Human Body Parts Drop from the Sky in Saudi Arabia

Citizens of Jeddah were horrified when human body parts fell from the sky on Sunday. According to witnesses who called the police the remains fell at an intersection in Mushrefa neighborhood around 2:30 am.

According to the police, the parts could be that of a person who was trapped in an airplane’s wheel bay.

Spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq said that investigations were ongoing.

This kind of scenario is not new. There have been cases before where people who were desperate to cross borders sneak inside airports and climb inside the bays holding the plane’s landing gear. Some of these people survive but most of them freeze to death once the plane is in cruising altitude.

There was a case in 2010 when a man’s body was discovered in the landing gear of a Saudi plane. The plane was from Beirut and landed in Riyadh.


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