President Duterte Vetoes the Anti-Palo Bill

We Asians are fond of discipline especially to our children. Especially Filipinos, a lot of Filipino parents look at discipline as something that can be done in a physical manner. This is why a bill that would demolish the idea of physically punishing children has been passed. However, our dearest President Duterte vetoes the bill. […]

PH Government Processing Proposed 22 Manila Bay Reclamation Projects

Manila Bay is currently under the process of being reinstated back to its pristine condition. The government, together with the townsfolk and other big companies are doing their best to achieve this. However, currently, a looming threat arose; it seems like a total of twenty-two (22) reclamation projects are being planned along Manila Bay that […]

Duterte Approves the 105-Day Maternity Leave

In a previous post, we talked about the chances of this current term to somehow expand and extend the current maternity leave that our country has. In that specific post, we specified that the present maternity leave is for sixty (60) days. Meaning, if a soon-to-be-mother gives birth, she has a total of sixty (60) […]

Universal Health Care Bill, Approved by Duterte

Recently, news broke out about a bill that would allow Filipinos to have automatic insurance. This bill, which is known as the Senate Bill 1896 or more commonly known as the Universal Health Care (UHC bill), has been approved by the Senate last year. Just today, our dear President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Universal Health […]

Opening of Bags in the Airport to be No Longer Done

A lot of scams and modus operandi have been operating lately and most of them happen inside airports. One of the more common scams is the┬álaglag bala┬áscam. If you’re unaware of this, this is the scam where people puts a bullet inside the luggage of people who fail to notice the scam. This alarmed our […]

The Universal Health Care Bill Approved by the Senate

Ever wanted to have health care that would be automatic for Filipinos? The government wants us to have this and this is why they approved the Universal Health Care Bill (UHC Bill) or the Senate Bill 1896 is looking to have Filipinos automatically enrolled to a “National Health Insurance program” which each membership could be […]