Nanorobots that Cure Cancer Developed

In the very near future cancer patients will have another treatment option aside from chemotherapy. South Korean scientists have developed a new treatment that makes use of nanorobots in killing the cancer cells.

A team of scientists at Chonnam National University have named the nanorobot Bacteriobot. During treatment, a genetically modified salmonella bacteria is injected into the system. This bacterium contains the Bacteriobot, which is about 3 micrometers in size. It is attracted to chemicals secreted by cancer cells and when it reaches the cancer cells, the Bacteriobots automatically release capsules filled with drugs.

Since the drugs are directly delivered to the tumor, only the cancer cells are eradicated and the healthy cells are left unharmed. This is so unlike chemotherapy that also affects the normal cells resulting in various side effects.

At present, bacteriobot is only able to detect tumor-forming cancers like colorectal and breast cancer. However, the Korean scientists are positive that these nanorobots will be able to cure other kinds of cancers too.

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