President Duterte Approves Law Adding 4 New Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Are you aware of the local tourist destinations our country has? Have you ever been to any of the tourist spots our country has? Well if it’s still one (1) thing to cross out from your bucket list, you better have longer patience because our dearest President Rodrigo Duterte, gave a thumbs up to add 4 new tourist destinations in the country.

4 New Tourist Destinations Approved by Duterte
This image was taken from ABS-CBN News | | Pinsal Falls in Ilocos Sur

The approval of these tourist spots are just like laws; the President still needs to approve it before it becomes official.

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When did President Duterte sign these into laws?

As per Media content, President “Digong” signed or approved the 4 new tourist destinations back on the 22nd of August 2019.

Duterte apparently signed Republic Act (R.A) 11406, 11407, 11408, and 11409 into laws, declaring the new destinations as part of the existing tourist spots our country has.

Which locations were declared as tourist spots?

R.A. 11406 declares that Mount Bulaylay in Cuyapo Nueva Ecija is to be known as a tourist destination.

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R.A. 11407, on the other hand, declares the Candon City Ecotourism Zone in Ilocos Sur to be part of the current tourist spots we know of as well.

The Santiago Cove in Ilocos Sur, is the spot that is to be a tourist spot declared in Republic Act (R.A.) 11408; and

The Pinsal Falls in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur is the location for R.A. 11409.

Provisions of these newly-signed laws state that all of these destinations are to be subject to new rules and regulations that cover the development and overall enhancement of these tourist spots.

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The Department of Tourism (DOT), in accordance and assistance with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), are expected to prepare and present a tourism development and improvement plan to make the sites more accessible to tourists; not just international tourists, even local tourists are of the priority.

Significance of these locations

In addition to that, the laws of all these 4 new tourist destinations also says that the development plan tasked to both the DPWH and the DOT shall “shall ensure the preservation and conservation of the historic significance of the area.”

This only means that not just because it was named tourist spots, people (tourists) can now start digging into the bad side of these sites. The plan should include the conservation and the assurance that these destinations are to be taken care of.

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In addition to that, the new laws also said that concerned government agencies and groups are tasked to come up with infrastructure, building, and the construction of facilities and infrastructure that would help improve the overall condition and tourism of the area.

National Tourism Development Plan

In accordance to the statements of the law, the Secretary of the Tourism Department is tasked to include the 4 new tourist destinations plans in the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP).

The Philippine National Tourism Plan (NTDP) is made and intended to provide strategic outline action plan and framework to serve as a guide to the Department of Tourism (DOT). Also, this is established to give aid to other stakeholders in the tourism development of the sector between the year 2011 and 2016.

How many tourists visit the Philippines?

The country is known to be a haven of natural scenery and tourist attractions. With the natural resources and the rich heritage of the Philippines, millions of tourists flock the country to witness nature and its impact to society.

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Last year, 2018, the Philippines had an all-time record of tourist arrivals totaling 7.1 million. Maybe because of the tourism and the issues, both positive and negative, people from all around the globe care to witness what really lies beyond our archipelago.

What do you think of the 4 new tourist destinations approved by our President? Could this have drastic positive impact to the tourism of our country? Can this attracy more people from all around the Globe and beat the all-time record we had last year?

Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

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