is inspired by real-life heinous crimes committed in Korea. The 16-episodes series follows the “revenge-call” taxi service that takes revenge and punishes criminals on behalf of the victims who can’t get justice from the law. This action-packed series will take you on a roller coaster ride while admiring the oozing handsomeness of the main lead.

Vincenzo (2021)

9/10. This is definitely a green flag if you want a good laugh and if you’re looking for something to release your pent-up frustrations. It has 21 episodes which are a bit longer compared to the aforementioned above but we’ll guarantee you that every episode will be worth your time. This is about a Korean-Italian lawyer who paid a visit to his motherland and team-up with another lawyer together with several people at a plaza and fights against an unrivaled conglomerate with a sense of justice. The chemistry between the main leads is undeniable. You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing without them doing too many PDAs.

The Uncanny Counter (2020)

9/10. Seriously, if you are an aficionado of fantasies, you should give The Uncanny Counter a chance for a change. For a 16-episodes series, somehow it’s still “bitin” because the drama is just so good. It is about a high-school student with a disability bound to become one of the “Counters” a demon-hunters group who has to fight evil spirits that are trying to escape from the afterlife to possess humans and become immortal. There’s no romantic scenes. The characters are just loveable. You will laugh,  you will cry. And most importantly, you will learn how crucial it is to sacrifice.

Itaewon Class (2020)

9/10. Business? Franchise? Discrimination? Second chances? You should probably add this 16-episodes series to your watch lists. Itaewon Class is not your typical drama because it will prove to you that the higher-ups can also be overthrown by the people inferior to them. You will see here how vengeance takes the sanity of a person with a lesson at the end.

The Penthouse: War in Life (2020)

9/10. Need a 3 seasons series with 48-episodes to binge-watch during holidays? Something that will make your blood boils and swoon over every episode? This drama is totally for you. The title says it all. It’s a war in life just to be on the top. It’s an adult series actually but the young lads here are also relatable.

Crash Landing On You (2019)

9/10. One thing to really pinpoint here is the “kilig feels” throughout the story. This 16-episodes drama will show you the storyline of two different individuals from North and South Korea who will risk everything on behalf of love even if their motherland is not on good terms. The main leads are actually getting married and fans around the world can’t help but congratulate them on their unexpected real-life love story.

That’s it! But please be reminded that all of the reviews here are opinionated. Some may rate them differently according to their taste and perspective. Happy watching!

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