iTunes Will be Removed as Apple Harmonizes Their Software

Every year, all new smartphone and tech-giant manufacturers innovate and release updates for their smartphones and their software. This year, Apple is doing a slight modification as they made the announcement that they will be heightening some of their privacy features as they will harmonize their software among all of their devices. In this context, they also said that iTunes will be removed as they prepare a better and more secure type of content.

ITunes will be removed off of Apple's list
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Tim Cook, Chief Exeutive Officer (CEO) of Apple, along with other execs, said that they will be keeping their focus more on other features of security and privacy when they revealed improvements in the software for all Apple devices from iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, Mac devices, and Apple Watches.

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The announcement was made during their yearly developer gathering in Silicon Valley, California.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President, said that users shouldn’t worry because the direction of iTunes won’t solely be just in one (1) app, but three (3).

The future of iTunes is not one app, it’s three. Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.”

To give you a quick rundown of its history, iTunes was first released in the year 2001 and was the online shop where Apple users can download and purchase digital songs for the Apple iPod users.

Since then, different innovations came into play when everything shifted to streaming almost everything.

From listening to downloaded music, it changed to streaming music online, movies, video clips, podcasts, and more via the cloud when online data centers and high bandwidth connections were given demand and more focus.

Apple Reworks

Audience in the yearly developers conference gleefully made cheers for executives and some of the improvements that made promises to make Apple device applications easier and better.

Some say that even if iTunes will be removed in the next few update, next generation iOS software would be reworked from top to bottom and will be deemed to be faster and better, says Federighi.

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Better privacy

New and improved privacy protections that would be included in the new iOS operating software would include the option of allowing applications permissions to access locations just once, not all the time. In addition to that, it will also let users know the times when the apps are tracking their physical locations.

Sign In With Apple

I know that you have experienced logging in using your Google or your Facebook accounts, right? In the new update, Apple innovated to create an alternative to using the two accounts mentioned. As per Federighi, this will be convenient but can actually be or come at the cost of everyone’s privacy. Why? Because he said that these log-ins can actually be used to track people who utilize it.

In this new feature, Apple ID information will now allow people sign into apps. However, it will provide the option to masking email addresses or usernames with information that are generated randomly.

The entire experience is meant to help you have control over your data. A lot of love for random addresses here.”

Not just that, in the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple also released the newest Mac high-performance computer desktop with a starting price of $5,999.00. More so, the made announcements that iPads will become more efficient and easier for usage like Mac computers’ auxiliary screens will be performing. So, it’s safe to say that Apple is looking towards the direction of iPads performing as laptops with multiple windows simultaneously working.

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Tim Cook said that this has a beautiful design and would have a performance that would definitely match how it looks like.

It has a truly gorgeous design and remarkable performance to match.”

Apple’s dark mode

The conference also gave fans a preview of the new iOS 13 for mobile devices. Guess what, it included a built-in dark mode and better mapping application which can be accessed through facial recognition sign-ins.

Probably the biggest change happening is that the well-known iTunes will be removed but will actually be replaced by something bigger, and more technologically advanced.

Are you an Apple user? Are you fond of using iTunes ever since first generation devices were released? Well, don’t be shocked that iTunes will be removed because everyone actually saw this coming. Let’s just hope for the best and look into the fact that Apple Execs have something better planned for Apple users.

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