Tips you may Consider to Decorate your Christmas tree

If there’s a distinct culture that makes Philippines stand out from other countries, it’s probably the long celebration of Christmas, which started from the first “ber” of the months-September. Expect that by this month, Jose Marie Chan’s Christmas playlist and other Christmas songs will be played by some household and establishment. There’s also a lighting of the “belenismo” in other provinces, which is a great spot for picture taking for families and friends. The cold breeze of the wind will start to engulf our skin every night and most families will plan or start decorating their houses with lights, parols, and Christmas trees.

The holiday is especially nearing- 44 days left before Christmas. Aside from the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is the best time for us to get together, more importantly for those family who have been away from each other for a long period of time. Presuming that everyone is excited, this article will be giving you tips on how you can decorate your Christmas tree at home. Well, better squiz all your creative juices for your Christmas tree as you can just stash it away and use it again for the following years.

Tip 1: Choose basic colors for the color combinations.

The primary components of a Christmas tree include ribbon, poinsettia, fillers, balls, and lights. To make them complement each other, it’s recommendable to have two to three combinations only so they will not look like they are clashing. Basic colors may be black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, gray, brown, orange and purple. But of course, select the appropriate colors for the occasion. For the schemes, you can opt for red and gold, silver and blue, and silver and purple. If you prefer neutrals, you may go with beige and brown or copper tone and bronze.

Tip 2: Match the height of the Christmas tree to the place you’ll position it.

Not everyone has enough space for a big Christmas tree but there are slim Christmas trees that can fit in small spaces of the house or studio-type apartment. So, above anything else, you should measure the available spot you have to match the height of your Christmas tree. You might also want to take note of your wall’s color for a perfect color combinations.

Tip 3: Put the Christmas lights first.

After choosing the colors of your decorations, you can now build your Christmas tree. Make sure to put the lights first and circle it around the branches so it will not be covered by other decorations.

Tip 4: Buy Christmas lights with ICC sticker only.

You should know that Christmas lights as substandard products may pose danger and can cause you more money if you got into an unfortunate accident. Christmas lights being sold in establishments are safe as long as they have a Product Standard (PS) mark and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) sticker.

Tip 5: Know the spot in the house where your family often stay together.

If it’s in the dine in table, you can put decorations like center pieces so the photos will be picture perfect. If it’s in the living room, you may change your curtains and pillows with designs suitable to a Chritsmas motif. You may also want to display parols or figure of Santa outside your house so you and others can really feel the spirit of Christmas.

And there you go! We hope that we were able to impart with you basic tips to make your Christmas decorations picture-worthy! If you don’t have plenty of “handa” on Christmas, that’s alright because the true essence of this event is in the completeness of your family. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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