Attorney Raymond Fortun’s Wife Shot

Attorney Raymond Fortun’s wife Carol suffered a gunshot wound in the face in Thursday night. The shooting happened around 8 P.M. after she got out of her vehicle in front of their house in BF Homes Almanza. The unidentified suspects were riding a motorcycle.

Mrs. Fortun, who is also a lawyer, was immediately brought to Perpetual Help Hospital. The bullet hit her on the right cheek and exited at her nape. Luckily no major arteries and bones were damaged. Mrs. Fortun is now in a stable condition and Mr. Fortun and his family are very hopeful that his wife will survive from the wound.

In an interview with dzMM, Mr. Fortun said that he couldn’t think of anyone who would want to hurt his wife who is a very kind person. He feels he is the target of the suspects. Although he doesn’t quarrel with anyone, he thinks that some people are not happy with the cases he’s handling and some of the things he writes on Facebook.

Investigations regarding the shooting continue.

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