What things can we expect under a Duterte Government?

With all other presidentiables conceded, it is now somehow official that we will be following rules and ordinances Davao-style. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, our new and expected president, has declared things that he will change in our country for our own betterment. But given all these statements and circumstances, what are the things, changes, and improvements can we expect under the “Dirty Harry of Davao,” or “The Punisher’s” government?

Duterte Government

Cleaner and healthier environment

With the Davao City hitting the marks of being one of the cleanest countries in the world, our very own Mayor would probably do that to cleanse and leave the Philippines that way. A lot of Filipinos have the habit of throwing everything, EVERYWHERE. Mayor Duterte does not accept that kind of behavior so this change might be one of the changes that will shock everyone.

Users of illegal drugs to be taught lessons

Known as the “Punisher,” he really is not afraid of killing. At one point at the debates 2016 he was asked “what if you found out that one of your children is using these kinds of drugs?” He straightforwardly answered, “kill them.” We have a clean look at what the Mayor has for these kinds of people and yes, not-so-good people would not like it.

Throw out government officials who have habits living like kings and queens

Our country is a hub of corrupt and glutton government officials. It is now being populated by a lot of rich but not-so-good people. Based on what we see in him even before he ran as president, he really has no intention of stealing from us. He owns a bungalow and one car, for Christ’s sake and we are here, judging that he will steal because he will be becoming president?

Strict rules and regulations

In his city, liquor and any kind of alcoholic beverages are not allowed until a certain time. In Davao City, there is a curfew that when you get caught, you will be questioned. There are statements and quotations about what the mayor said about the implementation of “The Curfew” nationwide that when minors are seen later than 11pm, their parents will be the ones who will pay the price so he is warning all of those hard, strong kids to just stay inside their lovely homes when there is no sunlight.

Hopefully, a better country all-in-all

We have been chasing for someone who can turn this country whole again for many years now and maybe, he really is the key. With all the sources, points, and statements given, we can foresee that change might come. Our country has been controlled by the big fish in a few years now and it is time to get out of the leash. Hopefully, he can make this Pearl of the Orient Sea new and fresh again.

With the results coming to a near end, a lot is rooting for the Mayor to grab his victory because they believe that a certain person like him can change this inevitable country to its best. Drastic change needs drastic measure so we should not expect a lot given the fact that we know our country too well. Some are even arguing about the second EDSA, or throwing him out of the palace even before he sets foot in it. Let us talk about that in our next topics so, stay tuned.

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