Hilarious Video: Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport

People talking loudly on their cellphones while in public can be a pain, especially if you need to concentrate on something or even when you’re simply having a bad day. Well, some people who do this were given their own medicine courtesy of Greg Benson of Mediocre Films!

Benson, together with his wife, picked the airport to do the cell phone crashing. The 3-minute video shows they picked a great venue because it’s like there are people conversing loudly on their phones at every turn.

With his wife discreetly taking the video, Benson would sit beside the person having a loud conversation and then pretends to be talking to his buddy on the other line! But in reality he was answering the statements made by the person beside him! The people he trolled didn’t know what hit them but all of them were good sport when Benson revealed what he was up to.

In the hilarious video, it’s obvious how Benson is trying so hard not to laugh as the people he trolled looked and asked him if he were talking to them.

If you’re feeling stressed, better watch the video!

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