Duterte’s Surprise Inspection at NAIA Terminal 2

With recent and uncanny flight delays and cancellations, it alarmed our dear President which made him to inspect what’s really happening at the terminal. Duterte’s surprise inspection at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 2 stunned officials and employees of the terminal.

Duterte's surprise inspection at NAIA Terminal 2
This image was taken from Karl Norman Alonzo (Presidential Photo) | President Duterte’s Surprise Inspection at NAIA Terminal 2. SPeaking to passengers while waiting for their flights | pna.gov.ph

President Rodrigo Duterte visited the NAIA Terminal 2 around 2 in the morning; a real surprise if thought by some as it was unplanned and no signs were made that he was coming.

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What did President Duterte do in the terminal?

Duterte’s surprise inspection at NAIA terminal 2 isn’t your ordinary surprise—he did a legitimate inspection to see and observe whether or not the delays, cancellations, and mishaps happening were really because of what the airlines and terminals said.

When President Duterte visited the terminal he apologized to the passengers who were affected by the cancellation of flights and the delays. He then inspected the premises for around twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes.

Salvador Panelo, Presidential Spokesperson, said that Duterte came from the wake of Sendeng Loo Gaisano at the Capilla del Señor in the Santuario de San Antonio Parish, Makati City.

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In addition to that, Panelo also said that Ed Monreal, the General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) assured the President and the passengers that they are addressing the problem.

The President apologizes for the inconvenience to the public because of the delays. I understand the head of naia committed to the president that they are doing something about the problems in naia.”

As per the press release from Malacañang, a manager of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and the NAIA-Terminal 2 duty manager tried to explain the situation and the actions that they have been doing to help and stabilize the situation.

What did other departments do?

President Rodrigo Duterte, in his part, asked the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to help resolve the issue long term. More so, he told and promised the passengers that the terminal and the MIAA will have a strong and a turning remedy within one (1) month.

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As per Panelo, the President has yet to announce if he indeed wants to fire and/or dismiss airport officials because of the issue that has happened.

He has not made any announcement. Maybe in the Cabinet meeting tonight he will make some announcement or will discuss the problem there or the department head may discuss it with us.”

In President Duterte’s surprise inspection at NAIA Terminal 2, he was with Senator-elect Christopher Lawrence Go, Rep. Sammy Uy, Davao Businessman, Representative Martin Romualdez, and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Chief Captain Jim Sydiongco.

The House Speakership race, as per Panelo, is not in any way being tampered with by our dear President. Although a lot of people are rooting for it; Romualdez, for instance; President Duterte does not seek to elect anyone as of the moment.

Panelo said that President Duterte will not, in any way, interfere with the race of House Speakership. He said that Romualdez was also in Gaisano’s wake at the time.

Our dear President’s surprise inspection at NAIA terminal 2 is truly a surprise. This inhibited a sense of urgency to airport officials, managers, even high executives as to what they need to do because flight delays and cancellations are being prominent.

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It might be something because of the weather or with the system—no concrete answer has been given yet and this is why our President wanted to do that inspection as thousands, if not millions of people are or has been affected by the mishap of flights.

Hopefully, President Duterte’s promise to have an answer to this within a month will be true. This is to help people and frequent flyers to have minimal problems in delays and cancellation of flights.

What do you think about the surprise inspection at NAIA terminal 2? Do you think that this inspection will change whatever’s happening with the problem in flights like delays and cancellation? Or is this just another easy way for airport officials to delay a resolution?

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