27 New RTC Judges, Appointed by President Duterte

If we were to go back to the 1973 Constitution, it states there that members of the Supreme Court (SC) including the judges of inferior courts are to be appointed by the President. So, this means that the President has the option of choosing who will sit on these seats.

The 27 new RTC judges, selected by Duterte
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Just yesterday, it was reported that our dear President Duterte appointed twenty-seven (27) Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judges. Just back in February of this year, President Duterte also appointed a total of nineteen (19) new Judges in the Northern Luzon area.

These new Judges transmitted their names to both the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) and the Supreme Court (SC) when they were named.

What is a Regional Trial Court?

Before we get to know what an RTC Judge is, we should know what a Regional Trial Court is first. By definition, the Regional Trial Court is known to be the highest trial courts in the country.

A brief history, if you may. Formerly, it was called the Court of First Instance ever since the Spanish era came into play until the time that the Americans colonized the Philippines.

After our independence from the Americans, The Republic Act (R.A.) No. 296 or also known as the Judiciary Act of 1948 was established with the goal of fortifying the power of the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance.

Then, after the passing of the Batas Pambansa Blg. 129 or also known as the Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980, the change from the Court of First Instance to the Regional Trial Court was founded.

How about a Regional Trial Court Judge?

Now that we know what a Regional Trial Court is, it is quite self-explanatory what a Regional Trial Court or an RTC Judge is—an RTC Judge is the Judge in charge of the RTC, of course, in a specific region.

So, who were the rightful RTC Judges appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte? Last Tuesday, the Malacañang Palace released the appointment papers of the people who were appointed by President Duterte to be the new Regional Trial Court Judges.

They are the 27 new RTC Judges appointed by President Duterte:

  1. Luis C. Velasquez,
  2. Stela Marie G. Asuncion,
  3. April Joy M. Aguila,
  4. John Voltaire C. Ventura,
  5. Elenita E. Casipit,
  6. Marinel A. Santos,
  7. Junoffre A. Alzate,
  8. Cristina R. Beltran,
  9. Reuben Ritzuko T. Veradio,
  10. Enrico Voltaire S. Rivera,
  11. Roland Dennis G. Molina,
  12. Flerida Z. Banzuela,
  13. Caroline R. Jaucian,
  14. Carl B. Badillo,
  15. Malani Fay V. Tadili,
  16. Micahel F. Real,
  17. Percival T. Atinaja,
  18. Santiago M. Beltran, Jr.,
  19. Allene T. Pena,
  20. Edwin S. Bonifacio,
  21. Francis M. Espinola,
  22. Rene E. Reyes,
  23. Jeovannie C. Ordoño,
  24. Erick A. Sadural,
  25. Benigno C. Abila,
  26. Rodrigo I. Del Rosario, and
  27. Ramon Corazon P. Blanco

These are the 27 new RTC Judges appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte to be the newest Regional Trial Court Judges to serve the high courts.

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