Macaulay Culkin Still Alive and Kicking

Is Macaulay Culkin dead? NOPE! He’s still alive and kicking and he proved that by posting a new photo on Instagram. It shows Macaulay smiling and holding a bottle of soft drink to the camera. The photo went with the caption, “We’re on tour you silly people.”

This post of his should put his fans at ease after hearing about his
supposed death over the weekend. Macaulay was the target of hoaxers and
they even went to the extent of putting up a Facebook page dedicated for
his memorial.

According to the page the actor passed away on Friday, November 7. Although the page deactivated not long after it was made, many of his fans saw the site and were totally devastated by the sad news.

Macaulay’s representatives also put a stop to the rumors and confirmed that the actor is still very much alive.

In fact, the 34-year-old seems to be having the time of his life while touring with his band Pizza Underground.

Are you a Macaulay Culkin die-hard? Rest assured he’s still alive and kicking!

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