Actions to take when temperatures are high

Over these past few months, a lot of Filipinos are getting mindful of the increase in the temperature during afternoons until evenings and most are not exactly happy that this is happening. Until now, almost all could not succumb the heat when the sun soars above the heavens. A lot of bad things can happen when a certain location is hit by high temperatures: heat stroke, skin rashes, and more illnesses could come by. What can we do in order to avoid these kinds of happenings?

Cool your house

Because it is hot, it is not too hurtful if you turn on all the cooling equipment in your homes, is it? Cool your home by turning on air-conditioning, electric fans, coolers, etc. Shy away from exhaust fans, stoves, or all the other hot stuff. Make sure that air is distributed accordingly throughout your houses to avoid the striking pain of the heat.

Protect yourself and your family

Be watchful of yourself and your family members. Take action into leading them to cool themselves down because everyone can be hit by heatstroke and it is not appealing.

Drink lot of water

Nothing beats the original; water replenishes you so drink a lot of it. Rehydrate yourself, fuel up the gas tank. Remind your family to do the same so that they will stay rehydrated throughout the entire day and evening.

Pick cotton

Cotton is thin and heat will easily escape from it. Change your sheets into cotton –also your curtains. Choose cotton apparel to make yourself free from the heat. Cotton can make you feel relaxed because it is thin and it can accumulate air hastily.

Pamper your feet

Those little toes of yours contain a lot of nerves and pulse points and are sensitive when barraged by sudden change of temperature. Dunk it down a clean bucket of cold water and relax it for a few minutes. Do this twice every day.

Cut off from caffeine and alcohol

Of course, we want to stay away from things that can cause dehydration, correct? Unfortunately, caffeine and alcohol are two of the best dehydrators in town so turn your back from them just for now and just cling a little bit more with water.

Ice is your friend

Spend a few hours putting towels or ice bags to the freezer and then use those to damp all over your body to keep yourself fresh and cool. You do not want to be drying out at this kind of season. Cold compress your entire body from your head, down to your toes.

Water spray

Have a spray bottle with water ready; keep it in your refrigerator and spray on the head and on the face whenever you arrive from outdoors. This will make your brain think it is fully rehydrated.

Hit the sheets more often

When you sleep, your body does not consume the fluids that you have taken so sleep more often in order to avoid dehydration. Drink water after waking up and before going to bed in order to ensure that your body has the right amount of fluids.

You are not alone in this dry and hot season; we are all in this together. Just remember, water is our friend always and it should not be neglected, especially now. Keep yourself rehydrated at all times, do not cut back from electricity – do not worry about it getting high because an electric bill is easier to pay than a loved one lying on a hospital bed. Keep safe.

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