Maegan Aguilar Victim of Domestic Abuse

A few days ago, Maria Silorio, a friend of Maegan Aguilar posted photos showing the bruised and battered singer. According to her post, the singer was battered by her jobless live-in partner Ali Sanchez. The photos also show Maegan sitting on a hospital gurney and wearing a neck brace.

According to Silorio, Megan’s right arm seemed to be dislocated and the singer has serious bruising on her back and hips after Sanchez threw her when he forced his way into Maegan’s condo unit. 

Apparently, the domestic abuse has been happening for some time but Megan did not report the previous incidents because she did not want the public to know this part of her life. This latest episode is the most serious thus far.

In a recent interview, Maegan revealed that Sanchez became violent when she broke up with him.

And now even Maegan’s aunt Marlene Aguilar has spoken about the incident. She said she warned her niece about Sanchez and even told her to leave him, but she did not listen. She said that Maegan should have kicked him out the first time he hit her.

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