Young Girl Steals from Jewelry Store in Saudi Arabia

A jewelry shop assistant never knew his store had been stolen from if not for the CCTV footage that recorded the proceedings.

The CCTV shows a group composed of two women and a child enter the jewelry store. The two veiled women chat up the store assistant while the child who was wearing a colorful dress and backpack can be seen positioning herself near the opening that leads to the storage room.

As the child slips unseen into the storage room, the other woman, who was probably the mother, can be seen looking surreptitiously in the background. In a matter of seconds, the little girl comes back carrying what seems like a bundle of cash amounting to 500,000 Saudi Arabian Riyal or roughly $150,000.

The little girl then slips the loot into the second woman’s handbag.

The store assistant was kept busy by the first woman that he never had any idea of what was going on in the other side of the room.

The group left the store after a few minutes.

It seems the theft happened earlier this month but the video was uploaded recently.


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