Robin Padilla Backs Out of Movie, Upsets Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa couldn’t help calling Robin Padilla unprofessional after he backed out of the movie “Nilalang” just 10 days before shooting starts. The former Japanese adult film star expressed her disappointment on her Instagram account on Tuesday. She said that it wasn’t because she really wanted to film with the actor but that she felt sorry for the film director and staff.

Robin, who pulled out of the movie to focus on his wife Mariel Rodriguez’s delicate pregnancy, also aired his reaction to Maria Ozawa’s statement on his Facebook account. He acknowledged that his camp is at fault and that it’s only natural for Maria Ozawa’s camp to share what they feel about the situation.

Robin’s decision to pull out of the film has initiated a domino effect on the production of “Nilalang.” After his decision became public, one of the film’s financiers also withdrew their support for the movie. MFT Group, which is the main funding partner of Haunted Tower Pictures will not finance the film any more.

“NIlalang” was supposed to be in the running in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) but because of Robin backing out and without any immediate “bankable actor” as lead in sight the film’s production might not make it to the MMFF.

This also has a huge impact on Ozawa’s career as “Nilalang”
was supposed to be her first mainstream movie in the Philippines.  


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