Beauty Contestant, 19, Dies from Slimming Pills Overdose

A 19-yer-old beauty contestant named Maan Acedo from Zamboanga del Norte died last July 17 from slimming pills overdose.

Acedo, who was joining the Miss Dapitan beauty contest that is to be held during the Kinabayo Festival this week, suffered bleeding during a photo shoot and was taken to the hospital. According to ABS CBN report she was hospitalized for five days after experiencing stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting.

During her hospitalization, Acedo thought she had amoebiasis; however, laboratory tests showed that Acedo took as much as four slimming pills a day, which was too much for her liver. That dosage caused a critical damage to her liver and other organs.

Acedo’s mother also disclosed that her daughter indeed took slimming pills that she bought online.

Due to the severity of the damage to her organs, Acedo died last Friday from multiple organ failure.

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