Huawei Smartphones to Not Have Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Pre-Installed

Following the recent issue of Huawei and Google, Facebook also halted the allowance of pre-installed applications on Huawei smartphones. If you are unsure of what’s happening, this comes after the fact that Google pulled out their systems on Huawei smartphones along with Snapdragon and Intel. Last month, current U.S. President Donald Trump issued Huawei to be part of the export blacklist that would prevent United States firms from not giving Huawei licenses to operate their services

Facebook banks its apps in Huawei Smartphones
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By this act, Facebook becomes the latest and the last American company to act upon Washington’s blacklisting of the tech-giant Huawei.

They confirmed the act on Friday, the 7th of June, 2019. In a statement, they said that they are finally suspending the provision to allow Huawei bring on pre-installed applications on their new and to-be-out devices.

Applications include WhatsApp, Instagram, and of course, Facebook—yes they are pre-installed and after their announcement, newer phones would not have these applications initially.

How about older Huawei smartphone users? Are there going to be any problems with their usage of Facebook-owned applications? 

As per their announcement, people who already have Huawei smartphones with the applications mentioned above installed would not be affected by the mandated suspension by Facebook.

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So, they can continue to normally use the application and to update the applications, as per Facebook.

As most of people don’t know, Huawei is the second biggest and most successful smartphone brand in the whole world. This might be one reason why the United States led a move to block Huawei’s 5G equipment not just in the West, but the whole world—also, to cut off American software, component, and equipment off of it.

What did Huawei do when Facebook split ties with Huawei?

Huawei failed to respond immediately to the request on Friday. However, authorities of the United States Commerce Department issued a warning that Huawei gear can and might be used as a way of the Chinese spying on people.

Huawei, on the other hand, continuously denied the claim and tried proving what their side is.

Google and Huawei

Google was forced to pull and get away from it and stopped providing its software and its service to the Chinese tech giant—this also is because of the ban.

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This means that Huawei  might soon be restricted to access Android’s operating systme (public version) and could finally lose used-to applications like Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google products and services.

In the context of existing smartphones, Google can and will continue to provide updates. This is because of a compromise from the Commerce Department of the United States.

In a statement, Huawei said that they currently are building their own operating system as a backup. Since the ban, they’re really hoping to continue operations with Google and Microsoft if they really can.

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Other countries like Japan and the United Kingdom caught up with what the situation is and delayed the launching of newer Huawei smartphones. This paved way to other competitors like Nokia and Samsung to catch up and to be able to partner up in terms of innovation and advanced technology like 5G contracts.

Even if this is the case, Facebook is still slightly confused on what they should do. As per a Facebook spokesperson, their company is still studying and observing the newer rules in terms of keeping ties and partnerships with the Chinese tech firm.

We are reviewing the Commerce Department’s final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance.”

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone makers of our world today. With more than a million fans from all over the world, it’s quite evident that what they’re experiencing now is kind of a nuisance to what they’ve already built.

Let’s wait and see for more and newer updates regarding the changes in licenses and regulations after the ban of Huawei of US equipment, software, and technology.

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