Accused in Vhong Navarro Case to Become State Witness

There’s a new twist in the Vhong Navarro veruss Cedric Lee and company drama. It seems Cedric Lee never thought one of his partners in the mauling of Navarro last January 22 would turn against him when the going gets tough.

According to respected broadcast journalist Tony Calvento a man connected to the incident reached out to him and gave a testimony on how Cedric Lee and his group planned to set up Navarro. But before calvento went to meet with this man, he asked Justice Secretary Leila De Lima’s permission and she gave the go signal.

During the meet up, details about the time, the location and the place where they had dinner were disclosed by this person. Apparently, this man kept on crying and asked Calvento to give him protection. Cedric Lee has lots of connections and this man knows this hence, he’s scared but Calvento assured him that De Lima can assign NBI agents to guard him.

The person that Calvento talked with also revealed the identity of the man shown in the CCTV footage who was holding the duct tape and went with Zimmer Raz and Bernice Lee. This person also told the journalist that one of the accused who was able to get out of the country is willing to come back and testify against Cedric Lee and his other companions.

Calvento knew the person could change his statement but he reminded him that everything he disclosed has been conveyed to Sec. De Lima. Either way, if he runs the NBI and PNP will be on his tail or those he’s turned the tables on will go after him.

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