Nobel Winner Mario Vargas Llosa Romancing Enrique Iglesias’ Mom

Proving that love doesn’t choose any age are the 79-year-old Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa and 64-year-old Isabel Preysler, who is the former wife of world-famous singer Julio Iglesias. Vargas Llosa, more or less, confirmed his romantic ties with Presyler in a recent interview with the weekly magazine Hola. He said that their relationship “is going very well.”

Photos of the couple have are circulating online as well. Hola recently
published photos of Vargas Llosa and Preysler dancing and walking
hand-in-hand when they visited Lisbon, Portugal recently.

This newly-revealed relationship won’t go unnoticed as Vargas Llosa just recently announced that he is ending his 50-year marriage to his wife Patricia. It was reported that one of his three daughters with Patricia screamed at him in Madrid when she knew.

In the midst of this hot issue, Preysler, who was born in the Philippines, is wisely keeping quiet. If ever Vargas Llosa weds her, it will be her fourth marriage. She was previously married to Julio Iglesias with whom she has three children including Enrique Iglesias, the Marques de Grinon Carlos Falco, and the late Spanish finance minister Miguel Boyer with whom she has a daughter named Ana.

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