President Duterte Threatened to Shut Down PLDT if it Doesn’t Add More Lines for Their Hotline

Our dearest President Rodrigo Duterte has had his fair share of fame and hate after doing what he does. More so, a lot of people have been commenting on the fact that he is the best President while some say that he is somehow reviving the once-feared “Martial Law.” Now, he is still the news because […]

Boracay Establishments to be Required of ECCS, DENR

The few past months have been crucial and new especially for vacationers in the Visayas region. Boracay, the worldly known island in Aklan, has been put up for renovation to improve its physicality. More so, they imposed cleanliness all throughout the island and an island-wide cleansing was done. The Department of Environment an Natural Resources […]

Duterte OKs Awarding Of Unoccupied Gov’t Housing Units To Non-Uniformed Personnels

There has been news that President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to provide housing plans for special military units, policemen, and soldiers for their service. This project, which has been planting in different parts of the country was not fully expounded by authorities. Read: President Rodrigo Duterte’s Housing Project For Soldiers And Policemen On Wednesday, May 16, […]

Kuwait Deployment Ban To Be Lifted If OFWs Are 100% Protected Says Cayetano

The Deployment Ban in Kuwait was a result of a lot of negative occurrences of our countrymen in their country. A lot of people were under abusive households; a lot of people got hurt. This is what sparked the fire for our government – our Dear President Duterte – to put a deployment ban to […]

OWWA Grants Cash Aid To OFWs Displaced From Kuwait

Since the incident that happened in Kuwait, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) imposed deployment ban for OFWs who are to be working in Kuwait. This ban strictly applies to all kinds of workers regardless of skill and type of work; even for OFWs coming to Kuwait for the first time. This action by […]